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Sparkling notes on the curtail when I genuinely adore my Dad, but he is sad and tired of this very bad situation I’m in with my being taken advantage of and always hacked on my Mac and broken cellphone “ORGANIZED” SABOTAGE WITH MY NAME AND MY 2 OFFICIAL ALIASES: Jeff M and Jeffry through who but the one of 2 men I love — or make it 3 for my Dad named “Wayne Marquis” who he, my millionaire Dad, he has never having, being, foreseeing, or accepted my Friend Request on Facebook, that I have thousands of dollars in “Meta” (Facebook) NASDAQ: “FB” *STOCKS* FOR ME AND OF MINE IN THIS CRAZED CRANIUM, yes I admit I have a wild time typing Jazzy Jeffrey Marquis witnesses of the Creative Writing (B+ WSU) I was offered an A- or an A when oh when- I would type on this MacBook Pro — THAT MY “HEALTH PROXY” PARENTS MADE ME SIGN “CONSENT FORMS” with Google, Apple, Dell, Facebook and my evil, or maybe “bad” own dear Mom named Deborah Marquis on Facebook when the bullshit with Peter L Sargent hits the fan — yes him, being told what to say to me and what to refer to, me, free of that proverbial “reefer” the 200 North Korean submarines in the Pacific, to be specific, I’m special, especially after having reached through God’s real “Illusion” like a grande “hologram” at the edge of space, Him perfect with a shining white beard that God Himself The Lord and my Savior of the Caucasian “flavor” once again, I learned where he is before a long night of prayers, sweaty sex, and Observing “HIM” when I had “The Awakening” appearing in the English translation of The Qur’an I haven’t finished and I’m more motivated so as to become “A Jehovah’s Witness” (BLESS YOU PETER L SARGENT!) my TBI co-Survivor from so many TBI groups, I threw him for a loop when he threw up alcohol on the Public Transportation Spencer, MA “Bus” instead of a car, he crashed that was technically his fault, but there were circumstances such as his brain injury as I have a more severe TBI since 2004 that I’ve written plenty about on my and I had to protect myself from being hacked, while I’m relaxing and cooling-chill with my content of 1+ year English Major w/ Conc. in WRITING while all nighting teasing my proverbial “Flavor” for all of my hundreds of viewers to “Savor” the wondrous words of why I sigh, and signed papers I’VE AGREED TO MY DRUG-FREE LIVING TO BE “TESTED” and lonely testes with WSU “tests” my solid A in Psychology I and A- in Poetry II at where but the honored and greatly improved State University had me as a student with two B+’s a while, long, being AFTER MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, like Justine Aragona’s and being that I’m a millionaire (TD Bank) I stairway drift when I want to lift my spirits higher… caring nothing about MMJ or the Tadalafil pill that I don’t really need, I swear, but when I haven’t been with a beautiful girl for sexy love-making Time of when I went to the stated and sworn fact, I’ve written about, that there’re so many millions of dollars but without me able to Access and to Harness with, the Companies I would choose not to pick winner Stocks right now, when the cows in the “meadow” on that came up in my testing God’s ownership of every single atom in His universe, that I accelerated THROUGH AND THE QUR’AN, THANKS TO YOU, at what I’ve written many times, “A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” in a laser straight line through His universe that God brings planets and galaxies into His universe but only at the speed of light, when I stayed in nude form with The King, hearing The Lord’s Prayer with my #13,000+ plays of on an older laptop from when I lived at MY REAL “HOME” IN CHARLTON, MA WITH MY “HEALTH PROXY” Mom and Dad — who they’re “INTO” like I had YouTube on the phone and Google, too, when I requested some of my internet Lemon&Lime waters of the deep when I would “creep on Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers” but not friends with the her, the last I knew, she was pregnant and perusing the assurance of ABANDONING BAD “ANOREXIA” wait, no, she just used a lot of bad “Droogz” or Drugs that Justine Rivera — there are two Justine’s — she entertainmented me on Messenger when we would chat, way back when, I lived at 66 Lincoln Point Rd. in Charlton, MA 01507 with MY PARENTS (!!!), MOM AND DAD PLEASE LET ME BUY A HOUSE ON THE SAME STREET, AS YOU TWO, BEING LOYAL TO ONE-ANOTHER IN HOLY MATRI-MONEY… I have a lot of cash and stocks and so many as 5000 Bitcoins with candle-stick trading with Daniel M. Besse in CT, who, he needs to get back to me AFTER ABOUT 20 LONG EMAILS OF MY PRECIOUS PRINTED TEXT… he’s married to Jessica Mancini-Besse and they drink together, or maybe not any more as they have a baby to raise him or her well, the talcum powder dusty smell of caring love that MY BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER, Miss Justine Aragona ` ` ` want to marry her while I’’m still 40 years-old, or young, with IGF-1 LR3 that has me having improved my brain with Insulin pins packed with the legal “protein-peptide” sold on many legit Shopping Carts online, that with the Law, IGF-1 LR3 is FINE and A okay to tickle the brain cells growing in size and even with “Hyperplasia” its splitting into two brain-cells, DOUBLE THE BRAIN CELLS, and take it from me, the one, the only TBI Survivor my doctors said, “Just be careful…” and shrinking my legs that grew with GHRP-6, Hexarelin, MGF, CJC-1295, etc. sold online through million dollar lab-made Recombinant protein-peptides, no Hcl, no chems of a sketchy nature, not steroids, and not getting anyone “high” and it’s about time for me to greet my Bestie, Daniel M. Besse of CT and say to Dan, my older cousin from Saint John’s, too, and who, he, him, the one — Dan is a lot of fun, hopefully not drinking with his baby needing care (!!!) — change your Twitter photo and Accept my Twitter friend REQUEST, that I don’t drink or drive *no car* at home with my Dad, and my Mom, they are the ones who need to clear some things up with me, what’s with the Staff and the Residents here, with residuals to take my side, none of them to be my bride, wearing matching Movado’s, third Movado WATCH as I create the craft of swimming to the Marquis Family “Raft” amid the fresh-waters of Baker Pond, I’m a Banker of my as many as 5000 Bitcoins and maybe millions USD in Tesla, John Deere, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc. etc. all clean Investments in 2013 or 2014 I forget and my damaged sense of MY IMPEDED MEMORY FUNCTIONS, not remembering names, and not welcoming new souls as my TBI is old, from November 2, 2004 in the afternoon after a lot of how SOMEONE VOTED IN MY NAME IN MY HOMETOWN OF CHARLTON, MA (!!!) want to come home and sip the pickle juice in the jar, when I take it way too far — in fact — to the edge of space, where I found a great Place with God Himself The Father The Creator of His universe

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