I’m overcome with pleasant Loko-motion, Colonel… Big-time CBD fan here! “Agmatine” ☺

Wave to David Perron, deceased, his creases of greasy skin to feel the pin-jab or his addiction to heroin!

Waves to the crows on the lawn or in the Cemetery when It’s Scary eating a cherry on top of a Friendly’s Friendly Friday or (Sanlay Louiseau on a Sunday Sunny, Sunny day “Mass” Jehovah’s Witness “Meetings” tomorrow, thanks Peter! ☺ ) all the live long, and with 2 bracelets, I LOVE LIVESTRONG, I got a B+ in Communications I that I sometimes forget to add this admirable admiral grade from my Woo State University curriculum and eating at Coral Seafood, although that’s only several times as I LOVE THE SOLE and that’s about “loving” the hummingbird feeder to gulp “The Seed” when a motion in the throat of a girl who eats Quaker… its oats, and with Mr. Goat procuring producing Goat-Cheese on the bees knees, milking cattle, get at’ter but only after the ceremony has commenced with whathaveyou in my Commerce Bank with $,$$$,$$$ or at least $$$,$$$ thanks to my Dad- who he has HAD IT with my nocturnal habit of seeing the sunrise and then, and only then, going to bed this instead of dealing with the many screw-up’s here at “Averte” like a home for peeps with no treaty and me eating usually once a day of the food here, where, here, they serve usually one meal that turns my tummy, and they don’t allow me to have Tums or Calcium, with the very few pills I take, and I never get “baked Lays po-tay-toe chips” from the Maker to the Baker, Mom baking buns and my Dad — her “hun” — he fishes and I bet he wishes that I would take advantage of the “Therapies” here where I look at the 90-degree 4-angle SQUARE, me wishing to be myself and comforted by our having grown up today and him older than I… of yester-years when he saw my love for ladies, him now known to him, I’m not into queers or beers, this His when I miss them girl the only one I want to be- with, my Justine “The Queen” her powerful all-ovaries and a proud standing-ovation of not the 23rd, but there goes “Miley Cyrus – 23” and SportsRadar with Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban, investing their millions of many Mannie millions of my gift to her (or Justine… I miss her so much!) a wedding ring

Elon Musk, I talked to him for 40+ minutes (44 minutes to be exact) in 2005 when he was waiting to board a plane! I said, “Is it a private jet?” and he said it wasn’t a private jet, so I doubted it was him, but he provided proof I WAS TALKING TO THE NOW-FAMOUS *ELON MUSK* in 2005!

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