Justine Aragona 2009-2013 takes away the feeling of my having been sexually-abused by a SJ teacher, and I miss her, I miss her innards!

In between the sheets all tucked in after a Bedtime story, being Goodnight Moon “Doge to the moon!” With my callous contact of eye-wear betreieven that is even, of all odds, I get a lot of knocked off Nods and Prods calling the cattle “Home” where I want to be, the sooner the better!  Because I would like that to be in better contact with my Rents paying the bills Dad’s Tundra oil-changes where Mobil 1 spills into the oil-pan of Sally and Fran… from France, where and when I BE “FRENCH” and yet while not having “Drenched” a girl with French kisses to the Misses my #1 lover ever bar-none I doing absolutely NO ALCOHOL 2016 when I didn’t feel like waiting 2 years to make a Public Statement, I only find Justine when I search my Heart & Soul for the Soup of helpful to many, lyrics in the Chicken-Soup song of a book, I once took, a place in Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. “President’s Office” with my having purchased “Word” online and written 38.4 MB’s of one document! “This girl and that girl” my dreamy days in a foggy thin time with 2 skinny girls in 8 East mental hospital highly-medicated when confined to a single floor — I was with 2 girls and even 3 when Sabina was there — sitting in chairs, our fragrances of French kisses and a lot of sex on plastic seats, we would eat only the meats, having convinced my partners to go and for-go the “Carbs” — except Carina weighed a mere 90 lbs. or so that I didn’t mind being with a too-skinny and anorexic girl for 23 days of love and have patience for the chicken patty to PARTY IN THE TASTE-BUDS of no “bud” but CBD I like to see with a whimper wind chime of whining with NO MMJ, NO WINE, NO BEER, and all that other trashy liquor sold in stores, or the NETA where the “grass” Be .  To put myself at the top of the stack with a SUPER-SLAM that I call it “SUPER ISLAM” to quest Allah’s presence in the ponTIPHicated state of this “Tiph Desrosiers” once being skin ’n’ bones and then having a baby!  That I ask, wouldn’t that be an awful thing to be Anorexic and then giving birth… plus she did a lot of drugs, so with Queen Justine Aragona, I would sell my spleen to receive her many HUGS and kisses, that us medical CBD and other cannabinoids like HHC — I haven’t ordered any because my parents won’t let me have any MMJ here!  So have no fear, my urine and hair samples are “in the clear” to be clean and the anal warts I once had — because I was raped by a teacher at my Saint John’s post-grad. — he gave me an A- TWICE, and his inner organs were splendid that I did what I did, but I didn’t like it when he said, “Stand naked next to me and lets hug!” That there were some kisses from HIM I thought it was painless, this after I felt his member in the Winter that night when it was so cold, and he prepared me by making me drink a lot of coffee — but the 2nd time he tried to “fit it in” he said, “You’re a virgin and it’s not going in,” with him going limp, he was a pimp to his younger crows feet CROWD of many, many, many gay men-  like a Trailer-Truck Rest Stop!

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