A Notre Dame Academy student, my friend went to HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Siobhan Keenan *congratulations* =)

I went to a Catholic High School, my Saint John’s Class of 2000, and NDA was “The Sister School” of SJ and this Siobhan, she would say “COOLBEANS” and she listened to the band, “Saves The Day” now having taken off excess body weight! YAY! I also knew her older brother, so I hope they’re alright!

Around the keen again keepers and the 5 a.m. “Creepers” that I admit I admire myself wholesome with these Prophetic hoping there’s going to be a way for me to finally, either, be with Justine Aragona or marry Samantha “Mannie” Rotella who married a man but I think the change in her WSU and UT — along with all of her family, that I had 2 weeks of speaking to the Father and Mother who said, “Look up Danita in the future,” Samantha’s sister who I coulda had the 2 sisters in a bed with me, that I don’t know I saw that I was always chasing not “Mannie” — she was just a “Fantasy” Flyer Cheerleader a little young but a sweet small stature, and then, with when what I would grab Bethany’s ass when she was seeing someone and she was slightly offended after she brought her friend Alanna to watch the 3 of us view a movie in my room, and Alanna wouldn’t have been with me because she didn’t take the time to read me . . .  and to the new Minister of The Charlton Federated Church in my hometown where my real room is, and I’m hoping really hoping to remain single until I marry my TBI girlfriend — we were both so injured and I couldn’t have cared less about her scars and TBI that she could have met Peter Sargent who I never had sex with him or any “Foreplay” because while I easily could have eaten a vs THE CONSTANTLY SINCE MY 2001 experience with Mr. John Deedy my Saint John’s Catholic should probably continue to be a great teacher, in DD, NDA, and I will stay away from kids and pregnancy! which I think is a really bad loss for the community of not only Century21 but also, Mom please check the public stock of Century21 and see how Real Estate is doing today, and I’ll enjoy our time hugging because I’m really into you with our family for the good of America, and I’m ready to hack CREMLIN RUSSIA GREMELINE GREEN LIGHT and I like the fact that many times I’ve attended full online Zoom conversations in a Zoom Mass which is how I had Justine perk right up with the feeling of Trust in me and allegiance to me as a fine TBI younger girlfriend in her 30’s now, as in learning the ropes of making love with what was the official sponsor of bodybuilding.com that was the most popular according to a chart that I was perusing the data that I relate ta ya when an days-long the stock market is diving and Kurt Cobain was being investigated by the U.S. Government for putting a naked baby with a boy baby penis as his real first album cover and that might be the real reason to mention that I lived at Chandler Gardens in Worcester, MA in 2006 to 2007 where I had the police officer who made me fill out a form for a stolen TV worth mid-2000 dollars having gotten a green light to never have been a Raver with stupid techno, except for Paul Oakenfold who hired Hunter S. Thompson to talk in leading up to the beginning of the song when I’ve never worn Speedo’s with a Rev SPIN (… think was Kurt famous for his famous front cover images on Rolling Stone and SPIN, I said, I wrote and I’m not falling for the “What’s your Investment Capital??? I told him I have a nice Movado watch and a cross small gold and white gold necklace I made sure I had on in the hospital a few months ago I KEPT ON MY BELIEF IN JESUS CHRIST AND ALLAH AND ESPECIALLY GOD HIMSELF THE FATHER OF HIS UNIVERSE at The Edge of Space and her Mom enjoys it, so Justine was ALL-EARS AND NO BEER OR ALCOHOL EVER, so Justine was ALL-REARS with what she saw online downloading pornography that she had a separate computer with video on it of youporn.com I told Dan that was big for a while when YOU tube and YOU porn gave it great service along with the crux of the Cross Pen we bought so many hundreds of thousands of dollars, that night in 2013 or 2014 when I’ve read the 10 page OVERALL THE ECONOMIES OF SUCCESSFUL COUNTRIES IN “ECONOMICS” the “Honors” Saint John’s he he he abused me in 2001 when I was looking to be rich and successful like in Saint John’s Class of 2000 ` ` ` SNAP-8 French models and young people having said “Mode” when entering a sports-car or putting on dark athletic and head forming SPECTACALS “My glasses” having been online friends with Elon Musk after I read his name on Fortune.com but years after I first bought a copy of Fortune Magazine in High School Saint John’s with Dana Gardner and he’s no longer my best friend because Elon Musk said to me on the phone, “I can be your best friend every day if you want!”

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