I value my legitimate sanity and I named Covid-19 with my multiple emails to China telling them to put Co because of my Dad’s great plastics/polymers incorporated business, his “ECM Plastics, Inc.” he sold for $36,500,000 and “Vid” for the evil “SET-UP” BY MY ENEMIES “EMPORNIUM.US” and 19 for an 18+ number, honestly, in 2005 when I read a small article in The Telegram & Gazette” NEWSPAPER about supervirii being developed in China that Wu went through my head, and I clipped out the small article and gave it to my Minister WHO BAPITIZED ME — I told him to hang it up in his office at The Charlton Federated Church — I COLLECTED 70+ SUNDAY SERVICE PAMPHLETS AND MY MOM THREW THEM AWAY — and he said “You’re safe AND YOU WON’T *DIE* OF THE CHINESE DISEASE — and I don’t believe he really passed-on recently because IT WAS *HIDDEN FROM ME* BY MY ENEMIES AND MY PARENTS WHO PLAN ON SETTING ME UP WITH “ARSON” I’VE FULLY BELIEVED FOR A LONG TIME, A VERY AND VERY LONG TIME, SO I WROTE MY EVIDENCE OF THIS “ARSON SETUP” ON A MAN NAMED “ARSONES” ON LINKEDIN.COM AND I THINK THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF ME ARE USING “DIRECTED ENERGY” TO GIVE MY POOR BRAIN FURTHER DAMAGE! Brain Injury Survivor I WANT TO TALK TO A LOT OF THERAPISTS THAT I AM DENIED “THERAPY” BECAUSE *I’M BEING “SET-UP”* !!!!!

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