How’s The Sole these days? BIG SHOUTOUT TO ERIC ANDREOLI! thanks for the MASSIVE EATS and ALL SEAFOOD TREATS! my #1 favorite restaurant back home in Worcester, MA!

Why to dine?

With Dijon mustard 16 candles, my crypto-buddies have handles, and wheels on a bike, a toddler- little Tike

To the ticking and only lonely one Tock the Squack Box, found on Fox, the News channel of Trump

Billy WAGNER is driving a car far because Jeff Beck knows “Nothing But The Best!”

Bobbie Jo knows her chest lifted is best, leave it to the rest, abandoning “au natural” with Saline

Don’t be mean for this spacial and animated junk — best kept old spare tire in the Trunk

Ma’am the mammals — not a man’s — meandering Mellons of Mammaries but pointing skyward


Me doing fine, not lighting candles and never, ever having even a sip of no-longer desired Wine

I do fine, my finest wishes, a basket full of kisses, for those who I love, like Mother Dove

Silky smooth belly and never B.O. too smelly, with the Diver Soap, not on a rope, like a slave

Not even buried in a grave, thrown in the barn to let the niggardly body decompose

This “transition” to the transistor Sister or “Step-Sister” play on the P-hub, I love, and to get my fix

Held Together glasses, it’s only been 1 hour, and good-vision I MISS, MY SIGHT, my screen shining bright, the daylight- I miss… and it so with Brandon Lee as “The Crow” and killed by a sneaky bullet in a shooting scene, like Alec Baldwin killing a girl ON MISTAKE AND NOT TO BE MEAN, at all, in the Spring or in the Fall. I have remained on 2 feet without slipping on the mopping of the floors, I tried to pay Sandy at least $20 to clean nice and handily, using both hands, and while scrubbing bubbles I HAVEN’T TAKEN A SHOWER IN 3 DAYS, will there be any troubles?

Aside from vision, I take kind scents with pride — sprayed with a breeze, a dog Spayed, of Ripley’s comfy couch, now me feeling bad about Sam’s mistreatment, shivering so cold- outside and chain around his neck, he grew old, you paid a few bucks when he was sold, to sell my innards to The Sole (

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