I have a lot of vintage comics worth a lot of money!

When the audience disseminates its applause, I snap into a Bear Claw with English TOFFEE in my right hand’s Tug as white-boys the Monkeying Donkeys riding their Llamas, what does it mean? where the better half full glass to the tip-top with TAP water streaming from the shower-head shade shaved with shorter than a Butch, I no longer need a wheelchair, a “crutch” and a cane — then being in the hospital 7 times in recent years, but when you have no fears of me any NO BEER! While white race is seemingly non-violent, non-violinist and non-smoker JOKERS! When I’m no longer a Taker Joker playing with Tokens at Chuck to the Cheese with McGriddles giving me big loud belches sounding loud and proud, a Nun wearing a dress penned with sheered scissors, of then eating a waffle stack, my Bitcoin wallets in New England, when I chose to lend a hand-  disseminating Dollars and Cents to the gentle-men Gent’s only in the men’s room, with the maid having swiped (a wallet) and the sticky-icky green stuff grown and frowning at the browning Fields of catching Feels of Foods on a cows tongue, in the Pasture of an Overture of done right, done tight, where it doesn’t “belong” (!!!) all the livelong Day of Summer’s sun and baking buns roasted and toasted, buttered up with baked cakes with the Winter’s falling SNOW-FLAKES of malted sugar coating, not to ROT and now now now NOT HOT with the cold-caring 1% white milk — “A can of white paint is so much like a gallon of milk… to thee my Justine waiting to see… her as Ember says “Brr! It’s fricken frigid in your A/C the HAIRS “Conditioner” with a freelance writer wearing 2 LIVESTRONGS-  so you know I have something going on…

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