I love my Dad !!! I’ve called him “King Wayne” he’s not fond of, but it shows my dedication to this my medication to be at-easy: Haloperidol for my TBI and “Great Wayne” that’s it, I call him and he likes it!

I am the King of T&A in the USA!

This wind winded WIDE LOAD wings of chimes while tossing dimes, into a piano-case while making Mama sweetest (I love my Mom!) parents who eat healthy, their lettuce lets and carrots to tease a Bunny of belonging to my Mummy, where there’s then Frankie and Frank and Frankenstein with the wind… of a jingle-jingle JOB to twist the duster with a squeaky knob, knowing and growing with legal “protein peptides” making me TaLLer and my hobby of who but Bobby with the showing of tan skin that Olivia’s Hue when it’s ALL TRUE — I grew by 3.5” and they shrunk my legs!


Oh noes where does the pin-prick goes?

Not into my hobby and Shawna: www.alwayschillen.com/shawna.htm “A” grade material, read “Fruit loops” in the essay, “She’s loopy.” Shooting baskets weaving in her car, like-new, and driving all set, I made my bet, to win the GH2 on eBay with my comic’s for sale, coming soon, unlike the unlit glass, more than a glass, a whole Pail of what- but liquor’s “Ale” — that drinking in my life ended in 2016 — it got so stale with the Pale atmosphere schematics, why can’t I say “Alacratic” ??? and with me the Critic while Mommy does knitting a puppy-dog sweater for my younger Bro, who he’s somewhat mysterious, into psychedelics???  I don’t know but I want to take a blondie hoe out of the Sunday Times when all I’m full of rhymes and valid consciousness with the science of procreation, worldwide, in all Nations of residents sitting sentient and take-ing showers at almost any hour, as per the Night Crawler “creepers” opening Jessica Tocci’s eyes so wide, her pretty “peepers” dilated wide with a LOAD of the gaylord polymers, shipped, on rail-cars (the locomotion of low-carb…” Says the Conductor the black rights are wrong of another, Mother, Debbie, really lightweight, like my Dad, eating veggies!  So Debbie-Do do you doodle on part of a scrap- the parchment of the Yankee magazine, with a clip-clip-clip and a snip of a fishes the Carp with an angelic Heart of mind and body, talking HOT-LY holy moly it’s Molly the Miley to a Sirius “Cyrus” when the hustlers Black crimes are with us, for the firearms, creating criminals, and Sentenced, dealing that Molly to electronic music Pioneers — the Technics MK-1200 turntables, Robert Miles – Fable, I dig the drift of Isaac Asimov’s “Rifts” — is that right? Tell me if you hear me on the phone at my own personal number — but if you’re curious where to reach me, then Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

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