I apologize for ignoring a mentally-retarded Resident here at “Averte” but I have no interest in ALL of the other “Residents” here in this Disability “home” 3 hours away from my “Health Proxy” !!!!!

Stipends suspended and stripped bare polypropylene plastics and polymers, with no-snow and I don’t know but I don’t want to GO BIDEN! Aloof of the Swiss Navy trooper II vehicle of yester-decade when the spool of my “The Poetic Voice” Threads of many viewers, the “Jeffrey Marquis” pursuers of Coach bags, worn wearing shoulder straps with booty in the back and boogies up front, to swing the straps in order so as appearing “Blunt” of my buddy blue at the Aunt Sue to the jingle of when Cousin Dan, he will never again be “Single” ever ever again, his Jessica like a “Mother Hen” bearing fresh birth to the best, bosoms on Justine’s phatty CHEST to bench the NOT A “WENCH” and with the custom Bimmer wrench to tighten the tires, shining black, to take a take-down tingle of tippy-toe who knows?  It could be the soup on the stirring sensation of watching that old show on E! named “Talk Soup” back in the 1990’s when my longterm turning treasured memories of the TV program sounding silly with much comedy in store, with a “BBL lol” taped up piece of paper on the front door, it made of glass that requires sprays of WIN-dex with Dexter on the tele-v, I see, screen always set on the CNN and Fox News, both, simply and ONLY WATCHING THOSE 2 CHANNELS FOR YEARS, now… that I “keep up on the latest” 0-day bomb drops of menthol air-freshener tickling tonsils, present and Standard of CRAFTSMAN lazy-Drivers with Screws in my left hip:

To show my documented mental illnesses and needing no attention of no nurses, or whoever, as they’re on “Dat Shit” to get us all “lit” with a tempered and temperate TANTRUM when the sum of the score-  me to implore the lurid fashions of vacation fantasy when, girls, peruse me, hair set, teeth clean, as the Tock clicks on the wall-room Ancestor clock of a cock, the rooster, and my having had two “boosters” with that Chinese Disease sitting steady and me ready, really wanting to be delighting the T-storm “bolts” of Frank on the watch, my pricey Movado, but waiting for “A Rollie” when I once fisted somewhere so incredibly would foul my fingers, the sneakers abandoned, when I was all like, “Yo! Let’s Go Brandon!” To the one-short Biden awarding “Medal of Freedom” to a discretionary dictionary look up “17 Medals” which is ONE MEDAL SHORT OF THE still-too-babied “18+” that I told China to name it 1 digit height of higher by that 1 did digit of covid-19 to be seen by me and the 19 Justine when I never imagined I’d be with a gal of immaturity but able and willing to endure 9 months that must be SO HARD… only upon Emergency Jack his Speculation to read a roadsign telling you, ordering you, and instructing a rock-hard FALL DOWN!

My corrupt brother . . . my own Brother — he’s acting bad to do shit and for the time being, I really hate him for doing so many bad things, that he’s a disgrace to the Marquis Family $$,$$$,$$$

Here’s what I wrote about him as a joke, this many years ago, and I think he’s trying to fuck me over with the law, shaving his head bald and tripping on psychedelic drugs, drinking every day, etc. etc.

Here’s a funny story I wrote “Creative Nonfiction” he’s a disgrace! www.alwayschillen.com/beauty.htm

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