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I appropriately postpone the drunken drone of sitting on Wayne’s Thone, throwing twig-finances on the Prince, that’s me! but not my pothead stoner brother to be seen and not answering my emails or calls—that he and my Dad are mad I’M MAKING A LOT OF MONEY LIKE $45,000 in my account aside from Bank of America I pride… the starting status of officially the doctors said, “Deb, 2 sons you have born, officially—when now years last later skater, who’s speeding tickets on my “record” was all to see, and me joyfully with a full belly, Jeffrey I be with also “Jeff M” and “Jeffry” for all to see, and isn’t that special that I HAVE 2 OFFICIAL “ALIASES” organized and unrehearsed the alternate altogether Limousine similarity with traffic traditionally Trading Crypto-Currencies, that sitting down with all 3 of my Stockbrokers, the profits, I see, but everyone—not my parents and Aunt Donna Donohue, Though, with an arrow straight (NO FAGGOT HERE!) but splicing my ripped (paid for that way ).  Enjoy your stay at the Marquis Esplanade on the camping block, of a CAMPING SITE, that night in the woods when I had “wood” and would I tempt my girlfriend of 2004 now taking Cialis common Referee charity, charting the Fiji Waters at the store where they cost more, than Adirondack liquids seeking the slippery slope of travel on the Pope’s throat, throwing a fit to request to sit, with the Saudi Prince with them both wearing Minks, their soapy coats of Belvedere refinement, the Saudi, drives, a, Audi… with a Quattro tranny in the intimates of a mechanical robotic organism — TRASMISSION — and TREADMILLY TIME REMINDS ME OF THOSE “WOOD-SHOP” at The Vitamin Shopping to ring of my wedding, that CZ I will buy because “blood diamonds” are a taste of Grimes, every single time, WITH ELON MUSK ON THE PHONE, he got so many calls, once or many times from me, said “SpaceX FAMOUS HE WILL BE!” so and then I searched Elon— I had done weeks before with ELONGATE because I wanted to ELON-GATE MY BEST TESTICAL INDEAVER WITH LADIES LOVE “BEEBS”

Justin Marquis, Justin Beiber, Justin Gewandter- we should all buy Tesla Roadsters and accelerate beyond 250 MPH that’s 2 hundred and 50 miles-per-hour, a single hour, me single, I took a shower, at another hour, sweet art is Tart like a Tasty’s dot-com briefs to breathe the breasts of a man, Hilfiger boxers, that Ember, I want her to see me in the mirror with the indie album by my knees—and oh Jeez, her comes the squeeze, window open for a breezy smell in the required showers, my parents make sure I take a shower every other night being sometimes in the morning I look to the fields and feeling my Jeffrey, “Averte” where I will be, for probably a long time, so get in line, get in the very short list of the last people I have “kissed” at least- on the cheek only my Mom, my Dad, and my Auntie Donna Donohue EVERYTHING IS ALL FOR USED!

And because the song makes many feeling great, there’s a 60 minute repeat version, not gotten with BitTorrent software “Transmission” of pleasantries with who my Dad called her for me, “Auntie Gail” at his ECM Plastics, Inc. I had a job helping my Dad owned the business with color-matching in a Laboratory and I’ve never owned a milligram scale — he had 2 of them that were about $1000 a piece — Bruce Fenton please call me at 508-596-4311 the you get a chance to set my penny-pence, while making sense, to you, who Bruce Fenton I want to give you a little single Bitcoin, when I have or have had, because of me! ONLY! MY INTEREST IN BITCOIN SIZZLES ME IN THE LOIN IN 2005 AND 2006, learning so much, having my profits from ECM PLASTICS, INC. as my “crutch” — twice attending A.A. and realizing I had the powers of over GOD- I reached beyond, in 2013 with Justine Aragona because it happened for about 9 or 10 hours to discover the best orgasm ever—total body and sensical awareness, that I remember God and Allah (who is just “velocity”) worship God and Allah please because they’re separate, God and Allah are interrelated THIS I KNOW! I prayed for Allah to take me to God, me not knowing Jesus anymore BECAUSE I SUFFERED IN “HIS” PLACE, replacing the Crux of Christ that I think it was very nice of me to suffer in the cause of Christians my Jesus Christ gold and white gold neck-lace chain, me wearing it all day, and cleaning it once and a while when my Mom brings up the jewelry cleaner distinctions of an Emblem (hi Ember!) on a Rolls-Royce what is that a logo of theirs oh the hood?  And is that a good thing to be a waste of cash, I celebrity

I be so popular here, at “Averte” and keeping the staff clear of my naming namey-Amy the NAMES of Averte residents, I don’t know their names in total, but Marie is sweet to me smiling smiling and more smiling that I light up her room, Sandy out front by the door with a BROOM, I like Marie.  She’s nice.  But I’m procrastinating my adore-ing her as I’m in no space to sleep in the same bed—I asked Elise to lay in bed with me once—and when I get my money of Bitcoins galore, I will give her gladly more of my time to view the older her, it’s a fit girl, eating little Italy- without Lay’s chips, I take my pills five times a day — I’m not trying to have intercourse of horny sexuality—I’M OKAY WITHOUT A GIRL!—for Manny R. and her older sis Danita gaining the were times of dropping to the floor for as many as 55 pushup’s I’d do 35 every morning and then 40 every single morning before work, that I woke up so easily from dreamy Riff that I told Jessica T. And Mrs. Ricciardi of the mental hospices 8-east the girls worshipped me.

We worshipped our “Trio” I want you to read about my stay there, when people altered my keystrokes of this hacked Mac I’m forced to use, but they won’t buy me “For US” ‘focus’ to the Factory of FOCUS FACTOR — my brain injury… My brain My heart My old website of TaLenTed WRITING for my feely few Bitcoin Fanatic, RIGHT HERE WHERE I WILL BE, AND WHEN BRUCE FENTON CALLS ME ` ` ` I will be so happy to hear the voice of Bruce Fenton—staying away from Kraft Frankfuters and France and Lance cheater Armstrong, I don’t support his money or his endoreselement my by me who is wait to see the characters of catatonic non-drinker I do since 1 beer Summer of year 2020

Teen girls gave graves to quarantines of covid-19 that I emailed China to name a virus LIKE THESE MASTER DESKTOPS! being with the alteration and complaining about going to the grave soon… will North Korea use its new Hyper-Sonic WEAPONS!

[ NoKo implants ] Besse, Dan that’s what gets me as I’m waiting to hear a voicemail from a Senator BRUCE FENTON and-oh-or a man investigating “fraud” it said on a website I saw, about my account on whatever of the MANY TRADING BITCOINS WEBSITE, as I had ownership of for a night of trading with Dan Besse, DAN AND DAD, I researched Bitcoin because BitTorrent was outlawed, so slow my solo ownership of a total of 5000 Bitcoins, I had for a mild free and few milfs milking in Fashion Malls (FC) Mannie cheerleader coach at UT!

Eden Roc on the Kardashians they showed and I couldn’t believe it because “previously at the Eden Roc I stayed for a week when time flied by I drank beer back then, after I broke up with Justine Aragona, who Tantric Tyranny of rampant, ersatz sprinting surprise I’m not “SPRUNG” at now almost THREE P.M. or AM where I’ve been staying up nights of delight chatting deep to my Ego of “writing” Dazzle Dubs on wheels spinning and I, NOT SINNING TONIGHT WITH LUBE ON THE TUBE OF NAKED FEMALES I won’t post smut — I haven’t posted a photo of a nude woman for many years now!

I drink a lot of chocolate Milk and I refuse to wear mink or anything PINK but peruse the pantie-thongs in Vicky’s at the mall when I’d buy JUSTINE ARAGONA I MISS YOU AND WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER AT A HOUSE IN CHARLTON, MA so very Near to my Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue who are very proud of my quitting drinking in 2016!

Come King Song with the TRUMP-etc. along the menu medium medean of a sculpture culture DIVERSITY in the Urban hoods of a natural 1% milk their company, sold in gas stations but not too old, as they all have should have soon too be sold the milk new, cuds matching chewy gum of one another one, the menustriaghting monotony of me making money, but not borrowed from Bruce Fenton just yet, because I need to stay on my needs of enduring the molestation of me in 2001 by Mr. John Deedy — my parents met with my high school Catholic Saint John’s for hiring a homosexual “bear” without any beer but the drug from his butt-buddies from S&M clubs, that A.K. got off with Mr. Deedy and proceeded to have, many hours in a row, doing his “prostate” with a dildo of John’s, the night was long for me alone-  all that compliant me and Mr. Deedy and A.K. we had big complaints about how our being DRUGGED BY A GAY MAN WITH SPEED, although I don’t think he saw my ejaculate sperm “seed” within any crevice, when he said, “I’m sure you’re the Blowjob King Receiving Head from girls!” And instead of ejaculating with a man, I FELT FORCED TO DO IT WITH HIS ASS NO CONDOM!

HIM NOT HAVING A CONDOM yeah I was sexually abused when I was 20 years-old, his ass tasted like mold, that he said A.K. loved it as much as The Puppets of Them and Lava Beast Deedy was abusing me sexually, bare penis bum of my rear-end-  he pretended to “TEACH ME!” he he he told the room with small lighting, all lighting with A.K. and me for 4 ayy-emm A.M. hours of he made me wear his jewelry, that he had many men’s “cock-rings” at his mother’s house down the street from QCC when I said, “I wouldn’t put my mouth unto it ONNIT drinks like speedy thesaurus Rex… WRX… is mine 1 of three dot-com’s for me with WordPress pressing in the bandages of scarred skin on my left hips, they have a pool here and I don’t take “A Dip” boo the water is too cold!

Servants being bringing the one and only CORRUPT feeble foreigner piercing the Royal Palace, getting a job with the foreign government—dipping in a dime of drink with ethanol-poise pad’s POISON — a spy wants to poison the King—Spy. Vs. Spy. in the palace lobby palming a $100 to slip in the drink a valid vial of Haloperidol I get in my butt checks being from the nurses here, at “Averte” to alleviate the needing to be cared for by a paid staff, I gave them all $20’s and $40’s and a $50 with a CRAFT BENJAMIN- BILL for thrills of 3 years ago I gave the employees moneyt because I said I’d be awake at night and writing such pure delight of delicatessen in the kitchen — I feel better with my sitting back on the lovessseat to eat the lunch or dinner each day, with plenty of food to eat in my fried fridge with Widgets on my Investments at online locations in the USA Nation giving probably $50 percent of my /

51/49 I’m keeping at least 50+ percent, that’s what I meant, so signing the checks to TD Bank and Morgan-Stanley — no one is supposed to know about that — but Dan Besse my “Cuz” hasn’t communicated with me for years, handing my millions USDollar—when all this time I email him and he doesn’t GET YOUR FRILLS ON AT like a cube in the freezer in the office, by the Cubicles—and where most workaday earners clip their CUTICLES — pink and cute on the women, has and stems of stimulation in the U.S. Nation without Hatie’s “Katie” where but HERE IN VERMONT! I want you to get-going and a send a me a mail… my emails enameled with my address given to Bruce Fenton just days ago, I know he knows my U.S. “SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER… I gave it to him on “Meta Business” and YEAH


This a Spry Swimmer in the Naval Pool “Race-Winner” Olympia, of course, at Spring, so springing in the chests on Swimmers in water-based or oil-based Olympic swim races! So SWIM where you’ve got a pool in the back of the house like Kay’s jewelry on Ray at his best, him a pizza-night feast of “Save the cheese for Daddy!” And I’ll try not to bring up Deedy!

Hold that UHAUL to Hail King Wayne, him not hearing about what he did to me—it must have driven him insane—and my Mom who won’t ever ever ever even wear thongs! Her face must have been “long” and with a frown, what he touched on my body and SQUEEZING MY BALLS WITH BOTH FISTS, HE TOLD ME I WOULD “LIKE IT” so I did to him again and again and again, his whips and whims to commit sins to a Saint John’s Graduate—yeah I’d graduated from the school HE SHOWED ME A COCK-RING ONE DAY AFTER SCHOOL! HE WORE NIPPLE RINGS TO SCHOOL!

And he showed me his dick that wasn’t big AFTER SCHOOL ONE DAY… and I said to him, “I know Jim Cassidy but I’m not sure what he meant when he said you could lay on him, and he made me lay on him for about fifty minutes when he was expensed out, he had me try on a dress… and this is Traumatic for me, like a new BRAIN TRAUMA 2004-2005 and to this very day when I say, I said and continue to say, “WHY DID ANOTHER CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL HIRE A GAY MAN TO TEACH STUDENTS???”

To my dismay in June at the 12th now and I’m active physically with a mid-section smoking hot SO THIN, NO BEER!

Mr. Deedy squelch he hit my behind, spanking me with a belt, just one time, because with me, THAT WAS NOT FINE!


I gave my Dad and my “Cuz” Dan Besse 0% as far as the eye can see, that is not seeing the Big Bang, when it’s still sticking steady in the universe I made it beyond the Big Bang with a dangle of my on-top of her for about 9 hours, to my powers of acceleration WELL BEYOND THE SPEED OF LIGHT, my life since I have never worshipped Allah, who, may, be, the best avenue, as I’ve gotten far beyond Jesus Christ who was one-of-many “virgin births” CALLED “PARTHENOGENESIS” thanks to an article so long and so long ago in 2004 when I learned that virgin-births aren’t special, although rare, Jesus Christ WHO I SUFFERED IN “HIS” PLACE FOR MONTHS!

I chose to suffer and then deth we will see, do I have readers ?????

I think so may be, and risk of me, to disseminate so much such information dissemination, throttling a throat, and when slitting a goat… with the Reverend, and before he saw his Kingdom of love with the Minister’s family, happy him in pictures I would see, with him at lunch showing me his photo albums, even once of only his wife and daughter on holding holidays CHRISTMAS MORNING the gifts so plenty full with a later meal of ham and honey but lacking a rabbit’s hoof, like Hoffman placing their plates of food to scrumptious upon, the way was long, a mink loose thong, of thoughts and what to be brought, to the places of spaces for bodily Zest, and then the toothpaste… Crest Smiling bright with my own might of pens to sign the documents of me wealth-ily jotting pages of notes, of prices, Dan’s investing for me the one and True owner of Tesla stocks far beyond the allowance of Dan’s first investing for me, it wasn’t a Dream or a Tuesday because I know I INVESTED MILLIONS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF U.S. DOLLAR BILLS, thanks Dad… and thanks Dan… you da man, you typed with your own hands and we developed a Trading Ritual that night of playing The Lord’s Prayer of us being Guided to immense incrementing time intervals, all night long… the Vivarin pills had our tenancy reduced,

I was raped as a Sophomore or as a Junior because of Mr. John Deedy’s curiosity, to see, what I’d do upon seeing his PP!





Mr. John Deedy anally raped me!

He used both hands to grip my balls and SQUEEZE as hard as he could

I said I wouldn’t sign his papers, except about A.K. with allusions to me!

Introduced to his mother downstairs who chose to ignore his gay sex-life

He had no girlfriend and no wife

Mista Salad at The Cola-Tina and Dad drinking Coca~Cola

Ring around the collar, his linen mower in the “Shed Mae” and Made of wood

Doing it around the cuff of a “Links For Transparent Fetishist, I placed my fist!

I fisted my gay homosexual Saint John’s “Catholic High School” teacher, as he told me when the high night went on, hugging him with a spent legal-tender of him providing a Sexually Deleriant Medication, that’s really prescription, did you know meth was a pill too?

Not for you, Mr. Deedy said, me being a faggot I wasn’t and he hugged me previously on that night, the lack of delight as I SAW THE SIGHT OF SQUISHY SHIT SHIT ON ME!


The truth I’m told, my parents dealt with Saint John’s that I’d like some Catholic courtesy, to see, him eradicated erection, when his penis wasn’t hard, he sinned against his employer, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH I’M PROTESTANT!

And with protest of zest soap and suds, their metal molding on sweet whip-ski’s, the sudsy water in the Sink to the Swimmers

The automobiles along the highway so quick, and given cheer with the bubbled washing machine, the meadow out back, to have a Russian attack, the army shows no slack, but a lack of hypersonic technology, North Korea is my Nation’s EURO/USA my many “Euro’s” currently having the currency with the currant of an ocean breeze, the air-room air so hot from what but the oven, baking breads with the yesterday that is has become June I remember we spooned, like with Elise here, touching her hair


They haven’t seen the sight of another or anyone, as I believe anyone who exposes him or herself, to me, that is all done, because being accosted with a show of skin is not in and it is not fun

I see with my peeks and at pecks of a Purdue chicken-dinner of the white meat being the whiner, but like I said, my weighted weighing remnants of Cider next never “hard” cramming for pre-tense of your body quiverince my Repenting at brought confusion… God is a “Real Illusion” at the edge of space, I found my place, but I prefer that Allah take me all about the universe of the English language, and maybe because of, first, my abuse by John Deedy in 2001 at his mother’s house who she stayed in bed, sleeping… that night in 2001 I was young and abused by a GAY MAN… then later having my best girlfriend ever the Justine Aragona, remaining un-seen by my recently seeing Mr. Pellegrini on Facebook, I didn’t take his hook, to not read a book as instead my writing, with rhyming, nickel and divining in my prime premise of me with no incest, as I would vanquish upon immediate sight to Aunt Donna out of the shower, when I don’t care about her hands or body that in her prime she not be, damsel in distress… And Tess Froio staying so FIT! and not to mention, her midsection was tight, with sit-up’s and crutches every night, her uninjured and not needing a simple “crutch” to stay sober with an over the shoulder bolder holder, and holding her whole self up tall, her younger sister was not too tall and not to small… when absorbing the scent of pepperoni Tostito’s in the air, all of the Greek food, it made me think of Greece, like that other restaurant I’d drink my last lonely beer… and there in the air, I would drink a Bud Light, last stop of the night… before trekking ten minutes home, good I didn’t speed or get a, a TEN FOURTY FOUR with a MAGNUM, not used, but I’m prepared for a girl amused with the sight of my slightly being with a TD Bank of Dan’s and mine—the Dogecoin, my Ripley—with windy winter nights of me turning off the lights downstairs and let pet Ripley sleep, with a night-light downstairs… and her blank stares at the Milk-Bone box in the pantry, stretching out Justine’s panties… I wanted my (Dogecoin) Doggy to snore with my MMJ smoke being foreign to her, as I would treat her with pieces of fish—in her eating food dish—instead of throwing the Bumblebee Tuna in the trash, after eating the Milk-Bone, that’s all for now…

Stallone’s ocean Scarab and and his cigarette-boat

I DON’T SMOKE BUTTS EVER! when this BECAUSE I TALKED TO ELON MUSK FOR HOURS, ONLY ON THE PHONE being separate from our messages on Facebook, this before he was the richest man in the world! with a “Grimes” being his only girl!

Taking my Justine Aragona at my word, so sweet, to go out to eat and “Taking my Justine” as my Queen to dine so fine with no beer at UNO’s for the first part of our 2009-2013 relationship ‘a’ plenty lovemaking between the sheets on my bed, her scent of Vicky’s smegma oozing our her Vee, for with her I would bring her higher, and I’m NOT A LIAR, of in a Lion’s Mane’s man of bringing tighter stumbling surrenderance enduring the life-long

READ THAT AND SEE THE PICTURE OF THE ALCOHOL I DUMPED OUT… in my life of 2.5 months of Sobriety in 2004, before they were all so terrible and bad, so disperse the meticulous monotony of a keyboard type typing me at easy ‘n’ breezy Verse to the tune, it being now June the 12th, Elf on a Shelf for the believers in Christmas Holiday when

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