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I hate FAT people because “Gluttony is one of the 7 Deadly Sins! SO FUCK FAT PEOPLE!

I’ve always attended a Protestant “Federated Church of Charlton, MA” and then I went to a Catholic High School, my Saint John’s, and with my WRXTBI dot-com when I learned “God Is Love” — that’s the best way I can describe it, that in common with Near-Death Experiencers — and I haven’t been into Jesus Christ AT ALL, but I went to my Protestant Christian Church over a hundred times, on my own, praying to God, and collecting 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets THAT MY MOM THREW THEM ALL AWAY (!!!) THAT EVIL MOTHER OF MINE who sometimes I really hate her but not often, as she’s my Mom and her awful family of all alcoholics, a dike, and a cousin of mine WHO KILLED HIMSELF WHEN HE COULDN’T HAVE HIS HEROIN, Dismal Dave, burning in Hell because he had babies with TWO DIFFERENT GIRLS AND HE COULDN’T PAY CHILD SUPPORT! — so he’s the worst person I’ve ever known, having driven me a distance on his evil heroin and unbelievably he drank four big beers and drove me home — that I wanted a ride home from a Sober driver and one not high on heroin — BUT MY MOM APPROVED OF HIM DRIVING ME ON HEROIN, and then drinking four 16-ounce beers!!!!! weeks later HE KILLED HIMSELF WHEN HE WAS LOCKED UP AND FORCED TO GO WITHOUT OPIATES AND ALCOHOL! THAT DEAD SCUMBAG, HE HAD OFFSPRING WHO HE SAID, “MY KIDS MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME!” and lo and behold he found a way to commit suicide in jail or wherever he was, that Dismal David Perron, now DEAD! being after I tried to save him by calling his parents and telling them he was back on opiates and he drank 4 tall beers AFTER HE WENT TO A.A. WITH HIS BEER LUSH HEAVY DRINKING FATHER CRIED IN A.A. AS DAVID PERRON WAS SO DAMN GODAWFUL AND SEVERELY PATHETIC — alas, he committed suicide, that I blame my Mom for and his own parents and his older sister, Lisa, who had a baby and knowing, she was attracted to females more than males — being a DIKE — who has HER HUSBAND GETTING A *SEX-CHANGE* OMG — and David’s own Dad went to A.A. not to quit drinking, himself, even though he really shouldn’t drink so much beer he does every night — but maybe since David KILLED HIMSELF, he might not drink as much now, I hope, the Alcoholism from my Mom’s awfully shitty family is what I’ve quit drinking ever since 2016 when I DIDN’T BELIEVE THE SHIT A.A. TAUGHT when they said “God is the reason,” and I rose above it THAT I’VE BEEN *SOBER SINCE 2016* without involving God in my equation OF MY HAVING QUIT DRINKING IN 2016 and I care absolutely nothing about alcohol now, except that my Mother’s family of shitty addicts, I’ve found, that they’re not so Blessed as to be a “Marquis” — CHEERS TO MY MOM FOR NOT DRINKING ON WEEKDAYS, BECAUSE OF ONLY *ME* — I hate alcoholics and drug addicts and gay people — faggots, queers, and dikes — although I’m unsure of bi-sexuals (???) — and my Dad is my hero because he never gets “a buzz” like I’m once again, I’M SOBER 2016 AND WITHOUT MARIJUANA FOR THREE YEARS! I have previously been given authorization from a Specialist with written letters from TWO OF MY CLOSEST DOCTORS, RECOMMENDING MMJ — I haven’t been “high” in about 2+ years now — NO MMJ ANYMORE 2+ YEARS! — I can’t even have a multivitamin or creatine now that my GNC “supplements” are having been taken by my parents weeks ago, that I worked at GNC Assistant Manager for years, and I need Calcium, because I like my height — after they shrunk my legs 3″ and oh I don’t want to get shorter! — so I stay so skinny and so healthy from the Abstinence of evil alcohol and LOW-CARB DIETING 24/7 — I take Cialis that I have no problem with, but I want to take Maca that makes ME SO HORNY! ME MAYBE SAVED BY JEHOVAH’S WITNESS, a friend I have who has a Traumatic Brain Injury, like I have a bad one my enemies caused because MY ENEMIES CAUSED MY “SEVERE INJURIES” IN 2004 when everyone told me to quote-unquote “KILL MYSELF IF I WAS INNOCENT!”

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