I got an “A” in Psychology I “class” at WSU, Dr. Brandi Scruggs researched Traumatic Brain Injury and had me on a group phonecall with many Ph.D.’s in 2007/2008

Classy has acquired Fondi, a hybrid events platform, that will relaunch as Classy Live for nonprofits.

Feeling fancy, and presumed as INNOCENT OF SIN, my beliefs in Jesus are renewed in his love for you and I not fighting but arch-rivals from random.org that resulted in *******BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS******* I’ve posted on many times a night of 2007 with my Facebook Friends, who, some saw their ends of “Activity with a proclivity to the what’s-it of staying lean and fit but Disabled, erect (but I’m not), and feeling as funny as a cute little bunny and I’ve never had “Duster” I want to be with the girl of my dreams and who I’ve seen with big boobs (Belly Dancer www.jeffreymarquis.com) and to dine while I don’t drink wine or beer or any alcohol, to let, you all, know the fact that I haven’t had a sip on my lip — and I don’t wear pajamas when I’m jammin’ away with the Metaverse I invested thousands of dollars in to on it in my wellbeing to be with a Cheerleader CHEERING! Oddly enough, I told Linda Pellegrini I’d leave Justine if Mannie “Came knocking on my door” but I would love to have Tantric sex with Justine Aragona again, this time maybe inflectioning on the brutal knockout when I’m very much feeling my being of tuning into shit on XM I like hip-hop nation, spacing the decimals derelicts December-ing in diamond grillz of 100% caliber shivering in the Winter as I am a winner to stick-shift she the Elissa Victoria talking to her online and maybe on the telephone once at Geneva Street in Worcester, MA worth a lot of money as WORCESTER, MA is precious to me-  it’s WHERE I WANT TO BE!

Where you want to be

I WANT YOU TO BE LEAVING MY MONEY ALONE! AS I HAD $45,000 in my bank (one of many)

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