Elon dumped so much Bitcoin, but because I used “Nintendo64” and “Nintendo 64” in my Bitchain I might have hit it at the near high of $64,400 my 5000 Bitcoins “Bitcoin Whale!” me I know… short of $69,000 so I’m single and staying single for now… =)

To pursue purring of a kitty-cat and at putting you on for SO LIVESTRONG ALL THE LIVE-LONG praying for never “Parental Custody” but joyous references to Allah praid paying a visit to the edge of space:

Where God expands His universe, the man my Saint John’s teacher, he raped me and giving me a curse, to love the tightest holy spot where I cummed my plot, and “Their Plan”: https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/

To make me withstand — I didn’t withdraw — a dime — doing it for 7 or 8 hours in Time of their dot-com to read about DEFUNCTING JESUS CHRIST — albeit worshipping Jehovah’s with my Witness Finesse sniffing hair, Joe Biden, drooping low to snort and sniff the conditioners of shorter damsels, I saw on Fox News-  when I choose to not-often much snooze with thoughts of TINY TITTIES to they grip my go-go-go groin of Sir Jeffrey to the tenderloins baked precise, that my low-carb diet treats me thin, SO NICE and but not naughty hot females to pin the tale on the Honkey — what a lame name — my “honking” the nookie of my seeking smooches and always settling for to-and-fro, a handshake, Lisa’s breasts are fake and implanted with peanuts as per Planter’s Partner’s Pizza, I’ll please ya, the mozzarelle chill chimi-changa’s that will change ya, begging for lousie’s in barnyard creeps, getting their massive asses (Hi E.) to ding to the Chimes, my 5000 Bitcoins are all mighty mine-  a remembrance off Candle-stickshirt shifting the 5 speed with no need for the MMJ weed, weak, and my cards expired, Trazodone makes me tired — my sleeping pill taken very RARELY…

I sleep okay but doze until late in the hours of my drifting-off POWERS to peruse the swinging “snooze” of the fattest fucks on the planet, bereft of exercise, that E. has big eyes — hi to December — I love you so, I know you know, and I’m too forlorn to blow kisses at my hitting-on-her, NEVER, that’s not something I’d ask the Missus, and with claws, my Dogecoin “Ripley” had narrow *pause*

Paws that I see the way to stay away from most to-do anomalies of, as per evil Allyson, my rubbing my left ball and left leg, albeit investing in Dogecoin — Elon Musk my 2005 or 2006 FRIEND — Allyson fingered my dog and she would pet/pat her VA-JAY-JAY sitting down with her and her, me feeling uneasy, a cutie canine, her (and my!) a Travesty only in jest with June Vo’s inflated CHEST but not a girlfriend and without sex and her breast-implants:

I stayed at The Eden Roc hotel that I saw on The Kardashian’s and I like Kim Kardashian a lot I told Derek Langlois and I’m not sure if I saw June Vo’s breast implants, but I’m with her in this photo when I went to her house in 2005 or 2006 after my TBI that we both have double vision and Derek was her friend, but I didn’t want to be with a mother as the aliens come closer in deep outer space where I believe I experienced God Himself The Father of His universe with sex with Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona years later from 2009-2013 and I believe God brings planets with maybe life on them into His universe when He resembled The Statue of Liberty because June bought me a Perry Ellis shirt at Geneva St. but we never did it together because I’m too disabled and handicapped together, but she sees out of one eye only as her optical abilities are with only one eye working and she doesn’t need glasses, like I took mine off for the photo, before my 2 vision surgeries by Dr. Strominger in Boston, MA when my parents took me there and my Mom did alone with me in previous years after the photo was taken in 2005 or 2006 when I lived at Geneva St. with my Saint John’s friends who graduated in 2000 like me, with a 2.8 GPA and 1080 SAT’s that were good enough to get into Northeastern University with my deceased roommate who went to Saint John’s with us, being murdered and I went to his funeral in Worcester, MA in 2001 when I quit Northeastern Univeristy due to bad “Social Anxiety” and horrible panic-attacks that I’m now prescribed a regular dose of Xanax 3 times a day never after midnight, and I purposely got a 0% on the Health I mid-term at my University Woo State because I didn’t want “Midz” as far as MMJ that I was approved for when 2 of my regular doctors from my TBI recovery wrote letters for a specialist to give me a card this after I dumped Justine Aragona for cheating on me and while she was with an inept boy named Tony, unable to GET OFF, she really got me off at my home in Charlton, MA where we went to church and I leaned into her ear on the right side of her body, saying, “We’re gonna get married here!” and I quit drinking all alcohol in 2016 to win her back! =D
HERE’S THE GIRL I’M COMMITTED TO, MY JUSTINE ARAGONA! her step-dad helping with anti-suicide!

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