Gramps smoked too many “Camels”

Camel-toes being asunder such as Grandpa now under the ground, breathing hoarse, a wheezing wonder of a Mother, yes, my own mother to be another non-drinker like my Dad and I, we let out a sigh-ned signal of my signed “Will” to donate, with absolutely no hatred, I in the red-shown “Ramshorn Road” to trip on the skin of an Amanitas toad, when all is now known, with no bruises to be shown of bright red marks, corrected on a Test of will and a Smithed image of Will Smith and snoopy smoking without “Tokeing” off of an absented abscessed “Blunt” with a Keebler to hotly circumstance the way my Mom told me to Dance — that she said, move your body to the beets, to eat fine treats, and I once grabbed her butt when we would dance I had trouble with the lingo-jingo jabberwockees on YouTube with nothing new in the news but a THREAT position as per CHINA WANTS TO DOM… my therapist for weekly “Therapy” to terribly treat me, here with hopefully no gay souls stirring the potion to “it puts the lotion on the skin or it’s gonna’ get the hoes a’gin — without the modeled Maker’s Mark whiskey — the bar is where I NOT-BE to damsel a prince pasta and I have nothing to do with the roasted ’n’ toasted “Rasta Man” having his hand on the handle, my “JMRQ Heavy Industries” in Bradford, VT where I be, and laying low to plow thee the SNOW of being an “Informer” ( and licking lashes of loving wicking her eyes-  me now deprived of loving feelin’s with NO “TEENS” for many years, the young ones not drinking filthy beers. . . the parents of mine, they come NEAR being tomorrow, a Visit from Mum ’n’ Pops of throwing a rocks or two thrown with win-dex to Tears of fears with Chinese Co-videos from a la the Torrentz dot-com’s of time spent, tanning on the front lawn, and Mowing when I Bow to my Dad, the King of the family, he be-  GREAT with Deborah Mom, his “Mate” on a ship with a paper clip to clear my cleaned pipe with the planted Summer tomatoes being ripe!

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