I write so much on here and I’m not really sure how many readers I have now, this while in 2005 I had 30-40 visitors every 24 hours

Call me on the phone because I greatly await a new dictator to defend and his people — I want Trump back as President—him usually pleased with the Residents of what else place but CANADA, I visited, come 2001 when I tricked 2 “tricks” into organizing a group vacation where I drove my new car the whole way there, and the hole way Returning to the inner sensation of beating off in my own bed... although I would usually in my cushy computer seat and while eating Doritos to fill up my belly, this being after dinner POST this is a post of the moving neat-ness of myself bereft of all the something something, you know, “A little something-something” to dance your jib and then go tell-a-fib about knowing that old Sea-quence Semen SECRET SYNTAX of the FIB-onacci “Sequentially” awaiting a blast to blow me away, here in Vermont USA where My Mom says not to “worry” but I assure you—I want The End to come in time to come, like a homeless bum, I’m hoping for the end of modern civilization as I’m part of “The Islamic Nation” when I’m not having any offspring... so there’s no Modern “Creation” on my part while I consider myself WISE, for not wanting to be a “Daddy” because I could never match up to my Dad and him showing me a really, really, great, happy, fun, loving, and everything else under the “Son” on the rays of daylight... a shiny shining sun, while Justine Aragona is the #1 for me and for us to having had a lot of fun together, this then when before we got pot the MMJ for us both, much appreciated, as the THC had me elated in years from the passed—that now I have ONLY CBD and SOBER 2016 while singing songs at Dan’s who The “Stockbroker” Dan Besse that it’s HIM I want to see soon, before a Nuclear Winter that I read where is the safest place to live in case of a Nuclear War, that said “Antarctica” BUT NO, I’m in America, so and like “America” I have plenty of ENEMIES!
Here’s a Hersheys Kiss that’s a treat of me at my desk at home, my real home, with my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad, until 2019 that’s pre-“Averte” in Charlton, MA with a long day of probably going to the gym, although I’m thinner now, and what’s going to happen with China ????? I’ve always hated Asians!
I want to be married to Justine Aragona, buy a house near my Mom and Dad, buy a Tesla, and get involved in buying Stocks and “crypto-currencies” like in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse my “Cuz” getting 3% first before I give my Dad 49% of my many Bitcoins worth $22,895 each 5000 8000 250 717 575, etc. etc. in 8 different wallets! But to be honest, Dan deserves 49% and my Dad deserves 0.3% for my CBD from bostonhempire.com No More MMJ!

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