Booty pain… that I REFRAIN, From: S&M! ouch!!! =/

To be listened to or to be spanked and thanks to The Master who takes his or her time, instead of going FASTER!

The notch of a balanced but belted boy with his crotch and ass, this is halted, right there and ask my Mom what sweet, sweet pleasantries I have bestest “belly-dance” BESTIES rubbing her feet on the couch, in previous 3 or 4 years ago when I ONCE LIVED AT HOME IN CHARLTON, MA where I want to be and where do you want to be? And do you “want to see WHERE *I* WANT TO BE!  at my real “Home” in Charlton, MA near Aunt Donna Donohue, who, it’s too late to call her right now, so I frown, but maybe staying up late as I see a vigorous (not vicious or ultra-violent, no…) VIM TO CREATE THIS TEXT, reading un-to the next beast to Feast upon my words, sometimes sounding absurd, surely, this joking around… I do be… with NO DUBS! NO DOOBIES! NO BOOBIES! AND “NO SCRUBS” so get in the Tub and soak up the SUDS of Zest or Dove, preferred buy boughten Hollywood Diva’s — Hi Hayleigh Noel — her teeth aligned and never stained, hopefully not drinking or whining about wine, to Winnie Cooper, and Hanging With Mister Cooper, on TV, when before I went to Saint John’s… skin color was almost invisible to me — I blame my private, Catholic school for any bad racism on my part, but I’m abandoning that because of an American with black skin, connected to him online in 2006-2008 with no hate, now how I hope he Employs me to reconsider a vibrant vigor of not triggering one of my previous panic-attacks, but instead the feelings of WHERE I WANT TO BE:

Please give the disc a whole womb-popping ENTIRE LISTEN to my #1 favorite album!

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