I want to buy a Tesla with my Tesla stocks from 2013 or 2014, investing as per “my best friend” Elon Musk, having known him since pre-famous times to of and to chat with for 44 minutes or so, then called back by him, very feeling a vim- of searching ways to Elon-gate my arms and legs, hatching Twitter baby chickens now free of their Eggs, like Bruce “Fent” I searched for a “Fentanul” fan! me drug free for all to see, for my 2016 Sobriety…

I look to my parents- they haven’t lost their Te-mperate Climate change that

I want you to check out and peep the fact that I feel I face a rack from my closet full of t-shirts: I OWN FIVE BITCOIN SHIRTS, ALL *DIFFERENT* TO DEFUSE THE FUZZBALL OF OKCUPID.com I ordered when it was the best website for viewing professional hairdressers I talked to in 2005 on here, on Facebook that I joined in 2006 mmm-mmm Eminem’s “Stan” of south Parking in front of a US MILITARY SHIP I ALREADY SAID “DEFUSE” AS IN BIDEN INFLATE THOSE VASSOPRESSIN homeopathic, that’s got me. Kissing a girl with CBD NORTH KOREA BECAUSE THEY HAVE AN ADVANCED HYPER-SONIC I saw on Google News, me possible ordering a 5th Bitcoin shirt and I’m wearing a Bitcoin Polo right now, thinking of how I’m gonna be in the dog-house with Hannah House I’ve talked to at great lengths, many hours of me reading her books like Walking With The King in larger print, she prefers to write books for followers of Jesus Christ, that I have 2 “Jesus is my Homie” t-shirts one white one blue, with images of Jesus Christ I pray to there will be no hypersonic missiles being tested of North Korea will have a large arsenal of… and that he would probably do a test launch if he really wants to use it on my Dear Country spending money from Disability that Rev. Anne Skinner of the Hannah House having purchased the “Hanna” Soundtrack Justin keeps to himself playing video-games and drawing and painting in Cambridge, MA feeling out of if he’s okay to understand the understanding of the brunt of the Bitcoin $$,$$$,$$$ of 2013 or 2014 when I last saw American — I’M AN AMERICAN TAXPAYER AND I WISH TRUMP WAS STILL IN OFFICE, we would be the edge ahead and instead of the end…

And Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House that has origins of Hebrew and like Jesus Christ and Not High (NH Bruce Fenton 2007+) but being with, “Walking With The King,” For sale a just hobby of writing that I know many remember not only when I had to walk with a Dr. Sabertooth cat at that with a breaking bad hat I hated what was left of my libido when the special signature of Bruce F. I want it faxed to “Averte” but not necessarily facts that face the fact: North Korea hates us, that Brian M. in the Army said North Korea hates us HATES US and they recently tested a brand new hyper-sonic missile but Kim Jong Un was friendly with a Friendly’s sundae for a delight when he might… Listen to Donald Trump for advice, hopefully soon to rev your engine with is not the cheerleader I sat next to and we would chat, the unrecovered “shade” of Taylor so I hope they give me my mail, hurrr, right Hear me happy I know a man since 2007+ running for State Senator who LIKED my Twitter Post that I told him originally as he had Fent with the Quickie “Will” I wrote while drinking Coke Zero that I tanned with Melanotan II sold online I said Coke Zero and I’m not a hero but Dan and Jenner are on my side of the entire earth being no longer a blip in the sky, my owe me oh mine my oh- with a Russia-India “connection” to the inspection of how I’m happy to have been with my Cousin Dan I went to Saint John’s but that this ain’t uncle John (Deere) just sell the whole lot of them I know I have at least 1, from my money, in cash $120 or $140 that we kept on a videocamera that was old us 2 in our 30’s in 2013 or 2014 that this is a critical caco ‘coco’ Puff of a breath, I looked up Theo on the Cosby “Cuz” Dan, we’re doomed- we’re going to be letting me in on what I invested so much Monet print the — I don’t drink 2+ years now — mostly always Sober in 2005-2012 with my Bitchain that’s secret from me and Old Hessie we invested so greatly in Bitcoin I attended a conference of in 2005 to 2006 when I injected my face with 177-191 protein peptide Great White Peptide was shut down like ar-r.com was around for years when they sold 1mg of 177-191 for $60 I put it in my shoulders of John Deere stock 2021+ like I PREDICTED WHAT THE DRINKING does to the brain in high school through adulthood without Wikipedia that’s with a “W” and it stands for me taking the Stand not in a bookstore but with a her head, kneeding dough made by Courtesy of Course with a Cork was being with Pork, on the side, when I eat oily green-beans with me without you who reads me, I wish you well with a kitten named “Cookies” I once sketched with a pencil “Averte” has them like maybe nick should have been yelled at that time because, I’m sure he was big and almost giant with his many Meds I take the Medical style ANTI-PSYCHOTIC, but honestly no Saint John’s classmate in my Class of 2000 I’m friends with on here on Facebook allure magazine with India siding with Russia I saw on Fox News having mostly watched CNN of not me buying the Times New Roman fare-a-cab to a town way — yeah whey not having protein Fruity Pebbles protein powder I dare not utter the words that I’m not taking anything hormonal plus having a decline sit-up’s bench in front of me where I keep my MacBook surface, I didn’t even scrape the service of veta with scars, like mine and I had a bed sore after a couple weeks ago. My dog Ripley died toward the end of 2013 so I made a custom Christmas tree ornament because she’s been raised from a wealthy family who gave her a love-seat to sleep on in the big room downstairs and they’re so Disabled her each one of them skinny except the cook and Paul Marino was my Saint John’s classmate and he would sit in back of me, that one of my SJ teachers who were all good and great but hate, they felt for a homosexual teacher who let Paul Marino let me know, that NO I’m not mentioning my other online friend named Paul too and tomorrow I’m taking off Paul Noel II because I am cautious and proceeding lightly with the “thinking” of a Step-Mom I didn’t have my “tadalafil” but hear do hear the thought of a young guy and a late-30’s to date and Mingle with a Jingle of I’VE NEVER TAKEN WHAT SLY TOOK but I had 177-191 as instructed with doctors like my first Therapist I saw once a week for years of my “Recovery” when I had nothing wrong but singing him a singer stitcher in a wheelchair not crutches of a blood having been taken, I paid Dan to have that happen with $120 or $140 — Apple, Facebook, John Deere, GameStop and match dot com to have considered consisting with my own “Will” being written by Dan and I, us he’s my older “Cuz” I call him and have called him years ago to first INVEST IN TESLA in 2005 then having the opportunity to have made my 3rd investment — or forth to the Polo he had because of me — but the economy was down at the time I invested in it telling a Police Officer Dan and I knew, he wore the Blue Shield of not an A Believer in a Church of Hebrew I would avoid the time I’m doing just fine on Justin’s time of playing video games at his Apartment and he hasn’t taken my calls for a good reason of the missing paperclip the scene of watching the low amounts of light at the Greendale Mall I’d occasionally fill in the blank with me to thank, I asked about all of the “Upcoming” and latest medical advances for the body, that my own body I’d type with dollar signs to the foreign company in China, Jintropin, taking the Insulin-Pin, long before about maybe almost a year in advancedchillen.com being registered as is on my Ledger where I mentioned her, my Justine ARAGONA, with her Dad sober but once maybe I’m nut I watch girls in their 30’s year old that Peter’s Dad and Mom to know he paid a lot of money, or maybe monthly bill with my Ledgers. Staying here and having spent a couple years at here, at “NOT NETA” I DON’T HAVE ANY CAFFEINE PILLS! — get getting onto the sing-song when I think go go with Doc Marten’s on with my not going crazy, when I’m going Lay-Z out. of the pen, high price Mont Blanc you saw the videocamera in front of us, and I’ve never been to Spring Break with a Florida map of “Pleasure Please” when I’ve had no girl on their knees for failures at Fairlawn more concerned with my Focus on what the next paragraph Pip to once having kissed a girl on her lips, dancing in a club atmosphere with 2 vintage-comics that I’ll send them to both Elon Musk and Friendly Bruce Fenton with a big bruise on my arm, taking to eLong that’s how he got my attention at a brief mention on fortune.com in 2005 and I knew him on the phone in 2005 he only called me because I was in the very flat montane “RPS”-games palling around with a cute girl on the train, to chew your tobacco if you want junky teeth so yellow that I should have bought Jim Chase the Minister 22% Carbide Peroxide praying with him early on with no music playing, songs, with which I write the peak cost of 1 Bitcoin that I know I have at least one, hopefully, very HOPEfuly with DAN — our Cadano Crypto Currencies I predicted would rise to about that hat I was into Walter White so much I bought a black hat like his, he and the Misses he put through the strive to stay keen and not eating Turkey Jerky off the deal is off when I told my Minister and my Cousin Dan Besse about how what the luck of a Clattering happy though… “constantly consisting of me, ask my “Health Proxy” my Dad. and. my Mom I will go lay in bed with no pornography and see if I can make it happen with myself just me imagining Tosh.0 I didn’t catch that last bit — having enjoyed the teasing last of a Juicy Fruit of “Tosh.0” in the Censorship Zone, when young people would watch the videos that they allowed on TV, like There are no photos There without a care as to why my Mama Mia Deborah doesn’t compare a stare from me, in the first Day of when we start worrying about the news with the war in Ukraine, Dan thanks for, “Investing” my money in cash a bit, to take the tip of the Rossi Dr. Rachel R. whunder with the Winklevoss twins who weren’t ready yet while writing in my “English Concentrates at Concerts no more- I once had my prescibed and allowed MMJ, many years ago, it helped me quitting beers- of a young me stealing a bottle of “Baileys” in my briefcase with there hopefully and in Concert, Dan and I signing and signing even more and more then listening to my Mother Hen and Great Wayne I call my Dad who was a big company Present President who formed a favor to pay me back, go all in on your stocks but the “crypto” *MARKET* was down that night the potted plant in my French Friend Pierre who he taught me how to paint after my very “A” material out of the very first, and my best, to not look at adult websites www.jeffreymarquis.com and my www.alwayschillen.com/elegance.htm I want you to read as I peck the ticking’ talk of Dr. Walk-er giving me a B+ because I was so busy and Sober with no MMJ until 2013 I saw a doctor with 2 written signed letters with what I wrote out about 113 pages, in pen, my Mother HEe Haw Marquis Parents on Aim the sights down Mr. Putin, BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO HAVE who but me, not having been with crystal powers never known possible until I started my www.jeffreymarquis.com SOBER 2016! I can not say it enough, this writing is having me to see, porn free with rad fads of Step-Mom walking step my STEM CELLS I ORDERED IN 2005, years before I had FOR TEA AND BAGELS, At the Table, Artie with my smoking tobacco on my porch outside in the back, so with my bed sore gone on my back Doge to the Moon, I told Dan to sell it when it was $1 so I still have Dogecoin that was purchased for me by people I chatted with on the phone that night when I talked to my Mom, and I talked with my Dad, “INVEST IN STOCKS FOR 2021+ because I’m drinking beer for the first and last one since 2016 when I quit drinking JEERS TO BE SEENS(VOICE, COMPASSION AND EMPHASIS ON THE FIRST FACT THAT I DIDN’T PLEASURE MYSELF WITH MY BED SORE weeks ago, I took care of Justin my bro who created art work for me, in your own position of JMRQ Inc. on AIM the barrels below the night club in the bod cologne really a Stay on the memebread instead of club in the Bod and Febrile that a long time ago years ago, PH had a “No Nut November” that I skipped one year’s of pleasure so as to be Baptized under by Rev. Chase “Jim” and “Jimmy” collected $120,000 on what should have been — but I’ve had mental illness that I “searched” “BRAIN INJURY” AND HIT HEAD really hard in 2002 the I was home still before the NEU (Northeastern University” when I believe I had this car for Saint John’s High School with Paul M. who follows me, and a call from Elon Musk, Dan who collected my Dave Renaud drove me to the Saint John’s… I attended in Saint’s of John a business partner, John Coz with I bought him Cubic Zirconia expensive SHINING BRIGHT YEARS TO Tease the breeze of a Sunday beachday with his wife and special son Lee, that I gave Justine’s Mom some “Lee Jeans” she wore them consistently already “ALTERED STATES” as the Gun Control is out of whack with a non-happening thin thing and that I was too into believing what CNN has to say, having hit the heights of a laser-straight line when I would Tip a Dime and $7 because of my jmarquis710 online that the mutants Mice of vasopressin pressin’ my c ho the day when Wrote my disclosed a fact, I’d like to check the balance beam that I won’t be seen, night for fun, it’s 3 MAGNUM C’s from my Mom to buy, when I was with, when, my Mother Hen and another mother I have known she’s changed her profile image to a slingshot- to my never having shot at glass because I didn’t need tobacco at “White thinking it’s good not to have THC that is driving people crazy as in THC FREE CBD lower than 0.3% peak THC, Gutfeld just said sloppy Joe’s for getting so veers flossed and clean, trying to think of writing directwhite.com my writing a review of those so what’s her name and who’s that chick that I searched “Caucasian model with like step-mom’s on points not score skin scrubbed but not “in the Tube” or Youtube or Lin O h and I think, my shrink of 2005-2018 with that would be a bad casino game to sent my online poker chips in, they’re going to Amazon and I once played scratch tickets for yards of the back with when I was out of a photo, Putin shirtless in a stream with a fish he caught, but I am an American Taxpayer of paying ah yes, I have absolutely avoided guns since 2002 when I stopped writing my “Will” with Dan, and I purchased his friends loads of helpful products that they probably wonder why I think it’s cool that I had a non-at-length Will when I introduced Dan to the happy wonder of the West and I took night classes of writing and art until 2009 late August, when wouldn’t know you who’s being the ‘Facebook friend form of being in what I’ve never been, aside from the phone I saw of an “Other Drugs Forum” on alcohol and how much it might increase a Parking along the elongation of long string Cello “cheese sticks eaten by a cheater of SELL OH DAN WHEN IT TURNS WON 2023 WITH WHAT WEB OF THIS THE WEBSITE OF REV. Anne Skinner and Loss of Interest? I won’t watch bad websites for the sake of Peter who when I later met hims, sure hims Peter but not a resident here at “Averte” as my TD Bank is where I be where the Word softwaresoughtsfter thought of after seeing and finally of the need to catch a girl with soft fingers and palm her not seen since 2013 when her parents didn’t like how a drank so much beer when I didn’t get sick, in the bathroom or wherever I drank 2.6 grams of Carbs per can in Tie-Anne Skinner, belief in God with my parents in cape the Cape happy with me, who wanted me, to be, with Rm. 227 in Saint John’s when, jobs I had one with my from


I WOULD WELL “WILL-POWER WONDERFUL, SPLENDID, NOT SHARING ANY OF MYMONLEY-FRIENDS MONET PUT MO ON TEEN SO I DON’T LIKE TEENS! and in the driveway her dribbling of sweet saliva with her Dad and his “Cheetos cheesy and BE HAPPY “be” no what. the hush about not making charitable donations as though a way of saying thank you Anne skinner who has a book I’m reading, and its making taking tackle of my Dad’s new batty seaside suede seas of blue and basking on beaches as seen on “Entourage” and phoning an online friend, I kept until the end of the ages of late 20’s with Mrs. Appreciation for this US nation of sure such ” but really I like girls the most in their thirties with itty bitty big bunches of Bigtop flip-flops when I never have hops out of the picture of Alice with a leash in heaps of flowers at the sunshine hours of glossy gleaming on-screne on scene at the happenings of glimmering shades of getting my 8 pm pills

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