NO ALTERING, at the tarred altar but later…

“At The Altar” a movie for real- with Mrs. Griffin, I want to get in, and side with her, plus my lawyer Mr. Philip Stoddard to help me re-claim where I’m shooting darts with the remover I need my parents to bring me, from a dirty belt buckle, come 2004 when you should click that link, a little below, no tattoo’s, no INK or ever wearing the color “PINK” and trapped!

Mileage on the Murano and I’m giving getting high a big muraNO with Kristen Johnson (KristenMUR) my first kiss, who, I missed her so much I had my Mom get her on the phone (after my TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY…) and she was simply puzzled and praying for peace — that each day of the week-long work day her brother had mental problems and KJ’s Mom suggested mental health for me, which, oh yes, I INDEED NEED THE ANTI-PSYCHOTICS as they provide me peace and profits, propheting Bitcoin, Tesla, John Deere ` ` ` that I signed up for when searching so long for a jobby job to provide paychecks that my parents have my BoA “checks” to weigh a healthy amount, waiting for me to sell my stocks in 2023 ` ` ` was as per the Miley Cyrus “23” about Michael Jordan (how is he?). . . and MJ and Mark Cuban had a big deal-  sports trader or sport radar, to buy me a sporty sweetie “WHIPSKI” aka a nice new car, me not driving far, and not smoking butts to give me too much tar… that I never liked the little pebbles on Grammy’s driveway, when (Ben is working tonight, my friend…) I think but I’m not sure that eventually you and Grammy had the driveway paved and PAID… for with the Marquis riches of not only Dad but Mom always had a great job with jibber-jabber of the day when, way, I would ride on the waves, to you, waving franticly with wishes to rekindle family closeness at the closest appointment — applying wild flavors of lubricant to my lips the chap-stick, Dad’s ol’ chap, a great man who couldn’t stand my 2014 and 2015 nightly bad drinking to feel a buzz, evangelist fuzz, on my sink-drawn water and instant coffee, which, it has provided me Ensure as to the doctors’ advice, like staying in Charlton, MA I miss, and their advice to be NICE in general… the cool drink with ambient ice of genes being spliced while sipping a Diet Sprite, all night, all day, I say HEY I LOVE SIPPING LEMON SELTZER — I noticed a rhyming dictionary on my shelf, upstairs, with no cares to rhyme on a dime with the words on the pages. . . so I do this all so Au Natural my chocolate (for Mom and Dad) thoughts coming through my Crazed Cranium that ummm, what I’m trying to say to no dismay, that I WRITE FROM MY BRAIN ONLY!  with no outside help of my dictionary when the 12 packs of seltzer, they (diction)CARRY my drinks up the stairs… I WANT TO BUY A HOUSE ON THE SAME STREET AS MY “HEALTH PROXY” PARENTS . . . instead of paying Rent, but not the “Rent” broadway tickets, and buckle up, click it, and as I’ve let this be long enough, here I have it sort of rough when they steal from me, the staff!

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