Peter S., his “Jehovah’s Witness” presentation has had me filled with The Holy Spirit all day and my long message OF LIVING JOY to Rev. Anne Skinner of the Holy “Hannah House” I found because of my praying then discovering a girl named “Angel M.” associated with “Hannah House” who, threw my momentary prophesy of searching for an “Angel” on Facebook, I found Rev. Anne Skinner through and because I’m into JW now, I have been feeling God all day. I sent this to Rev. Anne Skinner feeling God through my fingertips and thoughts, my BELIEFS IN GOD HIMSELF THE FATHER THE CREATOR! GOD BLESS!

Rev. Anne Skinner, the ultimate insult to our USA the greatest country in the world, would be for our enemies to attack us on July 4th “Independence Day” that we have foreign enemies, PRAY WITH ME TO OUR PROUD NATION, that our adversaries and enemies DON’T ATTACK THE U.S.A., like Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea are against OUR BELOVED COUNTRY, not attacking us Americans on our unified and celebrated holiday of July 4th, when I sort of think there’s going to be some attack on OUR BELOVED COUNTRY — when but on our DAY OF NATIONAL UNITY — I beg you to PRAY OUR COUNTRY LIVES ON but maybe with our USA striking our enemies, maybe…, that I pray for PEACE and OUR SURVIVAL on now July 4th, that I may have dozens of millions USD from when Bitcoins reached just short of $69,000 and I have maybe become a Jehovah’s Witness today, that maybe there was something signaled inside-of-me being unable to ejaculate with masturbation, even with the usual Cialis I take every day… so maybe that’s “a sign” that I shouldn’t sin in recent hours, me appreciating Jehovah — while still worshiping God Himself The Father and The Creator at the edge of space, beyond the Big Bang, I accelerated through with Tantric sex in 2013 for about 7 hours, one Blessed night, when Allah followed my Holy Prayers to be delivered to God Himself The Father and The Creator of His universe, and who I REACHED BEYOND HIM AND HIS GREAT ILLUSION LIKE A HOLOGRAM AT THE EDGE OF SPACE! which was the unequivocally best I’ve ever felt, with my favorite girlfriend ever, the object of my full heart that grew with GHRP-6 in 2005 and 2006 when I was scared my heart became oversized — I was scared it had grown too big from Insulin needles full of recombinant proteins making it grow… — but it didn’t get too big, I was scared it would be under too much pressure in my chest, all from GHRP-6 sold online, still… but I haven’t grown in years, like in 2005/2006 when I grew 3.5″ taller with pokes into my calves of GHRP-6 and it in my pectorals I unknowingly endangered the size of my heart… BUT THANKFULLY IT’S BEEN NOT TOO ENLARGED! and I’ve never been in Insulin Shock, I was close to in 2005, but I was smart and with my extreme drowsiness from the OTC Insulin in my stomach fat, I quickly searched what to do, so I learned that I only had a short time to fill my stomach with sugar and carbs, so I didn’t pass out but I fell asleep with enough carbs in my bloodstream to necessitate my SURVIVAL for a 2nd time, the first involving a full month in the ICU in 2004 on November 2nd when you know what happened, people screamed horrible insults about me being a worthless drunk and a raped one, with my naked body being abused — when they all wanted me to be somewhat INJURED and with a RUINED CAR, then being with maybe a broken bone or a light injury, when they were all at the Leicester Police Station, SCREAMING HORRIBLE THINGS, as bad as stuff like “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU WERE ABUSED BY MR. JOHN DEEDY!”, a Catholic, from my Saint John’s private, Catholic school 45 minutes away from my great home on Baker Pond, I miss and want to buy a really nice house near my beloved Mom and Dad, with me FINALLY MARRYING MY JUSTINE ARAGONA who she is another TBI Survivor, handicapped and disabled, like me, and that’s why JUSTINE ARAGONA IS MY NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR A WIFE! ❤ I don’t mean to alarm you in any way, shape, or form, as you’ve provided nearly-infinite wisdom and support, all because I searched for “An Angel!” GOD BLESS YOU ANNE SKINNER! ❤ I ask that you include me in your prayers, as you are a Devout GOD LOVER! AMEN! important song I bought the CD and by surprise that song was on it and I listened to it with RIP Rev. James Chase who I collected 70+ Sunday Service Pamphlets of attending Masses, having gone to Suday School, too, there, and then Saint John’s that had so many Masses with all of us boys, who, most of us have in common a belief in “Allah” us boys mostly the married ones, most of my Class of 2000 are “Islamic” now and I’m cool with that, me a nonviolent and peaceful, disabled, handicapped, handsome, in good-shape, skinny, taxpayer, and you mean so much to me, as when I lived in Worcester, MA with a house with roommates and then a big apartment next to the WSU gym- I recovered at near my hospital Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital, quarter-mile walk down the road, a perfect spot for me to live, and with 2 SJ classmates who had adopted Islam — I didn’t get it yet — I had never had a full consciousness Tantric orgasm, yet, that I thank Justine and her Mom, even, on a videotape, she saw, so she enjoyed those 7 hours that I am not telling you too much about, but after being penetrated and “doing” a gay teacher I TRUSTED HIM and all of the abuse and being taken advantage of, after that, I found God with Justine and Tantric sex for so long as 7 hours or so, something like that maybe 8 or 9 hours, as few as 6 hours I know, I accelerated with Allah and ALL GODS I conjured supreme Holiness with prayers to all Gods that have ever existed, and although I don’t ever plan on reproducing with a girl to be a Father, I have had that 1 experience one Blessed night I will never forget the SUPREME VISIONS and accelerating all night until I was with God and even reaching Through Him into where there were only stars — God created beyond the Big Bang — I LOVE SO MUCH ABOUT MY LIFE, with what has proven to be a legitimate “ANGEL” delivering me to you, who you are in my prayers, my Cares, and hopes to, with both of my loving parents, finally meet you for a meal at The Hard Rock Cafe while on vacation in Niagara Falls, that I’ve wanted to meet you since 2005 so I have some money like $10,000 in Niagara Falls — I have $10,000 in so many states — my best friend lived in NYC and maybe he still does, but I’m not sure because I consider myself to be better friends, so friendly, with the great Elon Musk — he cared about me when he saw a photo of my totaled turbo WRX — and maybe Bruce Fenton, possibly a Senator soon in a neighboring state — Anne, this is all becoming so AMAZING for me, Sober and with only CBD, in small amounts, with also a little tobacco like 1/5th of a cigarette pipe tobacco, I have tiny pipes that you stuff a small amount into the very end, even when full it’s amount is so small — I have no trouble keeping my breath — and not planning on keeping smoking Bugler tobacco that comes in a pouch bag past this fall season as I don’t want to be shivering outside for at most 30s to 1m it’s not much but maybe I should quit at the end of summer or in September — do you want me to quit smoking? I feel I should, even quitting BECAUSE OF YOU when we meet and don’t kiss but maybe a hug from you and my parents who I KNOW WE WILL HAVE A GREAT VACATION BECAUSE THEY LIKE HOW YOU’VE MADE ME A BETTER PERSON !!!!! and I hope you have a Happy 4th! I’ll be here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont with all nice people and a caring staff… so don’t worry reading all of this, I’m in a “chill” mode — hence my with my great TaLenTed WRITING and I’m joyously awaiting what happens in our world today — that I wrote this — so that was in 2005 or 2006 — and LET US PRAY TOGETHER THAT NO ONE WILL START A WAR ON “INDEPENDENCE DAY” Amen.

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