The jerks against me, here at “Averte” they put soap on the floor in-line for dinner!

Shorty girl slightly Portly (Portman, Natalie) pussy pumped to Hump with my Bitcoin Whale yesteryear, but have NO FEAR! For my Trust-Fund comes equipped to put down ##,### for a Tesla (because there’s an EV ‘station’ near me here) and to fail a flop the floor was wet and I FELL AND HURT MY ELBOW! With no wet-floor sign used by the fatty maid, clean my apartment tomorrow, I demand, while the ticking glass drips drops to the top of a pile of sane “SAND” as in the hourglass I shattered — with no THC “Shatter” from NETA so long ago (!!!) now left bereft of “bud” take a look at my left elbow that *THUD*

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