God is The Creator of upon directions pointing to Engine “grinding” certifications in my TD Bank!

Biden is failing and there’s Russia and North Korea, plus the economy that did strongly with President Trump, who I emailed the webmaster of a Trump dot com website that I said, “He was so great on The Apprentice on TV and I want him to run for President!” And the webmaster replied, something like, he’s running for office in the future!” That was in 2005 or 2006 when The Apprentice was over, so I predict good things in the past, and only in the past, being fearful for my Dear America where I pay a lot in taxes, being a millionaire and I don’t know how many millions of dollars in my TD Bank that is kept secret from me, but I use money from my “Disability” payments rom my #1 word power, America!

But I wish Trump was re-elected, having voted for Joe Biden, stupidly, after Dr. Dominic Candido, my only therapist, so I’d like to talk to the Therapists here but everyone is too busy for me, on purpose, except for Elise who is nice and great to me, that she knows my pills come split in half, so I know THIS IS A “SET-UP” like I’ve already been “SET-UP” in 2004 when a room full of people screamed at me on speakerphone, after the only cop in the room, and they all were yelling and screaming, “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!” along with so many other horrible actions on the behalf of MY ENEMIES, and maybe I shouldn’t be saying this but I’m hoping Nukes go off in other countries, that because I hate it here at “Averte” where they refuse to give me Therapy, just kindly chatting with an employee- they never care about me, like I know my parents care for me — I LOVE MY MILLIONAIRE DAD! — I hate my Mom’s side of the family because they caused me to drink so much, free drinks, when I was so sad about failing Calculus I in 2004, that I dumped out all of the alcohol in my house and demanded I go to Detox, but my parents were in on “Their Plan” and they wanted me to break up with my girlfriend in 2004 (I hate her now!) and people were AWFUL TO ME IN 2004 and to this very day, stealing and messing with my apartment in this further “They have a ‘Plan’ for me, after making so much money in the Stock Market and Bitcoins galore that I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my Bitchain that Dan and I made it so detailed and complicated, stored on a new laptop we had that night in 2013 or 2014 with a signature scanner and fingerprints to prove that it was really me who made it so rich with I think I had 5000 Bitcoins and Tesla, John Deere, Facebook, and so many other Stocks when my super rich parents let me invest so much money they said they “owed me!” I want to buy a Tesla, but I WOULD PROBABLY DRINK BEER AT A RESTAURANT I HATE IT HERE WHERE EVERYONE IS MAKING A FEEBLE ATTEMPT AT SHOWING ME HELL!

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