Sponge-Bob, he “hobbed my knob” and so did Peter lol

Are sponges still used for contraception?

Coming cream out of the Dream of Judge Dredd instead, as I once tried protein-peptides that with “SLY” Stallone, and all alone, I left Allah and I get the feeling he had some better things to do like delivering others to the Majesty of a MaGeSTik5-fo’ — me at the door if I swear more, I swear I trust God Himself The Father of His universe and I love my Marquis parents,  which,  I hope I’m not ever going to be a father, not to stray from one’s kin with no beer anywhere near, here, at “Averte” with a phat bag of groceries from Hannafords, with a mention to Christian Rev. Anne Skinner THE AUTHOR OF MANY BOOKS I’ve ordered on Amazon… me being a fan of her “Hannah House” =D

I want to buy a house near my home with my million in TD Bank,

Thanks. Lance and Dad, that I have been given a SUPER ABILITY TO NOT TAKE ABILIFY because I take Haloperidol and write delight-full of me seeing Photoshopped images of Mannie and having talked to her sister and her Mom who made me try so much in my TBI Recovery to attain the Enlightenment that Russia has almost as many nuclear missiles as my U.S. Nation… My America has 1000+ nuclear missiles and I’ll leave that at, what’s the things that are going to happen in the future

It’s not like Futurama, on TV, when Elon Musk YouTube videos interest me to get interesting when Mont Blanc makes a disposable marker

Mont Blanc, pens on a rack at Staples!  I’ve always wanted one of those pens with 24k gold, like I predicted the high of Cardano to a dime ,or exactly $2.03, and Bitcoin Cash to $ 1 single dollar, because I want to buy Dan and I matching a Ferrari 360 Modena in perfect condition! But not the “Challenge” edition that I’m not looking for any challenges with anyone!

Run turn single signal and bewuell the well and a funky smell coming from the TRASH paste waster with what paste can ensue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uFQuPMuXns

And as a loyal American taxpayer I pray for a strong string of characters to CHARGE like a Stallion, watching Jimmy part ways with his deathening screams. “I’ve been shot with people stealing my pot!” with intentions intense tensions tensing up with a drink of my girlie girth, for what it’s worth, to sit on a porch with a pot-bellied monkey of Human descent, and of the age of consent, to sweetie swoon and hung like a spoon watching Loonie Tunes, when I play the blues, my Wu-Tang Clan and Eminem’s “Stan” that was at #1 for weeks and song of the year on MTV

To groove with the grimy gimps so slimy-  Slim drinking Skim and 1% chocolate, and Plenty of Protein, That keeps me LEAN to the left and lean to the right


Okay everyone start reading right now because I’m Dancing in Space with Allah and 1 5 hour energy but BECAUSE I STOPPED READING THE QUR’AN MANY MONTHS AGO I geek out on a GiXXer sport bike driving a new Tesla that I’ve put word in to my Stockbroker who I’ve told you all about how I once drank a bottle of Hennessy of my parents, many nights in a row, I prance I dance with Lance, but he was great because he was tall, and I wanted to be tall and thin like Lance so I put GHRP-6 in my legs and I grew 3” taller, so they shrunk my legs with a “protein-peptide” I once used 1000mcg of IGF-1 LR3 with a clean Insulin pin in each of my glutes and my neck to help me Recover from TBI

I called YouTube in 2005 and told them put “INTO” on the title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCwbKr0KmXE

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