I have a very valuable comic book collection of #1’s and first appearances, with some Vintage comic books, now worth more than $100 a piece! Plus my Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Apple, etc. Stocks and Bitcoins galore- thanks Elon Musk, my friend, he said we were “friends” on the phone!

I’m very smart. My Words are tart. I am a painter of pictures, my ART:

I’m a brilliant painter! I thank Painting I at WSU and private lessons from Pierre in town! Charlton, MA my real “Home” =)
I also did a great painting of a Tragus Piercing on an ear!

And I feel a breeze in the ambient air, with my massive asses I’ve implored the sweet suction of BF’ing with almost ten girls post-TBI, and starting in 2013 on… that the lack of intimacy, here, now for 3+ years with no beers SOBER 2016! at “Averte” where with only my self I like to play on the P’hub with a long schlglong of singing a song, by a hand, by a band, and with LIVESTRONG’s on, the games with textual long wages me my writing long pages on my and BE ENTHUSED! MY WRITING IS TO BE “PERUSED” and sorry to mention 3rd-input sex, Justine got me up and tall, hardly hardy erect, slurring and slurping with a Hush Puppy at the baseball field of Little League when the squired-in sugary flavor, the raspberry was my favorite!

I told Dan “dogElon” crypto-currency would, see great heights in profit, I made my Bet on Bitcoin- and stirring my Sirloin Steak of sweet cuts, with a “cutting cycle” my waist so thin, not like the many fat fucks here, so lazy, what are they crazy, THEY ARE, and no one here owns a car being at hand, in Vermont, my favorite land—of my being foreign from Charlton, MA—I want to buy a very large and luxurious, if I’m Lucky and Charmed, by Dad and Mom, within the closeness to Aunt Donna D.—that it’s her I hope to see, visiting her at home with Grammy—Rest In Peace GRAMMY!—deserving an Award and going on Stage—with my homosexual teacher—taught me a lesson, I can’t believe I had a lip noodle Erection, he detected, that Derelict Mr. John Deedy, who, he was not greedy, giving me a small baggie, of the drug he used-  to rape me, and my pee-pee, as well as my asshole, he was heinous to my anus!

But asside from that I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and I know a man, a great man, poured out his drink, he dumped it in the sink—he said I believe he was truthful—but I told him to dump out the toy-like drink in the Toilet so I could hear it splash in and flush—but he left 1 sip—that’s my hunch, with a Cinnabun for lunch, today, counter-top cans in my kitchen, I have on “Display” and only until The House Maid cleans my own Apartment that’s so nice—the $20,000 per month that my parents pay, every 30 days and nights of “Averte” where I stay, me only watching The News on CNN… and Fox News, that too, when “The Insurrection” had me so sick and topped-off at the rioters having me Enthused, but lacking Ensure Chocolate — I am nearly Nocturnal, stating up late, without much of any hate, that I hope you don’t feel, I ate a meal about an hour ago—just so you know—I had the intentions of weighing 159 lbs., but now at 165 lbs. I buy Whey Protein, always 2 pound “tubs”—that I shower enough being every other day… or every 3 days, my parents dismayed at what Elissa Victoria would call “crusty” and good to her daughter she must be, such a good Mom, so rich, so beautiful and so ephemerally “HOT” collecting sports-cars like a Corvette and probably about 5 other nice cars—I sent her a message in 2005 when she was into “Z’s” and my roommates were all like, “Don’t get involved in younger girls… OH PLEASE!  and honestly I’ve never had a “Disease” oh geez, on my kneaded bread, now on-to something else being INSTEAD of drinking olde tyme Mead now typing and always sober—Elissa Victoria yeah I knew her, I know her, I love her!

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