Morning Monica Moaning and Lisa call me “SiR”!

I sugar-slurp my 1% chocolate milk with thoughts of milky breasts… but OF COWS! GO SOUTH PARK COWS! =)

Clock-while and Clock-Wheel deals at where but Zales, and zero “Ale” to the munch-munch-munch mucho, the lot of distractions with Justine soaking all of my attractions, except for with Ember-  only a tad bit-  and my Coins stretching steak being Sir-loins, when I want to be called “SiR” and free of Our-durrr, so dumb, in the Library with Mr. Plum what what in the butt?  No Siree, ditching the Deepthroat Sirens among my screens of where to be seen butt anywhere on “The Hub” of Playmates on the Planet, Jupiter, with Cristen Hoolah-hoop to be a lovely lush of her absent down-south hair, where did it go?  To be brushed?  I don’t think so!  As shaving the hairs with my monthly care to protect Justine Aragona, my Mama Bear, looking at her at UNO’s with a kind and inviting STARE, to trip down them and severing an Ankle, or fully falling upwards — I want to stay free of Psych. Wards!  This after 5 times being segregated from the average Population, of course of my USA Nation!

I always wanted a Honda Civic Si and I told Dan to buy a $40,000 Honda Civic Type-R with 300 horsepower!

I got my vote in for Biden with a Mont Blanc pen ($300) I never received, and me the bereaved, of Justine’s Beav- her with Justin Bieber and my Brother “Justin” who needs no applause, when brought that “green stuff” he shows his barehand (and had) claws of drowsily dropping jaws of Phil and Harmonica on Friends, the sister of Ross kissing Rachel on-screen, there were so many viewers, “The First Kiss” outside Central Perk when fireworks lit up the night sky to a beautiful song of Motivation I feel and this artist also had the listed “Catch Feels”

“This song brings my heart, my body, and this soul of writing with a bit of an instant Coffee


I’m not catching any of that proverbial “Entry” because I’m the “Pitcher” with a picture of Moaning Mona Lisa

“Catch Feels”

Katy Perry I bought my Mom her “Prism” disc and she appreciated it very much, so very, very much! I LOVE MY DAD TOO!

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