“DB” $10 PIN number on the bill of OUR currency for D.aniel B.esse please get back to me! Tesla, Apple, Amazon Stocks from our 2013 or 2014 Investments in CT!

Let’s give my Dad 0.3% and you get 49% of my, as many as, yes MANY “OUR” 5000 Bitcoins!


Coming of color from once, yet again, an Hispanic lover with inclimental insemination of the Cuban cigars, I don’t smoke cigars!, to the tippity top on Mount the train Monadnock to tickle “The Clock” when time is ‘a’ ticking for having a baby pre-60’s from the straightlined and impatient IN-PATIENT accreditation of my ol’ Record, heavily edited by me, Dan, and his C.R. police officer’s advisement in the advertisements of me. My officially registering 2 “Aliases”: “Jeff M” and “Jeffery” don’t you see, to the saw, singing a song of my hopes of living long… a lengthy preoccupation with the Islamic Nation, insemination into a tight spot and NOT for Procreation, there, where, yes indeed I permanently planted my “Seed” it was Decreed by the Saint John’s studentry enjoying an Allyson so Tantrically, her seizing my rod always the same with no insemination anywhere on her body,,, NOT IN HER MOUTH! NOT IN HER HAND! ONLY ON HERE IN MY BED, Elise instead, that enormous glass of gulping the liquid from the refrigerator. . .  white milk SKIN, I MEAN *SKIM* on Ember’s shoulders that’s the most I’ve seen from Ender who backed off from my invited KISS108FM and me hearing Miley — me thinking of a Smiley — for me, and then to SEE… her on an end-cap in FYE! The record store, where I took the “Bangerz” disk to the counter, me looking at a young Miley, to sign with an upcoming Mont Blanc, I would gladly mount her uncommon innards, not creating a Baby Miley and Marquis… YEAH!

That shit doesn’t cause any pregnancies!

Ron and Nancy, a TBI couple, now doing the Divorce of hard times with the aforementioned couple of “Coons” was per the dark men insulting my white skin, to the white power of the South, I saw it with my own mouth, clean of Cabal and willing and able to substantiate “Rimming” once again, not to impregnate a girl, my readers impressions of straight-stay a STRAY KITTY CAT MY CALVES ARE BIG LIKE EACH A LOAF of bread but instead, me maybe eating a Meatloaf dinner at a diner with “MySlippers” with that fat cat’s SIPPED AND SLIPPED SLIP SIPPY-SIPs of that warm (room temperate tempered TEMP. – err -a true avenue of 9 Net) to the Chicago Mets shooting oh so grim with a grip on this my very much so WHIM to watch a “step mom” tonight, but my own shriveled disgusting Mother and Brother would feel no “STEP-FANTASIES” with any Mommies, near and far, me not going to “a bar” in years upon years now, where there are so ever many Purple Cows in this the town of Bradford, to my own Honda Accord with the tunes of snippet “chords” in the Chorus with the whore’s of who but us? At the back of the bus… on a busy day, a lazy-hey negroe ?????


Never. Not nowadays when my hair has yet to experience the presence of a precipitation of cranial perspiration… GREY HAIRS… no-where’s on my skull of electrostatic “filaments”, but me not speaking of the tumultuous Elements of rain and Hail and watch the cab goes on with the Taxi-show Fares in the hairs on my head, washing them with water and cologne… this method is all of my own, and me being in The Proverbial “Zone” of sonar implants of growing seeds, but not in a long time I’ve picked “Weeds” at NETA to purchase MMJ sold only OTC, at this dear NETA, getting me high, when now the time is nigh… me up at Night, every single (ladies?) night (ladies?) when I feel the design of my delight in the fullest filled-orifice 1 at a time, but not with TWO GUYS!!!!! Them being with one see-saw position for the girl, her world, filled on film, take to the Rim  VROOM-VROOM, this poem is elated NOW me eating the cookie dough CHOW of Chops in Pork Flavor making me savor The Savior, MY SAVIOR:  Allah

Quick,Quiver,Quench — buss pass Bench at then-so when in 2006 B.C., I’d “bench” 235 lbs. at night to the sight of the trigger happy short trip to that upright Bench then whey protein I’d drink, but they disintegrated dissident “chocolate” in whey flavor, it really has a STENCH in the singing sink, done with the protein drink of amino’s and semen spills on Mink in the Back Seat of an El Camino… at the drive-in Theater where a bubble-butt slut goes from vehicle to vehicle, hoping to suck on many manly “POPSICKLES” the with a swollen GULP to clean this spermy-wormy shit, UP!

The cum whore burps up icky slobber, her, yeah her not SOBER 2016. Me. My curiosity with intoxication, paying taxes, not to the Israeli Nation on Uncle Tom’s legit “Plantation” whipped Niggy fallen and crawling, away, from the “Massa” angry about his dis-urr-spected wife, with him winning HER, when NYE the chilly pedestrian says “SHIVER! and BURRRRR!”

Now burp it up that DIET PEPSI SOUTHERN SUNSHINE SUGARY SODA,  I implore no more of that shuttered shugg-ary shit the fat fuck content with Sugar evoking Insulin of insufflation with COKE!

Insufflating “Coke” — the brown skin, them all into cocaine, the white powder white power! Sniffed with a sniffle as per @Tiphdizzle who had a riddle, with a spanking SNAKING SHANKING pattern of old-age spots, covering her far-apart eyes, making faces, her peaky “O”-face, BLESSED IN SPACE, I once explored as per Allah, more I implore the girls to take it in The Back to The Bank of going further a girl and her man’s WEENIE, yeah… HIS “FRANK” on the deep CREVIST of a masses bum, burnt out, a nigga with Political Policial flagrance of a Confederate flag (hours ago I saw one waving — to me? — on the bed of a trusty ’n’ Old RUSTY beat-up exterior extorting the “oar” in a paddle-wagon row boat… that Castles has Protective “Moats” with the “Mores” of “Lake Morey” wilderness, the tent anent tenants seeing bodily behaviors of LANCE WINNING RACES, but not of all nations, but there I go again, with a WHITES ONLY “HEN” me awaiting shipping on a $200 Mont Blanc Pen I seriously ordered and my parents canceled the online-order of my Bank of America “Debit Card” sipping scarred tissues of Swimsuit Edition ISSUES having mental-terrible’s here at “Averte” with not 1 but 2 entire MENTAL RETARDS!  And there I go being nice to the Special on seeing a Commercial for The Jimmy Fun-d of when my Wall St. “Shares” of Tesla will hopefully provide me with at least one new Tesla, set to re-charge at the Station on a road nearby, with Swagger as a DRUNK STAGGERS, sipping swill, in 2013 or 2014 I wrote my “Will” of disseminating subsequent “Riches” to all of my bitches, like Justine, and I not caring about her stitches near her cranium’s follicles, her Head — STICK TO MY “STICK” AND DON’T “WORK THE” TESTICLES, as per a lack of sensation or a babies Creations of scammer Mommies looking for hopefully NO DOMESTIC DISPUTES… it’s all for used, it’s all ka-poot, of a mitten fallen on the WIN-ter Time SNOW wouldn’t you know, it’s summer now and clothes the shutters, me and her NAKED LIKE NUDE — fully nude and about. To be FULLY NUCLEAR… my Marquis Family (AIM: Marquis Parents) my Dad displeased with this regardless-of-the-clock, my time sleeping, so slithery (in dreams, if you know what I mean! IIRC…) to be me like Snake Eyes of a venomous wildcat would worldwide wild-out in THE SALOON (leaving to go to A.A. only twice!) that did the trick, to associate with the wealthy bid-ness man and not the farmer HICKS ` ` ` to hiccup with a G-Spot so soundly sullen of Mike Mulligan (and his “Steamshovel” a childhood favorite bed-time book, of mine, and purchased by my parents ` ` ` I dug the artwork, and Mr. Mulligan actually “DUG” pitfalls of trenches and the empty benches out back by the pool, a retarded girl Aaron — who’s way too LOUD almost shouting I’m sure she’s learned that her voice must speak loudly for attention, being a RETARD HERE AT “AVERTE” ` “ ` ACTUALLY TWO WHOLE RETARDS LIVING HERE AT THIS DEMENTED “HOME” when I stay in my apartment typing, for a very long… and Time when it’s been almost 5 years with NO WINE! That my Mom having a glass of the WHITE (POWER) I whine… for my living at this Residential Sector without sex, in years, it causes me no tears… or Tares, a fable in the airs of a Valentine for Carissa who’s a doll, a Real Doll, no one knows what that means but my own brother, Justin Marquis, look him up on Etsy, I’m in the downtime “Refactory Phase” of taking not my Cialis yet, from the Pfizer factory — did you know they spend more on Commercials than their product developments??? — 6 pence with no no no, I want to be Richer of de-rieare maturabation fare of painting a wooden pants white with papers from MY “HEALT-PROXY PARENTS”…

Yeah my parents have custody, of the 40 yr. old and looking so young, dropping Vision Visine on my tongue, so Tantrick, with Michael Mattrick of the SJ classmates young men, on screen with a “STEP-MOM” I know I’d now knew not to appear nude online (but be sure to peep the photo of me with my gigantic erection wearing underwear, and under inspection with a gadget vibration the girls inserting shaking plastic, subsidizing all dizzy with @Tiphdizzle who, Tiffany YES this Misses Desrosiers and her making me spoon her ass, that she has MMJ “grass” picked up in Grafton, MA where there was a Flea Market I’d buy toys at, yes, a younger version of… ME


Alias: “Jeff M” and “Jeffery” with my last name being “MARQUIS” next to a DES IGF-1 of goodness gracious it’s Grace dwindling with the electric electronic “Kindle” flatulatting out a “Candle” with a Bikini SADDLE of stirred thongs-  a girl searching the drawer for more of the brownstreak-free pair of pant-ie-s of Chicken in a patty flavor of poor Justine’s “Cranial FLAP” her head was operated on for a long time, many hours adhering to her ICU condition with nuclear fission on Hospital-Power to survive a blackout with the BLACKS GET OFF MY PAGE OR I’LL CALL MY LAWYER, him, Mr. Philip Stoddard, him, I adore and in case of any LEGALITY OF MY STOCKS AND THEIR 2013 or 2014 PURCHASES ` ` ` I might need him again, and as soon as I get to the niggies’ nitty-gritty on my T.Dee Bank of a buzzed soldier enduring “Shell Shock” ` ` ` that’s a real thing, a condition, of mental distress, fighting with banshees abroad for the gas at Hess the station on a radio that Peter doesn’t own a radio, so as not to be absorbed in the News and Political “WORLD” !!!!!  Yeah I hate the nay-sayers of The Kardashian’s onscreen boredom of just that one girl’s beautiful face, of course Kim (John Un) on E! The Channel of once “Talk Soup” and the on-air video of The Howard Stern Show… but with me taking Strides with the voice of digital Siri ` ` ` Kimmy K., come near me!  I want to see you tinkle with Tiph-  yeah that’s right I want to see their bright yellow LIVE$STORING green Listerine PEE… steamy streams of the modified “juice” ok “O.J.” with a golden shower off after laying all salty on the Baywatch Stretch, in the buttock’s crack, it’s a cinch a gingerly PINCH with an infamous “Wedge” With-ie, it all salty and sandy the grains of soil need the shitty “oil” occasionally excreted, when taking an Immodium A.D. (hi Aunt Donna!) for what butt butter-milk of literALLY SHIT!

I’m done with it, never getting Oral Coventry with a “Step Mom” her Oval… a clam, like WHAT! WHAM! BAM! with SAM-antha Rotella I was thinking so swell of her to post some Uber-pretty PICKS that she was always my #1 — yeah, I even told Justine’s mom that NO MATTER WHAT, if Mannie Rotella came ‘a’ knocking for a booking of time well-spent, she first-“Manny” could have me for free and I would pay her cab-fare the subsequentlial morning-after IN A PILL RU-486 *** THE ABORTION “ABBERANT of the broad adoring to say, FILL UP MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TIPHDIZZLE JISM!” Accelerating with Allah in Space-  that my Seed found a crusty spot of my landing stiff to romp, not tied in Rope, but instead RED RED ROSES, no wine or whin9ing while the buttery sun is shining exquisite when this inseminating your brains with delightful refrain…

ME, THE POET! …and happy it causes me, you can FEEL IT IN MY FINGERTIPS FOR FINGERING-TIME, me the Poet… you know it!

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