I’m hoping for a call back from Bruce Fenton, my great friend from 2006 running for Senator of NH who I’ve inspired him to run for Senate with my mysterious post, “Vote Bruce Fenton for Senator!” and it got him thinking, what does Jeffrey Marquis want with me ??? Along with my 40+ minute phonecall to Elon Musk who he was concerned about my TBI and broken bones in 2005, he got back to me, waiting for a plane and I brightened up his day with the news of my www.wrxtbi.com events in 2004 when I nearly died… but thanks to God and the Paramedics, I am a TBI Survivor! =D

Creamy dreams of the newfound pleasure in the microprocessor “Tech World” I say no way and instead buzz off your crew-cut hairstyle, but only for a while, or longer, sipping the, instead, BLENDED STEAK in the blender, that I suppose toward my Withdrawing from Calculus I at WSU, I suppose I went on a short-term “Bender” of flexing my hips, sea-side taking dips, but mostly in a hot Tub of sudsy HJ loving with a long-term sexual “partners” eating pizza once a week — that’s which is one time too many — me dreaming of Mannie did she get a divorce from “Nick” wearing maybe a hot pair of Red Bottoms or “Nike’s” for athletic shoe-shine FLOO SHY on the pair of SHOE FLIES! To tan on the beach with blondes and NO NUCLEAR PROCLAMATION of “Proliferation” for the weight-lifter, waiting for the “Bus” of my trust in the system of Public Transportation, Peter S. soon with a Jehovah’s Witness “proclamation” with one hunny-bun for former forms of “Fun in the Sun” on a Sunday… sipping skin’s sun-shine with NO WINE for my wise mother, Mom, singing that song, “I crashed my car into a bridge I love it, I love it!” Played in regularity on KISS108FM far back, to attack the Chinese spying on the U to the S of the A. ` ` ` in love with my “AMERICAN GREATNESS” shining bright, cheery Mom-  her now motivated to the motion of abstaining from worn-white Tube socks, when the clock ticks- my “Charlton Hicks” farmland Mom and Dad — they are not glad when I stay up late, with a nap on my couch, timber to the crotchet work of a seemingly seminal memorial for the Seamstress knitting nothing but, instead, stitching fabrics…

That I have many “Stitches” in my body and left hip — the 64 mph crash will do that — now my belly a little bit bountiful to mount the Maintaining “mountains” come Everest — me ever so daily brushing with Crest toothpaste to click CTRL-V saving time when I could be jotting not notes but my method of writing swifty prose on a professional string of websites, that I would always love how my Mom burst joyous singing to that song of, a long time ago, when she knows, she’s not too old — the elderly folks awaiting to RUB A RABBIT’S EARS, them dear for my John Deere stocks, I’ve profited, with them, and from them and so many other Stocks and “crypto-captains” of some vacationary sipping more Morgan’s running along the esplanade, me never seeing “Escalades” by Caddy, I am at odds with my Dad, my Daddy, foreseeing a future of blunt His “Orders” to crawl into my Queenie Bed, I choose to Snooze on the alarmed readers who dislike me poking their high levels of stomach-fat, you fatties, Lisa’s ass is unpleasant, so frumpy, lose the cellulite with an order of injectable protein-peptides, in your thought to shoot left-and-right thigh-bones, it ordered and delivered to your home — “protein-peptides” like GHRP-6 and IGF-1 LR3 are sold all across this my NET, to have 3 dot-COM’s I write in quick and thick bursts of a burp at the bar yet not of my own, this SOBRIETY 2016 is me in the “Zone” — me spending my money on not a snake named “Monty” — that what happened to the order of my $150 “Mont Blanc” pen, that my crusty parents canceled my orders once again, that I feel fine enough to unleash the Amphigory eye-liner with a ZERO ALCOHOL POLAND SPRING — when my DEAREST MOTHER SINGS, again, this song I will look up the YouTube video that made her so elated driving and arriving on time: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=QMzkaOY0bKA

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