“Kim Jong-Un says North Korea ready to use nukes in potential military conflict with US, South Korea” and us American’s who “With faith in God” “In God We Trust” we Americans, we must try to RESIST MILITARY CONFLICT and me at my WSU with my Conc. In Writing: read my “Elegance” best prose, my best!

www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm (THANK YOU WSU AND RANDOMWORDGENERATOR.COM! )

To be “On The Scene” when a hotel room is the seen foreplex of a muscle flexed on Sunday Morning after Church at The Charlton Federated Church… yeah I remember my Mom thought it was great that a single (1) caffeine pill could keep me awake and ready for some easy breezy post-breakfast cereal Nutrition to enhance my measly body’s overall POST-TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY albeit Well-Being when the invitation to stay for a while we make ourselves at “Home” — Justine provides the monthly mess of the MESSES, THE MENSES,  with the very smart woman, of and in the literary-I.Q. “Mental” MENSA the world’s smartest peeps with a chirping squeak of a clutch-drop in a car, so far, and so far the woman hasn’t misplaced her Coach Clutch, a bag, that one prick on the tip of a ponTIPHicated Kate K. of a marriage, like I don’t want to marry Tiph anymore, even if she’s born MY STOLEN SPERM!  I bet that makes her squirm with an uncomfortable and inforgiveable travesty, to have my baby!  This unless she got it canceled out like an X for *EVACUATE* as I don’t ever want to be a “Dad” to any living thing in my life, no pets, 1 measly plant, and no “Beta” fish in a bowl, that I DON’T OWN A “BOWL” !!!!! and plus I hate “bowling” can’t handle the Disability of my left leg with that old 64 MPH  IMPACT!

TWO THINGS: my totaled car: www.wrxtbi.com


Selena Gomez “could even make that Tiffany Jealous?” or eat and enjoy McLovin’ I’m living!

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