I feel much better after getting A LATE (!!!) injection of an anti-psychotic and I went to the hospital for 2 days in a row, this after going to mental HOSPITALS a total of 5 times, probably 2+ years unable to leave, and because my enemies are evil and awful, I’ve been without my prescription of “HALOperidol” and I feel much better after going to the hospital 2 days in a row (!!!) picked up by EMT’s and everyone knew that I was fine but sabotaged by these jerks who caused my TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces! I’m fine but curious about my Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries and a mysterious which I wonder if it’s mine — they steal my mail from my companies I started in 2013 or 2014 when I invested $,$$$,$$$ into “Crypto-Currencies” and so many stocks I predicted would rise in 2021+ because I like girls in their 20’s and 30’s the most!

I’m finally with my Haloperidol MEDICATION after they purposely didn’t give it to me when I needed it! And my Mom swore to me, “We’ll never give you your Haloperidol anti-psychotic late, ever again!” BUT MY MOTHER IS EVIL, AWFUL treating me so poorly, and I have $,$$$,$$$ in TD Bank!

My Dad lies to me about my Investing in Tesla, Amazon, Apple, etc., this after the fact that I invested in GameStop and Match in 2005 after I was out of the Intensive Care Unit and Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital where I saw Dr. David Kent of Indiana State University, who I’ve left him long messages about the horrible treatment here at “Averte” Google: “JMRQ Heavy Industries” =)

I’m not going to commit suicide because they finally gave me my injection of Haloperidol but DAYS LATE! which caused me to drink a mouthful of a cleaning product, so I had to go to a hospital for 6 hours, that again because of something I Googled about “overdosing on Alka-Seltzer” THE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL MY FACEBOOK (hi Nate Stebbins!) — I have Stocks in — I talked to a NASDAQ: FB employee in 2005 and I told him to tell Mark Zuckerberg I said “Hi” and my account became “special” that I now have Meta Business Suite (Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries) and I believe I own but I HAVE NO ACCESS TO IT! thanks Daniel M. Besse (!!!) I’m happy they FINALLY gave me a helpful “injection” of Haloperidol that keeps me from committing suicide, that, FUNNY STORY, MY PARENTS ARE MY “HEALTH-PROXY” and they had me “COMMITTED” years ago having gone to mental hospitals 5 whole times and me recently CRYING FOR HELP when I drank a mouthful of a HOUSEhold cleaner (Hi Hannah Hannah House) and I need my parents and my Aunt Donna Donohue with me planning on buying a house near my parents in Charlton, MA — who Facebook I got your “help” warning and I chose 2 people I want to talk to — so and so, I AM FEELING GREAT FROM THE HALOPERIDOL SHOT I GOT YESTERDAY! I AM A TBI Brain Injury Survivor and I’m so greatly motivated to never, ever make a CRY FOR HELP (!!!) because it has caused me to stay in a hospital and interviewed by 2 officers at the hospital, where I got some great SLEEP that was refreshing, and after reaching out to Dan Pellegrini (my best lover ever Justine Aragona, her step-dad years ago!) HE HAS ANTI-SUICIDE VIDEOS I WILL WATCH, with me being a millionaire I have my 3rd Movado WATCH, and please help support my wellbeing here at “Averte” that’s all a BAD “SET-UP” but I’m not upset now, even after the corrupt employees wouldn’t give me my MEDICATIONS because THEY ALL WANT ME TO BE SAD, that I’m not at all sad after seeing Dan Pelly’s videos about ANTI-SUICIDE!

Believe me, I feel relieved after they gave my my DAYS LATE (organized) MEDICINE!

I need to talk to Daniel M. Besse (@Danimal) on Twitter about my $,$$$,$$$ in TD Bank that I knew there would be problems with my vast amounts of money so I added Bank Clash years ago!


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