I’ve only had CNN and Fox News along with the very-occassoinally watching Comedy Central and NBC but not at all now that Bri Eggers is gone, she was my friend, upgrade by Facebook, with a weather girl account!

This Not a medium-dose bottle of KY Jelly but “Swiss Nay-vee” I have a large Rusty Jones spot on my liver, it made me wither, away, hey, months ago when I was laid to rest with a breathing mask of oxygenated elongation on until my Liver Values decreased, and multi-vitamins on I longly no longer feast upon 3 pills a day of Opti-Men I’d type the orders into http://www.amazon.com for very long, waiting to refer the referral of “seeds” to plastically place then them upon her swallowing guliping in her TUBBY BUTT AND GUT!

When the day of her I think of fonder, fondly, the sight of her, I relenquished boyfriend-al “custody” and letter of letters to Bruce Fenton, soon, with a Benjamin and threw three twenties bills, in an envelope but without pills, or Winter chills, tapped veins of pure methhead meat-heads on LOW-CARB, 30 lbs. lighter but no flames of flamers’ assholes flavorous repetition of reprised pointed pouting the morning wood of the Elderly — live so long, I’m already FORTY!

With wondrous wonders of what I do well, and writing a official “Will” to give some to the Fresh Prince that Yes, I donated part of my pages-long “Will” to some celebrities, I’ve never seen, like DMX I saw him in the mall, with bodyguards being so TaLL, glancing by chance, him in camouflage shirt and pants, pre-concert that later date, a the girl’s pretty face, that SPACE IS MY PLACE I PLANNED WITH ASTRO CAMP AND NOT JESUS CHRIST — because I know about “Parthenogenesis”=virgin birth, I live without Jesus’s Hearse of carried on shoulders, he was unable to lift a boulder, for the life of him, I now LIVESTRONG owning “Ether”-cryptocurrency, because Dan asked me to buy him some!

The government’s detection of my Investments, I instigated the Federal Institution of Our American Nation- I was flagged “Fraud” on a crypto-website one night near in the past, my reply and telling you about “crypto-currencies” like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, those I have a lot of I’m sure predicting the highest point of Bitcoin Cash $597-  I said sell it at $596 that I’m worth a lot of money and working money is the best of a Benjamin banging on the roof-top entrance of a Clearance sale with a Sally when with Israel is our ally!

And Bruce, you could use a Spruce of my one sent, or hopefully sent soon, 1 Bitcoin DOGE TO THE MOON! I have 10 or 100 Bitcoin “Wallets” through our 50 states, maybe 1 Bitcoin in each State in our USA LANDED ON THE MOON!

Tomorrow Monday of hey day dining of delightful fancy food of loving Eileen who’s cooking up a ‘scene’ behind closed doors, I once had a “Tour” of the cooking-center kitchen of dining on delicious meatballs, after summer comes fall, and tip I may — being shorter on one leg, during the time I laid wrapped around my dented steering-wheel, a cancer patient knows “Heals” of succumbing to a sum of debt, I was once $10,000 in the hole and my parents post-poned the payment on a fraud website that kept taking mounted money from my account, I counted, heels on Justine, she preferred Flats… and I preferred her dental hygiene be a clean one to protrude my rod at the stayed Cape Cod, her booty I’d prod, whispering, “DOGE TO THE MOON!” THANK YOU ELON MUSK!

Not to mention Jeff and Bezos my benzodiazepine medication pills in the Office at “Averte” where I’ll be… without many friends but strangers on Facebook—that Dan Besse’s phone number my parents took, not resisting his communication, USA is my Nation, saluting the soldiers home, they would talk to them on the phone, and with Arab Israel’s “Dome” to get-  go in the bed!

Written bar-bound BARRIERS OF THE WALL and in front of me, I see but double sometimes, when I recline, when I look Divine, when I appear fine, appearing The Apprentice, the Webmaster of a dot-com about Trump-  I said “I WANT TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! BACK IN 2005/2006 I grew up a small-town hick and I would go for hikes “I HAVE NO “TRICKS” I’ve never had a Trick, and I have a skinny waist- not faint—my fats are in no way thick, to splendor upon a C-Note… or what a bout a thousand dollar bill to take the green pill, a tic-tac of paddy-what THAT’S “WACK”!

Yeah splendor spleen- me staying in and fit, me in my apartment of my parents paying Rent almost $20,000 per month that’s crump of AIR JORDAN’S — and Nintendo with a Bow on one time more on the Morning of “Christmas” a holiday I respect Jesus Christ all that day of unwrapped CALL ME SIR! when these MOTHERCUFFERS I WILL TELL ON YOU!

And I’ve told my tail of Mr. Deedy leaving a front frantic message on Mr. Deedy’s machine, YOU AND ALEX HAD CONDOMS AND I THINK YOU BURNED ME! Me not feeling well and partly ill from the Tantric Sex I couldn’t nut! But from his insidious perplexity’s of seeing sperm earlier in the night-  Alex pleased, and pleasured, with DILDO’S NOT A WHISP OF A FAIRLAWN REHAB ASEXUAL MONTHS, unable to jerk it, that it returned to the light of day as I don’t take any bad photo’s to display, on your screen and looking at me “PLEASE, so do stop yacking on the phone to a call to Aunt Donna Donohue I will call her at her phone number I once posted on an old dot com… one of many dot com’s of yesteryear it seems like it’s been so long, justchillen.com I had part of a decade playing Atari at the worst person’s parents house, having Opiated his body, that’s so shitty- he had 2 kids he couldn’t pay child-support and got a Gig with an Heroin Ring a pen signed signature “David P.” on the road with his Walmart light-replacer friends, that they saw Dave’s end, and not allowed at his Wake or Funeral, to Hell, them HEROIN JUNKIES his friends, while they are alive, Winnie the Pooh never got stung!

Think about it, Winnie the Poo never got stung!

After being raped anally and giving it to one girl of Tantric sex which she saw her Mom on tape… she was okay with it, and because I mentioned Tantric, winning, and Pooh — I won in her asshole one night for about 9 hours, my mouth is sour Memenot Memento with the Terms Of Service, it was new to me this “Fraud” — their Plot and Their Plan

I’m keeping 51% of my 5000 Bitcoins, to stir the stupid stirrups on under my Loins… Sheiks shaking baked cakes and gathering Fall season leaves and in garnered piles to be placed, shaken up a can of Raid but not my Apartment at the “Averte” Rehabilitation Home, with a TV, Sirius, refrigerator, and laptop MacBook Pro with me in the know me in the known now knowing that this dancing-dazzle rhyming of my “Rimes” on Tesla’s associate Mrs. “GRIMES” on CNN-  this Grimes girlfriend her he has his family to raise, as this my friend of 2005 and 2006 ELON MUSK — called me from the airport so we could conclude the COOL airborne division of me telling China to name something with 18+

That was a Must!

Elon MUSK!

My best friend whose polite and very smart-  he’s no longer hearing a bearing accent of Elon Musk’s college graduation speeches, it seems I’ve listened to one of them, online, when hearing the man I spoke with in 2005 and 2006 I was feeling “Just Fine” as he saw my website and read it, he revelation’ed his Tesla revolution of not cylinders sliding BUT ELECTRICITY POWERING THE VE-HICLE… summertime is a good time for popsicles, when the Winter brings Icycles… and moped’s when I pay American taxes, to the end

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