Ironic and Super-Sonic at the disco, when we go, there to the place and beyond things I’ve experienced with an NDE and a full-body orgasm that probably prompted me to reach “beyond God” that I’m no fraud, having experienced Him and His “real illusion” like a hologram at the edge of space, I found my place, to be with God at the edge of space, I prayed with my girl, Bibles, 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets and all of my religious great in bed with us-  I didn’t cuss, but I CAME all night long, hearing YouTube songs with intermediance immediately my “Intermediary State” as described in The Qur’an with the alternate being a life of “your sole” in heaven/hell when Justine had Tinkerbell PJ’s I adored, keeping her warm, no lighting storms, no condom and my big unit wasn’t sore, so I wished like I wish now, many more nights of Tantric sex with Justine Aragona, that now, “Jeff M” and “Jeffry” bereft, but not of good food here at “Averte” — I found them online and told my parents I wanted to live here, that I found them on Facebook and my Mom smiled so wide — she was glad I found out about this Rehabilitation Home where they cook for me and clean my apartment, also driving me to doctor’s appointments like with Dr. Candido who is helpful, I take my fill, at the Clean Fill, no drill, no drinking beer or alcohol SOBER 2016 without a sip for 2+ years, no beers, no gay sex, wishing for Justine who is my Queen, like I told Justine’s parents I was hoping for a relationship with a girl in Tampa, Florida, I visited at The Eden Rock where Kim Kardashian stayed, I saw it on The Kardashian’s TV show, and wouldn’t you know, albeit although, I know, to be with a “Ho” who’s silly slinky hanging out sea-side and brushing your chompers the teeth with nothing underneath a Christmas Wreath, the housewife wench, putting up 235 lbs on the bench-press to read the official declarations of the News, like a new car for me with my Stocks, as my parents go for walks, and with much talking, unanimously and clean for my Queen to queef the wreath of my Spring Season WRITING at the word pad, of a padlock treasure chest’s on girl’s sound and round rancid milk in the fridge when the power goes to me for a week in the Winter of December 25th when Jesus was born and with what God’s universe entail, God brings planets and galaxies maybe with life on them, when the stars were already there, and we got in on this thing called “life” with what God is SHINING A BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT OF GUAGED BLUE SHINE WITH A WHITE BEARD!

That hologram of Him to get inside His brain in his head and His vision where only stars exist ahead of IGF-1 LR3 in my neck for anti-aging that I look like I’m in my 30’s and I hope to be with Justine more than girls in their 30’s years old, who probably diet on no-bread with more money in a cake for Rev. Anne Skinner’s birthday to blow out the candles, “Hannah House” her internet “handle” I discovered through An Angel and A.A. years later “Ladder to Heaven” on South Park on Comedy CENTRAL with perk of a branch with a pretty little Chickadee in the tree, perching with finding a munchy Brunch here they made egg whites of a Falcon’s flight to a bright while I think of I AM PROTECTED! No I’m not planning anything “Lingo” Fetty Wap Babble my dream was to have Danita at night and Mannie during the day, not at the same time! 2SISTA license plate in red, to pull up videos of ladies in beds!

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