My Facebook now “Meta” I invested thousands USD into and my Dad took away my many Stocks: Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, etc. in 2013 or 2014 and I no longer get the money in my Trust Fund, but my Parents Wayne and Deborah pay almost $20,000 per month to keep me 3 hours away from my real home in Charlton, MA and my 2013 Subaru Legacy that I’ve never crashed! BUT FACEBOOK FLAGGED *THIS POST* TO A NEW FRIEND!

I am an amazing author with 3 dot-com’s that I’d first like you to check out the information of what happened with my Traumatic Brain Injury in 2004 at my

And then I’ve written a lot on my and with good things about my profits, me having known Elon Musk on the phone for 40+ minutes and a Public Figure I’m close with HE’S RUNNING FOR SENATOR, I RECOMMENDED TO HIM — and he turned me onto Bitcoins galore and so many “crypto-currencies” that have risen in worth since investing in those in 2013 or 2014 with my “Cuz” Dan Besse in CT… with SO MANY STOCKS Tesla, Facebook, John Deere, GameStop, Match dot-com, Amazon, Apple, etc. etc. that I disallowed myself from cashing in until 2023 because I was one of the first few to buy the new brand-new Miley Cyrus disc “Bangers” that she has the song “23” I enjoyed… hmmm what to say to you next, well I’m 40 years old and look like I’m a new 30 year-old because of a protein-peptide I injected all over my body with Insulin pins, everyone wondered how I grew 3″ taller and my arms grew 3″ too, so because my Dad and pretty much everyone I knew, they didn’t want me getting any bigger, so they shrunk my arms and legs with an anti-growth peptide… but that was early on, years before I met my SOUL MATE — ANOTHER TBI VICTIM WHO WAS DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED LIKE ME — I’ve recovered so well because I used an Insulin pin to inject MY NECK — able for this IGF-1 LR3 to induce hyperplasia and hypertrophy which everyone was amazed when I recovered so much in 2006 Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor I am big online with a 3rd dot-com that you would enjoy my super old and that was deserving an “A” at WSU and this funny creation of mine

I’m now living in Vermont at “Averte” kind of a “Disability home” they give me my many medications, like anti-seizure ones, because I had 2 or 3 seizures when I was at UMass ICU for a full month and then Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital for 2.5 months because of my “Moderate/Severe” TBI and shattered left hipbone in 7 pieces (!!!) hmm what else about me, well my parents are super wealthy and able to pay the $20k/mo. rent here where they treat me well, cooking, cleaning, medications, that I’m 3 hours away from my home in Charlton, MA and I graduated from Saint John’s High School in 2000, and due to panic attacks I came home from Boston, MA to go to the lowly QCC, but then I had my TBI in MY ENEMIES’ AWFUL “SET-UP” when I’d tried so hard to stay sober and I withdrew from Calculus I at WSC and got drunk at a bar — all part of “Their Plan” EVERYONE SCREAMED AT ME “THE COPS ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU, SO *KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!*

Me now Sober since 2016 and no more MMJ for 3 years now, but I’M REALLY VERY HAPPY — I am into many Religions while not believing Jesus Christ is “God” in any way, shape, or form as I know a lot about the MANY “VIRGIN BIRTHS” known as Parthenogenesis that happens rarely but naturally, that women nowadays can have babies without a man’s sperm — it done in billion dollar laboratories, so when I was so injured and gripping onto that disbelief in Jesus Christ’s “Godliness” I was given the option to Believe in Jesus Christ or they would take me off of the ICU’s painkillers, so I was in such great pain and I thought it was wrong to make an INNOCENT “MAN” take my pain, so the jerks who LEGITIMATELY CAUSED AND ORCHESTRATED A “SET-UP” in 2004 when some jerk one of my enemies, they VOTED IN MY OWN NAME IN MY HOMETOWN, so I cast a ballot in Leicester where these jerks threatened me so badly, making fun of how I was sexually RAPED by Mr. John Deedy of Saint John’s High School who has been FIRED and my parents have something to do with what ensued at Saint John’s in Shrewsbury, MA — way back when I was the successful Assistant Manager at a GNC, in great shape for a while, but then when I turned 21 I drank a lot — THANKS TO MY MOM’S SHITTY FAMILY OF ALL DRUNKS, A HEROIN ADDICT COUSIN WHO KILLED HIMSELF WHEN HE COULDN’T HAVE OPIATES, along with his lesbian sister who had a baby and now her husband is getting a “sex-change” BIZARRE FAMILY OF MY MOM’S SISTERS AND BROTHERS, having had a bad and awful DRUNK FATHER who always smoked cigarettes and no one was sad at his funeral — that jerk I hate his passed-on GENETIC ALCOHOLISM, I quit drinking in 2016 with A.A. only twice, that the first time really was all I needed, and it made my parents so happy, but sort of displeased, me unsure why, and they’ve moved me here where I have no friends and I only talk to 3 or 4 people on the phone, because people have been told to stay away from me and get new cellular phones… also blocking me on Facebook I’ve been on with a Worcester dot-edu email A- Poetry II, A in Psychology I, B+ Health I, B+ Creative Writing, but the Lit. classes were so hard I couldn’t pass them — I HATE READING BUT I LOVE WRITING!

ME SOBER 2016, no drinking at all and NO MMJ (or Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, or THC-O… that are all legally for sale TO ANYONE 21+) BUT I DON’T NEED THE MMJ SUPPORT, my 2 authorization cards expired and I invite you to read my 3 dot-coms and 2 blogs, I am a millionaire through my parents and as many as 5000 Bitcoins from 2013 or 2014 that were just introduced for super cheap and peaking at above $64,400 I have had 5000 of and maybe still have them in my TD Bank — THAT MY PARENTS CONTROL — I don’t have a car here but want to buy a Tesla (Elon Musk was waiting to board a plane and I asked him, pre-fame, “Can I be your best friend?” and Elon said, “I already have a best friend, but I can be your best friend EVERY DAY IF YOU WANT!” no lie, Elon I wanted to Elon-gate my legs and arms and I asked people on Facebook with the last name “Musk” what Musk Perfume they liked… and that’s how I made it on here, on Facebook — I knew weeks ahead of everyone else they were changing their name to “Meta” — I was friends with a Facebook Developer in 2005 when they ran the great business out of a house in California and I’ve bought 3x$10 “Facebook Gifts” I would sneakily post them on Facebook’s employees “Walls” FOR MY TO GET A JOB AT FACEBOOK!

See my “I’m Addicted To [ FACEBOOK ]” t-shirt in my profile image ??? that’s from 2005, and I as a good Christian knowing good people involved in Christianity — I hope and I PRAY I’M NOT SCARING YOU !!!!! — I type so fast and have so much free time, that I have a Computer Science “Associate’s Degree” from QCC where my Dad started ECM Plastics, Inc. with huge customers and he owned 25% of it as Company President, you may have driven by it on Millbrook St. years ago — my well-to-do parents got 25% of the $36.5M after profiting for many years — they gave me a Trust Fund and hate how I made so much moo-lah with Bitcoins galore and my successful Stocks in 2013 or 2014 — SO MUCH IS HIDDEN FROM ME — but I love my Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna and my best girlfriend EVER, Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona 2009-2013 — I’m now SOBER 2016 and we both have TBI’s that weren’t our faults!

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I KNOW THIS IS A LONG POST AND I COME IN PEACE, so while I’ve said nothing romantic, I hope you’re enjoying life with your family and I’m not trying to get too close but I am excited you clicked “Accept Friend Request” I own some Stocks in Facebook and I’m a great part of the “Metaverse”… reply if you want to chat or delete me no problem, I wouldn’t mind at all, but I ask that you take interest in my Handicaps and Disabilities with my “moderate/severe” TBI, and thanks! =D

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