Justine Aragona, I want to marry you, my longterm TBI girlfriend, but as per my too-much-alcohol drinking, you said “my ship was sinking” and I admit now DRINKING REALLY STINKS! ME SOBER 2016! not a sip of alcohol in years! =)

Believe me, that I don’t believe Jesus Christ, is or ever was “The Son of God” as I know a lot about many “VIRGIN BIRTHS” known as “Parthenogenesis” so YEAH JESUS CHRIST WAS WRONGLY PUT TO DEATH! Google: “Parthenogenesis”


I’m into Jehovah, Islam, and God Himself The Father The Creator at the edge of space — MOST IMPORTANTLY I MANAGED TO MEET GOD, supremely He The King, I commanded Islam’s Allah take me to Him “GOD” for real, that I know my TBI friend named Peter S., he does a lot with my connection to Jehovah… and Jesus was never “a thing”! I QUIT DRINKING ON MY OWN! A.A. was the spiritual “Jesus mumbo-jumbo I don’t nearly “buy” or accept, who, he I’m hoping to avoid, just like how I’ve never encountered Jesus Christ but for the ONCE WHEN I PRAYED, “RELIEVE JESUS CHRIST OF HIS HELL” when I dedicated my I.C.U. “Intense suffering” no fun — yeah Jesus may have been in Hell — but I suffered for myself AND TOTALLY, COMPLETELY LETTING JESUS CHRIST GO WITH HIM NOT SUFFERING AT ALL FOR ME and what I did in my www.wrxtbi.com months in hospitals in my perpetual day-and-night intense suffering with a broken into shards, right side of my brain of barium filaments, this as a lightbulb goes off in MY CRAZED CRANIUM, having a small hole holded by the Holy Holder of me with not Folgers but Maxwell House coffee I mix with clean water from my sink, cleaned once a week by the house maid here, who she is so nice and always laughing at my jovial goodnatured ribbing that they serve nice big ribs here with tons of meet, roughly every other week, so not too often, my Grandmother’s coffin… and I have no caffeine pills or any supplements because I had to spend 3 days in a hospital until my liver numbers went down… with my Traumatic Brain Injury in 2004 on November 2nd when I voted for John Kerry, after some righteous bullshit in Charlton Voting with the cop, Derek G. of Charlton I knew him from The Charlton Federated Church! Every Sunday for a 70+ Service pamphlets collected and stored in my 1/2 Bibles, I prayed with Justine when for the hours before my God Given “special” sex of OURS, I made it through the Big Bang with Allah and JESUS CHRIST APPEARED NOWHERE!! I worship God and not Jesus Christ “Parthenogenesis” common “Virgin birth” !!!!!

Back at my wishes of my to-this-day, bearing and accustomed to wearing the smudged smeared name of Lance and his LIVESTRONG digestion of Dogecoin and Trump’s “Insurrection”

There’s me flaunting a lengthy ELECTION, a noticeable one, unseen and it “LARGE” when being not unsheathed, as I’m on-leave from Charlton, Mass. fields of freedom to stare at the asses of Missus “Lass-es” to delight in their boobs, their breasts, their yeast inbetween the sheets of their thighs suited for INTRA-internal sex, Pre-marital I’m a “Born Again Virgin” since my last sex in a mental-hospital with Mrs. Neas so long ago, when now, I’m bereft, even before, I CAME AND HERE AT “AVERTE” flaunting my “swerve” of slinky silk 1% chocolate milk and a Sheik condom, my unopened and SEALED BOX OF TROJAN “MAGUMS” I require for the testosterone desire of the PornHub “Wires” listed as popular in WIRED the Magazine, online dot-com (I have 3 dot-com’s and 2 other blogs…) with me writing a LOT of THOUGHT and I like shorty’s with stories of my long-gone BEDSORE that weebles wobble me not nearly “Feeble” said KB’s “Elves” and Justine’s step-dad, Dan Pellegrini, he listens to Elvis that DAN PELLEGRINI I’M SO SORRY I WOULD DRINK THE BEERS OF MY GENETIC-ADDICTION… to evil alcohol… but that was only in the Days of Yore, and your step-daughter my Justine “Tini Ara” who is unfortunately nowhere to be seen!  With my now knowing of keen senses to abandoning the alcohol consumption that caused me and my poor TBI brain “madness” and without the few beers of 2010-2016 each night… I FEEL ZERO SADNESS WITH ME FULLY SOBER AS OF 2016 ` ` ` I quit to win Justine for MARRIAGE because I truly love Justine with my nearest-heart, my own, me in the proverbial “Zone” of living without drinking ALL MY WISE CHOICE, and now not “high” in a whole non-elated normal “state” of WSU I got a deal with something like a scholarship as per the TBI of my own, when I would “Care” for Justine, just a “teen” she was 18 and a half when we met and frankly I was sad about the great injustice of her injuries, separate from my own, we both lived at our real “Homes” of Mum ’n’ Pops who Cardi B sings wearing socks with flip-flops that’s just silly, and what’s with the MySlippers ???

To the very Every Night I SLEEP ON MY “MYPILLOW” providing me with TBI relief when to you, I bequeath, my own internal non-internet bearing of pairing — NEVER WITH THE RETARDS HERE AT “AVERTE” — a retard home where two on-scene have quote-unquote “Special” sorts of debilitated genes, when I wish, here, they would not be so near ` ` ` where I eat low-carb foods, and I had a bad attitude when I was moved here 3 hours away from my home and Justine Facebook: “Tini Ara” she has the loving Care of me, who her here I would love her to see, HERE HER, here right now or soon like ASAP cheerily smeared shit all own my self but not her PU$$Y that rich girl, I wish she was technically awarded more by that cheap-o Judge in her suing-nature song of it taking so long to harness that proverbial WEALTH and her nondrinker nonsmoker HEALTH to her body, a little chubby, but not much Cellulite — her boobies were so NEAT — off comes her shirt and bra, upon them I would paint a white canvas on her TEET’s and swishing semen-soaked Saliva — WE ARE TBI SURVIVORS!!! — I’m nonviolent now and I’m sorry for three times leaving bruises on her left arm, I caused her a tiny bit of harm — but only in my car, not driving too far, and ME NOT DRINKING! Now especially! — when I would punch her nearest arm, but only upon mention of Impotent Tony of this great importance that I’ve shown massive IMPROVEMENTS IN MY LIFE OF LIVING when,  Justine,  yeah her, not here where a telephone call and her soft-shoe voice I WANT TO HEAR HER WORDS, on a SAMSUNG S22 earpiece, I wouldn’t be absurd so as to drink — I’m a Bitcoin Millionaire with Stocks abroad in Tesla, John Deere, Amazon, etc. etc. that 20 stocks I bought have grown in worth so darn much, I need a wealthy crutch, from Justine, not to be mean-  to her, at all-  and I wonder has she grown? Is she short or TaLLer? I recommended the GHRP-6 or clinical hGH from a Specialist that I hope she gets a big Breasts best “Lift” on an operating table and under the table payments of USD “currencies” NOW AND CURRENTLY, I swear I would never cheat on Justine Aragona, like she cheated on me one time, and I would whine, “What other explanation do you have, to invite Tony over? I mean, you basically ordered her to cheat on me!” =/

Every day and night without her I am Let Down ` ` ` I want my Justine of 2009 to 2013, and her radioHEAD song “Let Down” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z_NvVMUcG8 — that’s a great song with the lyrics “Disappointed” like my own Dan B. He’s let down by a 3% but I’ve offered him 49% and my Dad getting 0.3% of my Bitcoins, Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Match, GameStop, Dairy Queen (!!! look up that one!), etc. etc. about 20 stocks or as many as 44 separate stocks that have all increased in worth — Tesla stocks — I knew Elon Musk on the phone for 40+ minutes in 2005!

I am let down by Justine’s lack of my presence and my sexual gifts to her, say, call them “MY PRESENTS TO HER!” <3 Justine Aragona Miss Marquis I WISH TO PROVE MY SORRINESS (and I have a bed-sore, lots of sleeping done with me the one who delights in dreams, unfortunately un-remembered, for the most part, I Dream of Justine with a genetic predisposition to the various positions we tried a few, through… and through this me longing for Justine, get her in this “Averte” apartment no drugs, no MMJ, no pets, and I have that friend Peter, I hope your “Petey” is alive and well with chew toys… but I don’t chew any tobacco me also not smoking cigarettes or drinking any alcohol, oh the Sobriety LET ME HAVE IT ALL, the non-spiked drinks — 2016 I quit and that was good and great, me feeling internal hate for me any my not being able to put an ex-nay on the inking-dre that I’m so dry, but spry with Justine and I “breaking a few springs” in bed, but not at “Spring Break” once big on MTV- that you I remember, Mr. Pellegrini, you went to Spring Break slight-attendance with the younger folks pausing the Higher Education learning of the Edition of Addison and when, I wear Adidas underwear of many pairs, holding back not the urge to Yack in words, me sounding ordinary not absurd, have you heard? Please take a gander at the gargantuan couch to lay upon, but alone, when I’m in my “Zone” of inhaling CBD bud that’s legal from many websites that sell the CBD ONLY “lame herb” that fills my fishy-fishy Justine not too gushy for me whoosh where SOOTHING “SMOOCHES” prior to the vaginal rushes specially squeezing my big dick — I shouldn’t have shown Joey the “Preemie” I SWEAR I THOUGHT HE WAS BIG LIKE I’M MORE PACKING SUITCASES THAN AVER-ATE on vacation to Niagara Falls, I want to visit the Niagara having once used Viagra now Cialis sticking sticky seated to the meat heated with Swiss Navy Lube while eating buttered Lobster, here, where although they have pasta and bread, I eat the extra share with my consumption of non-carb laden soups of French Onions that “Marquis” is “French royalty” my genetics halfway shitty due to the delinquent descendants in trenches of WWII when my bad G-pa would drink way too much alcohol while smoking so many godawful cigarettes, the 100’s, the extra-long butts, with Justin I want to take her to the Java Hut with you and Linda and Joe Aragona, Joey and Jake, I would rake people’s (the elderlies’) at my 2nd Volunteer effort at my Charlton Federated Church, who, who?, him?, yes Reverend Jim “chase” his last name with my having called the cops on you I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry I maybe got you in trouble, hot tub bubbles, Scrubbed, and in the kitchen sink, I have a great Apartment with a disconnected stove in the Kitchen, me not Starving Marvin on South Park, Dan LELLEP I never ever hit you… or any of the residents or staff here in this MODERATELY-TEMPORARY daily inconvenience of my involuntarily sufficing the hardly-sufficient enamorated words, akin to what’s said by me, Yours Truly, I have not smoked a “Doobie” or driven my “Subie” Subaru anywhere-to a locality in the nearby, lazy days of doctors appointments, not driving instead taking a lame “Van” fit with a Ford Transit to fit a wheelchair for the useless “Handicaps” here — that I see Justine with disabilities of similar strengths to my own forgoing the lawn-mowing I would do, years ago, lots of grass, on the lawn and in my long-gone bongs, that remind me Justien’s booty lines, of hers, to tub in the shower, her Tugging Sensation with this my paying taxes to the USA “nation” of au natural conditioners that Linda got at her hair-cutlery waxing and shaving the one’s “Brows-ing” with Petey the Bowser, and Ripley on our internet browsers, with me and my Computer Sex Science DEGREE from Q-C-C the fast typing I BE- and it’s doing it now to the sound of Lil’ Wayne (my Dad has one major complaint, my sleeping, a Queen size Justine in-between… silk sheets on her legs’ smooth skin, Linda would wax and, honestly, one major reason I would drink too much, I had awful panic-attacks, years ago, my last when I can’t even remember, but like Justine, I thank her and we, we felt no pain like I feel ate at eaten ease when I don’t have a disease and I have never had CoVid-19 I named, I told you, and read my posts, I swear I told the Chinese government the 3-part name of facts and Facebook preferences, when I knew a Developer as per the sudden house-hold offices at earlydays FB now “Meta” I have a lot of Stocks in, and imagine if Linda had a twin, but without big boobs, squeezing not her breasts- but INSTEAD teeth’s “paste” out of a Smiley’s so SMILE DAN AND LINDA AND AUNT DONNA AND DANIEL MY “CUZ” with Tesla, etc. etc. I can’t have a car here, unless it’s super old, super slow, the old Civic 4-banger with 15″ rims, spinning BUT NOT THAT “SPINNAZ” CHROME POOR PUERTO-RICAN’S WITH THE PUREST PEPSI “COKE” I smoke the CBD “trees” from http://www.bostonhempire.com BUT NOT DELTA-8, DELTA-10, HHC, OR THC-O for years now since I’ve seen even a sigh of breathing out the “bud” to get I’M NEVER “STONED” buy cash and gold in storage in NYC, I have made $10 million or something like that because my Dad wasn’t willing to hand-over 18k for investing in Bitcoins, as many as 5000! or 250 Bitcoins, I even predicted the highest worth of a few “Crypto-Currencies” that YOU ALL — the only one and only one, orbiting Bitcoin trend I was honestly sad in pain sadness I missed my friends I lived with. . .before it all went wrong. . . I know you like “Elvis” singing songs, him constipated due to Herron he liked, him sitting all day on the John’s have sex with the wormer heaties HOTTIES GETTING NAUGHTY. . .$15 a blow, $20 a “F” and $30 for The Worx of my words of Justine’s TWERKING BOOTY, a good side or her size of GOODIES, we went out to eat at UNO’s THAT NO BEER ANYWHERE NEAR! DONE DRINKING, but Justine and I could sip a Lime Rickey VIRGIN I want 40 virgins lol JUST KIDDING!

It’s taken a lot of years but I’m now capable of having a girlfriend, and I WANT JUSTINE TO THE END! www.alwayschillen.com/endnear.htm

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