PayPal won’t let me in, I had about $400 in it that appeared and I’m quite sure there’s many $1000’s in it now, but I can’t get in, yeah, me the Investor!

So Don’t Die for anyone any owner of a dystopian dreamy ’n’ dreaming that the water is receding, and leaving a Meadow for the calves to hulk a bunch of Mary-Jane and “green grass” for the cows, the calfs, young and finally able to peruse the fields of sniffing no one’s ass! Justine’s expulsions of gasses made me sick to my stomach — that what twists my injured ribs, ribbit-ribbit, but not “Ribbed” protection of the stovetop Sirius satellite radio of mostly preferring YouTube for music! Alas, the sweet notes and vocals of singing softly or yelling really LOUD the volume turnt up when the fucks are watching the TV downstairs, when they “Care” to sabotage me and my peaceful typing all shy and then again, not so much as I say it “Loud and Proud” to the potted Daisies of Linda P.’s favorite flower — buying her roses and Justine, too — who wouldn’t you know it she blew a retard TBI he couldn’t ejaculate to the relationship because of her parents, only, I EVACUATED!  Me… Jeffrey Marquis, had to dupe Justine’s Mom into having her wear some of her Mom’s thongs — it turned me on and sometimes it was by accident — the panty-switch that Justine liked when I would scratch her back when giving a Masseuse Treatment with soft kneaded dough of Cookies a kitten that Justine was a Playboy Bunny, her buns, my money to dine at restaurants every other night of the week, sipping lemon seltzer sweet, the protein I eat LOW-CARB for years now, at a weight of about 165 lbs. I like, me thinner than almost everyone here at “Averte”

And this :::

Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries

That’s got my address and phone number so give me a ring and I the wed of NOT THE GAYS IN PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND!

What have I become?


Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

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