I want to be with Justine Aragona in MARRIAGE! Us being her and I the two “TBI Survivors” and here’s a downgraded Tiffany Desrosiers, once being so pretty I wanted her more than Justine!

The old mayor with the drizzle fizzle “Tiphdizzle” dancing with ratty hair, when I was SCARED BY HER PIC, also being “scarred” with injuries from my www.wrxtbi.com

But this is Tiph:

Was this for Halloween ??? or was she on drugs ???

Tiph the Mare with scaryyy hair (Tiph Marie???), the Mayor with ANOREXIC CALLING HER HAIR *SICK* and dilated pupils when she STARES at the Stars in Hollywood, given me some stiffness Maple, with the Slizzurup her on-top of me with Stirrups, doing sit-up’s and I pointed up to the edge of space, where I could be bewildered by God’s image, a hologram, and I prayed for Sophie (Grammy in Heaven!) :halo:

Rest In Peace Sophie Marquis! =)
<3 Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona 2009-2013! =D

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