I have a very valuable comic book collection of #1’s and first appearances, with some Vintage comic books, now worth more than $100 a piece! Plus my Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Apple, etc. Stocks and Bitcoins galore- thanks Elon Musk, my friend, he said we were “friends” on the phone!

I’m very smart. My Words are tart. I am a painter of pictures, my ART:

I’m a brilliant painter! I thank Painting I at WSU and private lessons from Pierre in town! Charlton, MA my real “Home” =)
I also did a great painting of a Tragus Piercing on an ear!

And I feel a breeze in the ambient air, with my massive asses I’ve implored the sweet suction of BF’ing with almost ten girls post-TBI, and starting in 2013 on… that the lack of intimacy, here, now for 3+ years with no beers SOBER 2016! at “Averte” where with only my self I like to play on the P’hub with a long schlglong of singing a song, by a hand, by a band, and with LIVESTRONG’s on, the games with textual long wages me my writing long pages on my http://www.jeffreymarquis.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com BE ENTHUSED! MY WRITING IS TO BE “PERUSED” and sorry to mention 3rd-input sex, Justine got me up and tall, hardly hardy erect, slurring and slurping with a Hush Puppy at the baseball field of Little League when the squired-in sugary flavor, the raspberry was my favorite!

I told Dan “dogElon” crypto-currency would, see great heights in profit, I made my Bet on Bitcoin- and stirring my Sirloin Steak of sweet cuts, with a “cutting cycle” my waist so thin, not like the many fat fucks here, so lazy, what are they crazy, THEY ARE, and no one here owns a car being at hand, in Vermont, my favorite land—of my being foreign from Charlton, MA—I want to buy a very large and luxurious, if I’m Lucky and Charmed, by Dad and Mom, within the closeness to Aunt Donna D.—that it’s her I hope to see, visiting her at home with Grammy—Rest In Peace GRAMMY!—deserving an Award and going on Stage—with my homosexual teacher—taught me a lesson, I can’t believe I had a lip noodle Erection, he detected, that Derelict Mr. John Deedy, who, he was not greedy, giving me a small baggie, of the drug he used-  to rape me, and my pee-pee, as well as my asshole, he was heinous to my anus!

But asside from that I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and I know a man, a great man, poured out his drink, he dumped it in the sink—he said I believe he was truthful—but I told him to dump out the toy-like drink in the Toilet so I could hear it splash in and flush—but he left 1 sip—that’s my hunch, with a Cinnabun for lunch, today, counter-top cans in my kitchen, I have on “Display” and only until The House Maid cleans my own Apartment that’s so nice—the $20,000 per month that my parents pay, every 30 days and nights of “Averte” where I stay, me only watching The News on CNN… and Fox News, that too, when “The Insurrection” had me so sick and topped-off at the rioters having me Enthused, but lacking Ensure Chocolate — I am nearly Nocturnal, stating up late, without much of any hate, that I hope you don’t feel, I ate a meal about an hour ago—just so you know—I had the intentions of weighing 159 lbs., but now at 165 lbs. I buy Whey Protein, always 2 pound “tubs”—that I shower enough being every other day… or every 3 days, my parents dismayed at what Elissa Victoria would call “crusty” and good to her daughter she must be, such a good Mom, so rich, so beautiful and so ephemerally “HOT” collecting sports-cars like a Corvette and probably about 5 other nice cars—I sent her a message in 2005 when she was into “Z’s” and my roommates were all like, “Don’t get involved in younger girls… OH PLEASE!  and honestly I’ve never had a “Disease” oh geez, on my kneaded bread, now on-to something else being INSTEAD of drinking olde tyme Mead now typing and always sober—Elissa Victoria yeah I knew her, I know her, I love her!


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