1 share of Dairy Queen/Geico, thanks Elon Musk my best friend on the phone for 40+ minutes worth my having one of 30-40 stocks that 1 D.Q. worth $430,900.00!

xXx the Vinny D-easel film and ZZZ’s could Cruise on the coastal “Carnival Ships A’seas” with a Cease and “Step-Sister” on video I see, you know, them hoes of trashy ass getting dollar-bill candy and Cancer of a WSU Lancer being 2 LIVESTRONG YELLOW BRACELETS *ON* whilst listening to YouTube mixes of Gucci songs, you gay fag, my hunny was on “Da Rag” of tame and tampered-with locks of not shutting all the way in this bullshit kind of “Home” where I must say, only my Aunt Donna Donohue “Ding Dong” we talk so long, 2 or 3 times per day, when I give her a hay aunt donna “Nick Dono” won’t talk to me his Scion done-up TEE-CEE his car where entered in shows, turning tuners’ heads, he knows, and his refusals to chat-  he shows such Ambience to me, yours own truly, me to be at my best, skipping pizza crusty — Elise and Elissa Victoria — Josh’es Lotus or the “Averte” employee, offering her a hug, by me, for being one getting sweet groceries, mostly, most of them moist mounted upon the shelves, I help myselves to a tasty treat of eating mostly LOW-CARB “MEAT” and weighing 155 lbs. — down from a high of 235 lbs. then 205 lbs. ripped from GH2 no longer sold in stores, paying $300-$400 to grow ME BIGGER without prohormones (no anabolic pills no more) I’m healthy and I’ve shrunk, now weighing 155 lbs. down from this:

It was 4 bottles of expensive pills, not nearly comparing to GHRP-6/GHRP-2/Hexarelin/CJC-1295/Mechano Growth Factor injections with clean Insulin pins https://www.pinterest.com/jmarquis710/ and they shrunk my legs by 3.5″ in 2006!

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