Sneaky weasel wheezing with an Easel my paintings in Acrylics, once more endorsing my a-CRY-lics CRYpto-currencies of Bitcoins galore!

Sip and snip and swoon when eating discreet-ing a bowl of cold Chocolate ‘n’ Chicken Soup of Hershey’s and Poultries to put the test to the top of my ten or so List of “Health Care Proxy” Mom and Dad who-  they both had dinner of dining at home, my Mom stove-top with her simmering and sizzling — Marie and a guy were SWIMMING, yeah there’s been a pool here for years, since I came, to Lower Plain 2022 my address Google “JMRQ Heavy Industries” my soft-spot with a big amount of yesteryear’s Lizards, the Leopard Gecko, my “Speckles” and CHRISTina K. of NDA where I partnered up with my first ever KISS the first girl I ever got really IN-TO but it fizzled, when Sunday Show Practice dwindled-  me not a dancer, I went to WSU’s “Lancers” Mannie the Flyer, taking me higher this “Manny” I be holding images so DEARLY-  her with a distant location, Do The “Locomotion” of this intrinsical LOVE-MAKING POTION with the motion of streaming Brooks I never stole from their store, me shopping for more chocolate milk to suggest to Rev. Anne Skinner, her so sweet and yet to meet, but come this fall I will take a planed trip to Niagara FALLS, that Rev. Anne Skinner is not a sinner or a singer, as I asked her in 2005 when I jived with an “Angel” (McAulriff) seeking an “Angel” of a church, who, I reached out to Hannah House, soon buying my own home near my “HEALTH-PROXY” PARENTS in Charlton, MA, then buying a Tesla Roadster — seriously, I told my very rich Stockbroker to put down the $50,000 “Reservation” in my USA Nation for a Tesla — and then at that point, and only that point, I point the pointer-finger at Justine Aragona 2009-2013 to be my Queen in Marriage and we would both be close to our “HEALTH-PROXY” parents, and they control us completely, I be with the Stocks and so many Bitcoins, that I BE WHERE THE CASH BE !!!!! $$,$$$,$$$ so easy back then, when, and only when, I say to Uncle Sam, I pay my fair share of taxes whilst on my couch I relaxes with enormous vigor of this my “vim of vibrant vivacity” I “coined” in Poetry II or “Creative Writing” A- and B+ grade A milk Stern cattle when I’ve planned for this battle of pinching tiny amounts of belly-fat… that needs to go MY MAMA AIN’T NO HO!

“Mama ain’t raised no ho!”

64 miles per hour IMPACT broke my “Stoved-in” left hip into 7 pieces read my please!

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