If you’re a stockbroker this is very important, my knowledge of “cryptocurrencies” call me at 508-596-4311 with my $227 Amazon card to invest!

Turkey sirloins leaning on the balance beam with $1000+ in my bank account Boa Constriction to the pulled oblong sing ‘a’ song and learn upon the meadow farm where if chickens be kempt and free to see at the local land Mossy valley with Cape Cod beaches bleaching one’s hair without two bits of broken teeth, when, falling into the sink to the hole of the whole universe in a black hole to withdraw from a class, in the office sitting on the couch, no roach in my back pocket of NOT POT but a sensical testicle sucked up to withdraw into a wine glass, while wearing glasses and Ace’ing glasses clean, gladniss white steamed rice and only water to drink, what I called, “The My Minimalist Diet” of only white rice, unflavored water, and a multivitamin, my place to plan a minimalist diet to stay quite with my verse from oral Covid-19 multi-vitamins where I eat not much-  not having ever food at my crutch my cellphone buzzing drone in my Iraque throat sore of smiled smoldering heat-hot not too much smoking going on with my tiny amounts of Bugler tobacco, I never roll it on the front-coffee table, with me being amble with Ember discreet, ex-creet and not a creep in any way, shape, or form, for me and my and I my Xanax 2x a day, when I have to choose to Dance in Space with Allah I have seen Allah I was with Allah for hours of supreme pleasure given my interest in “Alternative ‘Positioning’” discrete penetration in a bed, downstairs- and on the first floor of rolling a revolution of vacuuming and sucking on silk tugs at rugs on top of one’s head to read instead of Sur-names I’m not insane but melting at the meticulous Metcalf nutritional and pharmacy prescription… never used it me personally when I see that I got in early from the win of a tell-tale sign of sighing when the upper-class but lower-class was a waxy way of taking a taxi, to say the “classes” mix- they mix around making quirking sounds, crawling in the green gas spilled from the hi-speed Tow truck, you messed it up, to the reader, you skipped a ton of material on my posts of recent weeks, making Tweaks in the tic-tac’s purse-side when I would ride in the car with my Mom and Dad, excited about that new local restaurant that’s opening up 20 or to 25 miles away from here, now at “Averte” and, in my Apartment, writing groceries tickets on parchment with Red Bottles of Coca-Cola in cans come in twelves at Christmas time of year, December and I want to have a beautiful girl as a friend would definitely consist of “Benefits”-included with a buzzing battery of 12 volts to jolt the guns the stunners… Summers with their cracked line brokers whole have the protruding sentiment to lose e sense of imagination of Islam singing songs from The Elon Musk Chant: “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR SENATOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NEXTDOOR STATEY TROOPER, now Toots to take a break at the pick-nick park of Willfully staking staying here in a great State, being Vermont, that I really wish I could come to get up-  while seeing Start Stars NOW with a mingling Cowboy fatty with a beer belly line-dancing in his earlier days, but with no diet “Plan” to span the cans of foreign lands, with tuna fish a staple in the wrapping paper of a selfish sea-fish swimming and trimming the grimy grits, and with the silky Mr. Pitt to talk to the on-stage Actors and financial benefactors — while working in a slinky stinky smoke of an Industrial Factory, sufficing with a sufficient precision to ensue the Haighty- Community of breast-strokes in a sing-song LIVESTRONG briefs and boxer briefs, with a LR hook… in a movie… that you have never seen and remains where the beautiful body Linda logs the tip of the top, the Times, when people check in with their code-# to job’s jotted paper-thin notes of knowing the password you used a year ago, now that you can’t remember it, me staying Fit and Proper with a good Stellar winner Bell to the Balls to the Bull Market on the finances of fine fine — oh so very fine swine-meat, of course to, Eat and chewing Wallgreen’s Walmart at the thought of sprucing up the hours of house-time we spend, living until we’re all SPENT THE SAVINGS WITH AMAZON.COM “RAVING SHOOP SHOOT TO HOOTIE A HOOP… and a getaway at the CVS with a german’s vehicles that 4 wheels… digging in your heels to the healing Medical “powers” of the Ph. D.’s who are superior to the average Bachelor’s who’ve one stempt stepped to a cliff upon the inner excuse of falling for a ruse, and off, to turn on with a quick bum-stairs climbing to Ascent by Caddi-lacking sugary snacks that I never have sugar to be HURDED THE HEARD COWBELL WHEN I INVESTED IN “STELLAR” to make money to “Doge to the Moon” with the man I’ve had for a 40+ minute call and a few more for lengthy people dropping period-marks of colored chalks on the classroom class-board, being fully filled with GUD SPELLAR!  a ways of longer lines at the EMP’s of foreign weapons pulsing Sabers mining those little poking polkadots, those laster pointers on the walls in movie theaters, shining the treated and Trident red-dot on a screenshot to document the days of Old… planning on staying alive, but maybe for a forsake of I NEVER GET “BAKED” !!!!! Kill the snake with a rake on the business end, to send off Carrie with a smile and a sweet message of having known her to post-pone her release, I’d wish for that… she wears a Pitney-Bowes blue baseball “cap”- and being her usual hat to wear, she does, atop her head of heard-sound coffee-grounds I mixed with waters of the outside underground Water Step-Sister System of bodily health contusions with minimal Cranial damage to direct outward my Out Of “Ward” Psych. Hospital “Visits” probably 2+ years in total, I told Ya, hearing the sounds, Vocal Infusion of Communication but only at a crappy Community College to pledge allegiance to my “Elegance” story you implore me to do the jabber of a “White Cracker” stone on the windshield with a thrown up, Throne up, mopped up Poppy Sup?

Turning germs into microbial-WMD’s developing in Wu-Han-d with a firm grip of “Catching a Rift” when the greeter waves-  but to “Drift” so putter in “Drive” to the Camisole show of propensine propensative  Bronx Natives so Notorious candle-stick trading of currency, investing in Palladium, with one only son of the mother hun, when, a hen, clickingly clucks to the low-life fucks who hacked my BlogSpot account to what is the I’m out of quaker state motor oil when you do what you do, I ask, you please, involve my persona on a person of the family after dinner… oh letting food digest bereft of “Bloat” the written notes of a years long stay in a Mental “Vaca” to a building I coldly colony of MILF’s in the hills and in the Halls edge-lined walls of painted persons sitting atop the Ledge, butter swooned “Doge to the Moon!”

Knifes and Khaki’s to put on at home maybe, after a day of riding a water-wave Casa-head on one’s shoulders and “At home” when one is in one’s meditational “values” of Bluetooth saber hood Sober hottie in a hottie hotter big Hooters there Ha Ha Howie with a willow withered “Will” I wrote with millions in the Stock Market… me in 2013 or 2014 when I drank the drinky-poo’s at the bar once or twice vomiting into the bathroom throne, being completely out of a formal “comfort-laden” in many millions USD with fish sticks I’m just kidding with Kudo’s to the crew at the Tesla and Space-X hovering above and about the time being almost there it’s in-  I put you all in a special “Space” of reading what the next World or two or there the three of my free and offered- not for a Fee as I enjoy thin this living at “Averte”. . . hoping not to be here for much longer as I have 10 Bitcoin “Wallets” I called “Bitcoin Containors” containing a thin coat of plastics refurbishment with Mom’s friend Trish to wash the disk in the sink, along the Spinal Column with Marko Columbo lifting weights at the gym until muscle is spent, with Trainer Trainee but not a Tranny my friend “Elon Musk” of 2005/2006 I remember that time, spending an unseen groceries ticket of CASH MONEY FOR THE REGISTER, employee pleased and I’m on my way, to be stunned by a bumble-bee tuna fish that IT STINKS so I’m sending it out to the Kitchen to cook me a new platter for me to stay thin, it’s so important to me, and my Dad threw away my vitamins and supplements, living now more healthily HEALTHY as I can be… and with tiny thighs though I floss fat calves injected with “Synthol” an oil that expands muscle fibers… it’s just a muscle-spacing “Oil” without medicines and maybe making me somewhat “Super” facially dilly-dally with Sally Sandra of Audra’s homily homey support of bearing a best breast brazier with your Insurance payments on-track and showing no suffering to suffice the Vice City on-screen playing of Games to treat the petite non-sporty and stay-inside lazy kids, too fat and lazy to play sports in Summer-time shorts, and girls:  the full-length “skirts” on skin, blowy breezeway in a home on Montigo Bay when the television has to say, “BUY YOUR MYPILLOW NOW!” That I’ve used the MyPillow for a few days after I saw the commercial on for the Second time of NOT $4.20! NO MMJ! being l only smoke a little and my lungs are a little more music-paced and playing with the porcelain clean politician polite him on the phone for a long time a few times, no joke, imagine if a Senator was my “friend” he sent me a message on “Meta’s ‘Creator Studio” I have from time to time, Dan and I drank wine… I told him give me whine because I knew these big companies would do so well with “21+” for 2021, when they all went plus-signed by my Ledger fingerprints taken by a police officer we called to the house, video recorded most of it, when I was like “HOLY SHIT DAN CAN YOU IMAGINE IF I’M RIGHT ABOUT FACEBOOK AND TESLA AND JOHN DEERE ??? Dear Cousin Daniel M. Besse who I haven’t seen his online pic on Twitter — where he won’t be my friend! — he’s mad that I can afford to buy him a Ferrari, I promised I’d buy him a 2002 360 Modena in “like new” Condition, we washed our bodies and hair on our brain’s of Brian’s big bidding to for me to support him with money because I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE BRIAN MCNEIL, buying him a gift when I get my cash, can you imagine that? It’s like what if someone got a divorce, two farmers men and wife with ma-nuere wafting through the ambient-temperatured air, while, In the Home with a line of the at no time I have written profanity so profane it being a CACOPHANOUS CALAMITY WITH AN ARMY DRILL IN NORTH KOREA, TO DRILL A CAVITY ON A TOOTH, when I’m “letting loose” while admiring the big size of cellophane “Tasty Fries For Free!” and when thinking about a “Plan” to wear more Plaid so as to buy a sweater for the winter in your new or slightly used Tesla or joking prods of poking another’s side, in heating things up for one of those guys wants to fight-  he couldn’t think of a Retort taught by a tutor wearing a knick-knack “Tudor” watch that I spied online, but in the end I chose another watch that came when I haven’t come to that part of the nighttime rhymes of a hick-town with high heights of memories with my Dad going fishing and my Mom teaching 3rd graders, at her job doing a great time of day to drink a tasty cup of tea and make Dad a Lipton coffee cup, like a Mug, so chicken Chug! Yeah down the beer when no one’s here being that Mom is coming home at this time of day so just say “Hey! Surprise! Mine Mixed Mind or not yours but mine!  When writing all the time I choo-hachue Hash with what was years ago, smoking ‘bud’ and wearing ‘Bod’ Body Spray at every day through the work week when the next song on the Radio is going to be great I just know it is… so hit Seek!

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