The Pope is a great man!

I’m willing to see, The Pope reading me, because definitely… I would like his Blessings!

But that’s enough about him, and don’t get me wrong I plan on donating a lot of money to Humanitarian Causes, with MY SENSES OF “NINTENDO 64” my as many as some thousand wallets in New England, New York, and California Florida frantic a Sheik I would seek on Facebook, not allowed the Middle-Easter “Sheiks” of their average night of ephemeral the Belly Dancer Bollywood dancers who love the would they see on the King’s brown-skinned Arab look.

Elon-gate my connection to feel a subtle sudsy bubble of watered Crest with an oceans’ waves — my belief in the bloated bellies of Ethiopia — EAT the opiah- oh la la it’s Oprah grilling fancy Lance withdrawn from LIVESTRONG, my old yellow-bands gracing my firm stand on “Doping” with a n other old age Biden, this poetry my POEMS an A- grade at WSU with a brilliant older instructor I saw the economical entertainment of Draining Dogecoins, buying and selling and Signed with a maybe a Mont Blanc pen-  oh when I invested so much credit Bitcoin Cash my BoA and TD Bank, with TD to thank, but unaware Danita being Mannie Rotella the cheerleading coach at UT that’s in Tampa the University, I tried to see my Mannie Rotella, I made her a new Facebook account with a name I suggested I told her once-  a gift to I’d give her while reclined on my Sit-up-bench to pinch thin skin, the shape, first, Mannie was in on the cover of Shape Magazine I saw the mediocre Acre of Arcadian soil, but not to drum for oil, stored in Tanks — Dan lied to me saying “Bitcoin quote TANKED — my cousin the stockbroker lyrically lying to me I’d whine Bitcoin is ON THE RISE alcohol-purchases by overseas wine being for Student Kids at Foreign Religious “Masses” I sat the seat of big mean meat noticed as per yours Truly, Deedy worked at the Christian school Saint John’s — he’s been fired for a molesting me — he told me he had a fake ID, he saved from the truth of I was raped by Seedy cock-ring Deedy, John, his legal birth with his name to reflect my purchase of so much John Deere start caring about his REAR-ing me so dirty it was anally . . . I was raped, he told me he would do guts and butts of male men’s many gay, me pretends to the pretense of presentation of proof, he did me in the Toots, wearing leather with hip him, high nipples pink and PIERCED-  when John Deedy would teach with noticeable nipples protruding, the piercing he liked his GAY ISLAMIC GAY HOMO TEACHER, sexual in the classroom with me, and near my locker was his Sole room, sweet tushy on the the gashes’ front, MILF with a “Bunt” at aware preggo-confusion that’s my contemplations of provocations to twatch- as the nurses knitting sad and sorry cocks, the portraying presented cock-rings he to then tell me, “Tell your Dad you want one and suggest it to him” when John’s whim, and Alex took a bathing suite to was Hoff of the poo-poo spattered on a platter playing see-saw notes of first further seeing him in Boston, MASS-  Alex ated his longterm fellation of the EQUAL PRIDE FOR RUNNING RACES… the Boston marathon Bombing-  a homeroom-owned by Brothers on the Saint John’s properties of phantasmal irreflected and drones driven by pilots on the airpot offices, I paid online for Word by Microsoft the company I invested in that Eve bit my bright wide and smiling face, having attended attention of outer space, with another my younger brother Justin not to be confused with Justine, my 2009-2013 teen-quitting watching girls under 27 that that’s a number see of me — on a flat-screen Mac laptop, as well as a double-deuce singing my set sights on this my up to 5000 Bitcoins, a few “Wallets” in stir-it-ups and the man here at “Averte” who is mentally stumbling, me seeing him walking alright, akin to a met the mental-retarded girl who came to a TBI meeting at a library, her parents were mistaken as there is no connection to the corporeal finesse “smashing” in the Smoosh room on TV years ago, that Jersey Shore so popular and another season and another season until sickly swiftly suddenly no more “The Abs” to Pauly D’s “The Image” of the temptation to Trump the polls, sipping a Polar seltzer, with a Teletubbies Coin “TUBBIES” shot with it shut down the authority of mentally-injured young man named Tony, him unable to see semen of his, with my ex-girlfriend who her mom invited Tony . . . to at least show him some titty-ful skin and nothing within her body privates, when she kissed his pole until it went soft to Justine’s amazement, he cccoa pebbles with my long-term loves’ own lack of Discretion detecting the determination of her parents who wanted me to leave, when I was wearing a thin theater SWEATER a dog in heat, the Dogecoin didn’t reach a dollar at 0.66 in Lincoln Point Drive by the DEAD END roadside esplanade with a Cessna plane — I was taking the direction of BRUCE’S OFFICE ROOM when I learned of Bitcoin(s) in ten Wallets in New England the most in Massachusetts with my crumbum text online, my Mom hasn’t had wine doing her WEEKDAY WEEKNIGHT SOBRIETY of I know my Mom isn’t addicted to any substance . . . LIVESTRONG, promoting SOBRIETY I learned online the disasterouses Dr. Ross I bartered with the rose MY PROPOSAL, you’re a couple years around my live-long OLD AGE when Opray Oops, that African-American previous PARTY-ER with street-side when we’ll hides the Bitcoin important figures of my detailed Public Ledger of propelling a Marino, named Paul and Frankie, other one more older brother that I foggily forget the 3rd name of Marino’s at Saint John’s High School, chocolate chips, Frito-Lateral weight lifting which while the Cash Cat Kitty of Frankie’s sense to swindle an old lady my Aunt Ida to lay covered cowering in a Coffee Coffin *cough* to the left and glass ceilings of teased-  thee, of these my many Investor-meds the Zoloft fills my crazed cranium and cracker NH Fenton, I will man up eventually- look up your line on the telephone, to leave a message of your Recorded machine, my voice recorded I think, there are so many recorded lines of cellphones, residential “Every thing is ‘eventual’” I heard on an Audio Book, rented from The Charlton Public Library, a “CRYPTOGRAPHY” written by a lifelong-boy play-daying the Trading of uno up ’n’ coming national Currency of Bitcoin is standard cash in “cryptography” for secure math-made electrocution of the 12v Die-Hard batteries, when maybe I bought too many VHS used movies sold at a store near Bigger eyes, popping out the pup of a furry muff of not only new stuff but

Something old, my data as per the recorded websites I created that has my justchillen stillchillen now alwayschillen and I paid a fee, when I THOUGHT IT WAS FREE, as advertised to take a Dive into a registered name of a protein-peptide I INJECTED IN MY LOWER NECK, NEAR MY RARE REAR, all of y’all Hurred the peak the IGF-1 LR3 cured the continued deference of of of odors, stinking of sweat in the ICU, the sponge-bathing Setting Sun, I flew through a big one, my big one and getting warm to take off my nkee-high kneading no fat loafers the occasional Floaters of boats drifting- so set sale on the Slacks on Sandy with a blouse to vacuum the house, here at “Averte” where I blew out the candles they lit 3 candles in my bedroom one time and I blew them out carried outthefrontdoor when the embers on the wicks, they put 3 tall lit candles in a makeshift “Vase” with old tired eyes reading my lines of Prose/Poetry I am delighted, going to see my sleepy create-ur of my Saliva, Blood, hair sample, but none of my jazzy motion of Joe and his ROOR bong of inhaling him smoking cigarettes—I dislike the down-side of Favorite Favored Bitcoins in this Vermont State, I want my parents to get me a limo, driver in a driving driven paid purchase of having had a limosuine with birthday treated to a night with a limo for me—drinking pre-2016—not a sip in 3 pairs of briefs with Fruit of the Lombe Lombardi, Lapamardo, Heritage school built new, and then to bussing me busy, cramming the information of pothole trounces of out-now no more Red Bulls I need the factual caffeine enhancement of the lawless descent of my kept riches, I hope to keep my Bitcoins in New England wide, taking a chance and buying a Lancers player’s uniform, he told me he heard a smelling scheme of DHEA “male and female hormone” sold in Groceries at Hannafords, nearby, when I say hi to Denise who has been with the same lover for a long time, when I don’t wait to whine about getting no booty shaking on my decline sit-up’s bench, but no pushups in a too long time, to spend my time alone with my computer in 2005 when I lived alive with strides at the WSU gym, I’d walk I timed it 3 minutes to the treadmill gym of being in a large room, the coach asking me, “I hear your Dad is a millionaire, so would you or him care, to pull-up’s with braces, the girls making pretty faces . . . in the internet transferring $45,000 I earned and me unsure how to transfer my currencies, currently I have 45 grand in “Crypto” when I take the cake and not being “baked” or “high” Hi I’m “bigly” Bitcoin buoyant of a fan face the fact, LANCERS OF WSU “CHEERLEADING” the “flyer” Manny as a sophomore and older sister sitting at the keyboard, of my many Facebook “notes” with a really small belly, my main Doggy Ripley, a picture of her staring straight again, starting #1 Dogecoin Elon Musk brings it higher, to buy DOGECOIN TO THE MOON! All because of BitTorrent I don’t trade in so as to not Trade the coins of BitTorrent treaded and serrated can ‘o’ peas they’re green bars climbing higher in Profits, I knew… exactly what to do, Dan invest in “Crypto” the bourgeoning worth of one millionth of a penny-cent my many “Tokens” I bought the night when I was awakened by a bloated bellows of my swollen batter MY BLADDER’S NEED TO REPENT UNTIL THE LAST CENT is spent, on — my Amazon worth of my main-sale go-to with what brainwashing the withered Rose to compose the dot-compost compound of all gather around, your computer screen to read I couldn’t manage the locked bathroom door, and Dan deep asleep, the weekend a Sunday night, staying up all night confessing a Will to pass on my Profits my Dad protesting th e49% when he should be VERY HAPPY TO HAVE A PART IN MY STOCKS-land premises in CT at Dan Besse’s house with his glad to be a so popular with the Pupils in a class to teach, one to his own my real lit-up Mind I’m Rhyming All the time of mindful recovery having gone on for so such very long with brew at a steak pit when I have had it with shrunken legs, shrunken arms, shrunk through my once- stayed the same, my thighs were never too big- hearing that I PINNED MY PINTEREREST “Sass” to Birana Sasso left alone not chased by me as I’m a mature man, since many years ago when I pledged a shelf of watching Kevin Costner in Will Ferreal tompling temple-er with an impact slightly above one’s Ears, the Temple connected in the Cranium of a homeless man with a lemonade stand, when I have not longer staying free my kisses… Trust Fund Apple entertainment of jotting keys of Hooters firm me saying to Justine’s step-dad “I really want to take Justine to a Hooters with I maybe belong with a whoots withering lines of Lioness the lines I would walk I’d walk fine, to a shattered left hip in 7 pieces, I like to eat beaner butter butt of Jabba the Hut N’ Huddle, the others are WRONG, as I’ll admit I tried on Justine’s thong tugged up by her a G-string of bumground such a chartered nightlong day of the night, my delight, the bulbs are LIT ALL NIGHT when the bulbs luminescence of sniffing the armpair bodyhair of yesteryear I dyed my hardly any greys my hair I’m kipper Skimp the Sole Proprietor’s SHIT IS IN- their food so delicious so so scrumptious with Grammy’s apparition approaching in the Hyay HAyleigh noel on Insta with my Grammy on Insta . . . where she’s buttered ’n’ buried lay’n to razzle the mophead CAN-AM “MOPED” the earliest alternation as to how to cruise it beachside boardwalk, of Eagles in the air with wild masses of hi mr. pigeon and the kettle-corn YouTube I choose to sometimes watch YouTube while I cry ACCUSED!

Olivia Rodriguez sings “EVERYTHING IS ALL FOR “USED” re[]Droduction through forced inlet engine edging distraction of a loud AfterMarket AIR FILTER WITH A GIANT OPENING it made the engine use more Regular gas, that Nissan Sentra I never crashed, like Dan with his 1 Superium SUPER SIGNING SIGS- I put on the lid with MMJ years ago… when wouldn’t you know it, they moved me 3 hours away, me missing them every day, Aunt Donna and Grammy named Sophie, that Aunt Donna DONAHUE, trading her my Dogecoins and Shiba Inu, we used our new cellphones and pre-paid CALLING CARDS, an Ace in probably publishing this my dot-com that I haven’t slipped a single email letter to another but several, like Peter at the Jehovah’s Witness Mass I regularly attend his Zoom-website Masses early Sunday Mornings, I worship God and not Jesus because there have been commonplace Virgin Pregnancies that result in an ordinary Chile to have a Saint John’s custom speaker who spoke with a FB “Poke” of amounted me my absence for a month in 2005- me without a Facebook “TAKE A BREAK! AND INJURE YOUR LEG-TOP IN THE HIP, it’s no pain I’m free, Bruce I’ve asked my parents for a limo, to meet you finally with all of them Bitcoins you and your possessions of ceiling-high “Jeff Coleman” brand new sleeping bags to when young and cuddling with a Honey chariot, that I don’t click “Care” or “Cars” or “Fraud” I saw on an blocked SITE financial, I want Justine once more to be my TBI “RECOVERY” finesse in dolar-sign time to whine if Dan has some thoughts on “There ‘Plan’ ” I’m led to believe . . . his plan to slit his palm of his hand, band-aids we had his assistant retrieve from the Market is super for food . . . NO FAMILY FEUD AND I’M CURIOUS ABOUT SEEING “FRAUD” ON A MONEY WEBSITE, I was signing up for this financial yank my money Dogetothemoon, I hope Dan sold my Bitcoins I know I have 100 or 250 along the night we traded 3,000 Bitcoins for Dan’s annual salary that buttered lobster I would eat, some weekends of the year for CHEER AND TIDE AND ALL, the bleach Brought to a Jersey Shore BEACH, Pauly D. reminds me of Paula H. who my parents and her said 1 beer in 2005 wouldn’t hurt, then until late 2006 I wouldn’t drink a single drop of alcohol, Dana Rented a UHAUL detered Derek Jeter to go FAKE BAKE Jersey Shore proclivity to GET A TAN MAN IN A BOOTH, the beds get wet so sweaty our backs, to FAKE BAKE the toasted most of the congratulations to the Melanotan II tanner protein-peptide backed by Insulin pins when I was very thin, and Honda’s Fit it’s out of my luggage laden pant’s-pockets the shiny skinny on what’s up with “Tini Ara” and Mannie “Rotella” big sister Danita involved, and I’d buy her boring brother a car him saying, “You can afford to buy me a used car?”

I talked to the Mom of near the lions lying to my percussive parents, needing instructions to buy her family gifts, I told him to pay for free . . . The Grande Rotella Family encore aged “Sophomore at WSU” Dan and I shopped at J. Crew before we talked to them, a bunch of #2 pencils being of Pine Barrens Boron, I tried that, but it made me kinda chubby TUBBIES COIN taken to the easy-peasy, it sold and I need money that I have fond concentration on my Contract with Mr. Fenton, until the end I won’t SPEND my as many as 5000 Bitcoins, ten wallets or a close not a price to private Ledger . . . I wrote the prices of sales, Sales at J. Crew when I bought Dan a sale-reduced the Price Prince of Wednesday The Addam’s Family, a girl named Ember went as “Wednesday” name of for the IIRC, not Jessica Tocci or a mental-person Patient with oh I remember, Wednesday’s real actress name was Christina Ricci, when she was pretty as Mrs. Tocci, her tiny bit whimper of saying sorry to me, her unhealthy happit-happening of hurling her TOSSING B&W “OR” oE roes v. wade with a voice to others urge me to phone my old teacher, Dr. Walker now in lyrical outer-space his beard mustache and hairs on his face, shedding follicles up top, he enjoyed the little “HIP” hop Swiffered floor thanks to my Dad, good to rely on the $100 Benjamine Jemimiah Jehovah’s Witness the masses taking Senior year High school classes with the cheerleaders bloating I knew Manny’s special day and up early, me to say, to her- I’m working at a job in my Dad Wayne Marquis in his Company’s “PRESIDENT’S OFFICE” extruding color-matched pigments and UV additives, about 200+ to 300 or so, my dad he knows, the doughy center of eating bread buns at The Millbrook, his street, of the his Busies Bussing to the schools, of many brooding bullies provide the outstanding and long-landing DOGE TO THE MOON! while I want my “Cish-Cash” listening in YouTube’s videos I perused sport being never reproducing because I refuse the choice to choose NO BABY FOR ME AND EITHER “MANNY ROTELLA” a Sophomore at WSU who waited for me . . . perched pickled THINK I told her to shave her head and make her big sis’ Danita a wig of shaved hair when I said, finally, you look better with a shoulder-length cut or longer I told her- I wanted to buy a car . . . the tie-ing the knot with honking Tulips, her posing in the sophomore dorm in a picture with kissing face to the camera I told Rev. Jim Chase who phoned her and talked about not wedding-tackle to tickle Jessica B.’s back the night we invested in The Easter woke yolk to take financial C Notes of the classic classes in University Worcester difficult classes, and hard mathematics, I read the basics of “Advanced Cryptography” I said to me, my valuable Dad said, “Dollars counted cannot to continue any more-secure than my Visa Cart online on I have some stocks in Amazon and because I had the researcher wealth of health, pre-pandemic and currently no sniffled Duster when he drove me drinking him 4 beers . . . my Mom said everything excusing Dead David Perron, he had Duster in his car’s trunk with 3 metal Disastrous “DUSTER” that’s not sold anymore keyboard-cleaner he did Duster because he drove me very, very SLOWLY me grabbing the wheel with the Rites of Passage FHOUR lated to take a nanny in her Fannie May Financial INCREASING FUNDS IN TD bank I thank Tiffany for not later laying on me

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