You could have it all, more than a little small amount of Everest, forever using not Crest but Colgate, the Whitening for all races! START!

Chivalry displayed, but leading to a trodden Tooth decay, all days with sugary sweets and a few pic’s of the Hubby kissing his enamored affection, a wife partner, but not yet a parent, so, NO KIDS! That I take my bids on Stocks and Bitcoins… because they “stir the stew” of not Stewie but MY LOINS littered clothing in trash bags, owned by the old hag’s in trenches, where the bench-presses, is, procuring muscle fibers to be filled with RBC’s and knowing the Alphabet, to memorize when in toddler-school, this Soy sauce causing me to drool… but I’m no filled-up motherTruck kinda “Fool” at the keyboard having me energized, and after some sleep, the Window weeps, silky rain-filled tears to the rips in the Chalice, so “put that B on ICE!” that would be nice and watching the ginger spice of ZERO “ALE” when setting sail on the ocean Moran with Josie where the most of my fondling would be, her moaning and groaning, attached to the “Loins” of a man and his… his financial treatments to the middle of Summer-  so hot and muggy, sipping coffee from a Mug but NOT A “SHOT” OF J.D. with the P.D. or Ph. D. doctors examining my cranial scar and evidence of having been A – raped in 2001/2002 on one night when I saw such fright-  to see my p-due smothering the shitty drug I was had to sniff,  if you catch the drift… could have died that night when he saw joy and delight, to be DID by his former student, one of many, that Mannie was a student, Sophomore, I adore her and her Huz-to-play-the-Band Mr. Nick-  possibly having separated, but choose a lesser female, one to be penetrated in all the 2 main spots, so tit for the kitties and THAT “Cookies” kitten I want them to have a house cat here where I would not only stroke the hairs and whiskers but feeding the Cat with treats, him or her to EAT… and please excuse me for ending this here — I have a veggie stir-fry to finish!

Yeah I implore all of you to START being SMART with your jagged little pill typed poetry, rhyme&cadence of fine Academics and Phys. Ed. running, plus START *EATING* SMART! Look a “Shark” on Shark Tank! To Abbott vaccine tomfoolery — I be where the cash be!

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