I’m DANcing in Space with Allah and Lance!

IMHO I think the 4th of July should be “LIVESTRONG DAY” because I wear 2 of their bracelets and Lance Armstrong, HE BEAT CANCER, so I don’t really care about him “doping” that I once doped on various substances when providing the most valuable IMPROVEMENT, to me, with my “moderate/severe” TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, I the Brain Injury Survivor, was the IGF-1 Long R3 that crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier and it increased the size of my braincells and the count, of them, that I injected my glutes and my neck with Insulin pins in 2005 and 2006, BUT I’VE NEVER TAKEN STEROIDS! 😃

Lance, he, him, the well known LANCE ARMSTRONG HIMSELF, he took small doses of illegal chemicals, and so because everything I’ve taken — I’ve NEVER had HRT or done a single “anabolic steroid” — my recombinant-protein use of over a decade ago, it has all been approved for legitimate, legal sale online — Lance is my #1 hero along with my Dad, worth many millions of USD, that I’m hoping I’ve made it rich with millions of my own dollars, because BitTorrent had me attend Bitcoin conferences and “shows” of crypto-currencies since 2005 and to this very day, I just hope Dan kept me at least 100 or at least 250 and 717 and 575 and 360 and 458… Bitcoins — near 5000 Bitcoins or 3030 Bitcoins — the list goes on and on — all in different wallets with $10,000 in cash in all states of New England, Florida, and New York from 2013 or 2014 when I invested with Daniel Michael Besse (@Danimal) of Merril-Lynch and Pacilio Wealth Management, which was inspired by Bruce Fenton, my friend in 2005 and 2006, who he got me interested in making money to profit, myself, in years in advance of my “Inheritance” — and all I know is that I have “a million dollars” or more (THANK YOU AUNT DONNA DONOHUE!) in my TD Bank that I wrote on Bank Clash‘s profile years ago because I fully expected way back then to have to argue for my profits, and my #1 favorite book, The Qur’an, says that Jesus Christ was “a Prophet” that I believe in Jehovah more than Jesus Christ because there have been so many mothers who’ve never had sex and gave birth to a child, with what is known as “Parthenogenesis” — real babies born without impregnation from a single sperm cell, which there have been hundreds or thousands of true “VIRGIN BIRTHS” so thusly I don’t think Jesus Christ is “God” in any way, shape, or form — yeah he was just misunderstood, a product of PURELY NATURAL, ALL-NATURAL “SCIENCE” that so many fucks are so easily brainwashed by Christianity- I ask you to read up on Parthenogenesis and virgin-birth, in nature… plus now it’s done in hospitals!

I’m more of a “Belieber” than a Jesuit or a Jew, mostly because my crush Selena Gomez spent some time in the sun, only getting tan and NOT SMOOCHING, she, the famous Selena Gomez one time was photographed sitting in the sun, laying down on towels and wearing SPF, with Justin Bieber who crashed a Ferrari when he was drunk, him smiling in his mugshot! 😃

I think my USA country has the following enemies: Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea… so I think that there’s going to be some sort of “Attack” I HOPE OUR COUNTRY OBLITERATES AND DESTROYS OUR FOREIGN ADVERSARIES! GO USA!

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