I reached beyond God, through His “Illusion” like a hologram at the edge of space where I knew Bruce in 2005 and 2006, plus Elon Musk, on FACEBOOK chats of talking about “The Creator” upon making it through the Big Bingo game with me making a moneyed-mockery of a herd hen farmland to lend a hand to a milling and milk-y Moo Cow in town, me not “taking you on” with a stretched out song of doing the needs of a Haloperidol pill, feeling fine, doing all myne and my grandest fantasy Diving but not not really die-ing to take a thumb-tack out of place, no one on longer of a Plastics and the Teletubbies know, adults generally do not watched that show on air, when MY MONEY MAGNIFICENT… while seeping into a Monet “Telegram” of Da’ Fam… my Marquis Family I see they are happy with me, to write with willpower at any hour LATE- I wrote a “Will” with a Mont Blanc pen and pill, while I’m always chill to read my http://www.jeffreymarquis.com

I have about 5000 Bitcoins if my “Cuz” family member Daniel M. Besse @Danimal on Twitter kept my investments in 10 “Crypto” Wallets for me, connected to my TD Bank my parents keep a mystery I know I had about 5000 Bitcoins in 10 Wallets with TD Bank, he hopefully sold then at $65,000 about each because 65 is the speed-limit on highways that I would drive my 2004 Subaru WRX with a big Turbo and AWD with 17″x7.5″ wide Rota Formels wearing the super grippy Yokohama ES100’s that came delivered in the mail, along with the medium weight wait for it, Z-Rated rubber that was a whole 7.5″ wide VERY WIDE FOR A WHEEL, but the wet leaves, it was raining that day and slippery on the roads so I wish the jerks who caused my WRX TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces, some people had me sign my name misspelled as “Jeffry” so there would be no record of me having been out cold on life support with a drilled-in mush “Feeding Tube” for 3 weeks when I can’t remember a thing but a nurse giving me a “Manual Release” of my sperm they collected, with blood, saliva, hair, fingernails, pubic hair, and even my poop because if people were right about me drinking after 2016 — and I didn’t drink at all for about 5 years after my brain was functioning and my senses were at 4/15 Glasgow Coma Scale in the ICU at first and my Mom would cry in the waiting room and the first couple weeks she would sit and pray with a group of close relatives, close friends, my Minister and Marquis-Family staring at the door and hoping to receive the words that I was out of my Coma, because there were sometimes everyone thought I would be a vegetable in a Care Facility and never having an Orgasm again, that I’m not watching PornHub tonight because I finally believe that my dear Minister Rev. Jim Chase has passed away, I don’t know why I believed the newspaper clipping was fake but my people know “Connections” like Dan my “Cuz” the Stockbroker @Danimal hasn’t returned my dozen or so, long emails with my remembrances of going big on the stocks I knew would be worth a lot starting in 21 because I’m all about 21+ friends and girlfriends, that Justine Aragona I want her to be my wife if she’s not drinking any alcohol or driving a car- as she was far too Disabled and Handicapped, but I didn’t mind walking with her, it meant nothing to me that her bones were in pieces and we both had many scars from our injuries with others at fault, but I swear upon my promise I’ll be nice and I’m giving Dan 50% instead of 3% or 0.3% as per the half bottle of CBD pills we had that wild night of drinking alcohol and beer, until the electricity turned off and I find it hard to believe that the power went out because of someone other than me, who I was buying so many Bitcoins — Do you remember Facebook’s The Winklevoss Twins? I sent them emails and office faxes with emoji’s and $5 email “gifts” with custom text about “Crypto” and I knew 2 weeks before everyone else that Facebook was changing its name to “Meta” so that opened up the many Metaverse “Tokens” we bought to give me stake in where to take the company, that I let Dan my “Cuz” take care of that, we bought so much with my Aliases “Jeff M.” and “Jeffry” because that’s how I was registered when I was first in the hospital ICU and people wanted me investigated, so my Identity as my real name “Jeffrey Marquis” was kept hidden in case anyone questions my TBI Brain Injury Survivor Status as a longterm Taxpayer, part time worker, COLLEGE STUDENT with a history of working jobs, when I went to QCC and learned how to type, but I was supposed to learn “code” that was too hard but I’ve excelled in my Authorship abilities, I have been published in The Student Voice with a short review of Le Mirage restaurant that closed down when I came home from the city of Worcester, MA to Charlton, MA to live with my parents because my Mom and Dad missed me once I’d recovered more with Therapies and an early-on trip to a mental-hospital when the doctors with Ph. D.’s thought about how to help me, after a “vent” was drilled in the rear of my skull to relieve the pressure in my Cranium, so it’s no wonder why Justine was the right fit, I love her, I love her more than Samantha Rotella who was married and I told her family great things how I would have her within reach but she deleted her Twitter, like Tiffany “Tiphdizzle” Desrosiers hopefully has a husband and healthy growing son or daughter, she was with me the morning before I was “SET-UP” TO DRIVE DRUNK!

My debit card was drained

My cellphone was not working

My wallet had all of the money taken out by the paid-off Bartender at a bar I went to, stealing my money and my Mom said, “We’re not paying for a cab to take you home, so we’re not helping you if you’re drunk!”

I called my Dad, I called my Minister, I called all of my Contacts in my Motorola flip phone with the same number that I have now AND ALL I GOT WAS BUSY SIGNALS, I begged so many people to pay for a cab for me, but they were all in on my enemies’ “Plan” to have be cited for DUI, that I now have a clean record, attempting to work a couple jobs that were beyond my abilities, so I’d like to be an Author, that after I spent hundreds of hours of Journaling for my 1st dot-com website from before my crash, I was great with writing, I had horrible penmanship and used Crayons but not black markers because I would have sniffed them ha! I didn’t use my left arm or left leg because the right side of my brain took the most impact from the telephone pole on Henshaw Street in Leicester, MA where I spent hours wearing off my buzz in Derek Langlois’ driveway ` ` ` he was a very close 2nd best friend, because Dana Gardner and I grew up together in Elementary School through Junior High at Shepherd Hill when I moved up into a higher level math class with a teacher I was happy to befriend Dana and I thought and knew his parents had a lot of money and cars and trucks with a nice house, near me, and an inground pool, years later a full size Pool Table near my house I would pick him up when I was driving or First his Mom would drive us to school and then when Jay Camosse went to Saint John’s too, later leaving the school when they said, “Pack your bags!” I later got a ride from Tim Fennesey who smoked dirt-weed usually before school on the 45 minute trip in, and I left out David Renaud who drove me to school in his Mitsubishi Montero tan jeep with 4WD for the winter, once crashing. The car was turned on its side and we were both totally uninjured with a boring crash from going around a corner too fast, one road over from my Lincoln Point Rd. with my parents who had the AIM name: “Marquis Parents” I made for them, and I was being hacked by Facebook, Google, and all of my emails I wrote down all of my passwords I remembered and I didn’t think they would do anything to them, but they have been gone for many years and my enemies paid Google and got jobs there and Facebook like my Dad’s former employee Nate Stebbins said to me, “I’ll show you hell on Facebook!” and it’s why I rarely use periods because I don’t like it when girls are on their periods, but I enjoy holding a beautiful girl feel loved and feel at home because the menstrual cycle is for the man of the relationship to care for his lady partner girlfriend or wife, I was so disappointed when I learned Laurie Griffin has a daughter and a divorce that she said was alright with her. Now she’s married to a man I happened to sit down at the bar and drink a beer because the restaurant was 15 minutes from my house, when I knew a girl who worked at the 99 Restaurant I would stop there for 1 23 ounce Sam Summer and an XL order of my favorite and Dana’s favorite we would sit and drink, one of us Sober to drive 20 minutes from Auburn sometimes going to the mall in the good old days when I didn’t have a Traumatic Brain Injury and I could see single-vision before November 2, 2004 when I almost died and I think Trump should be the President again soon, like the sooner the better, so the fact that my Grammy and Cousin David Perron and Wes Badrigian and Randy Youngsma and Mike Madden, my Dad’s 2 ECM Plastics, Inc. “Partners/co-owners” $36.5M is a proof of my Dad’s largest achievement when he would work so hard sleeping not much and my Mom would always say, “Dad’s taking a nap” because he is starting a company in a building with a huge factory to mix and blend and add colors/additives to the raw “Resin” of various plastics he had trailer trucks and drivers, making it in with the crucial Gillette. I helped him start the company in 1998 and the first time Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins slept over my house was after the Company Christmas Party at Pleasant Valley Country Club and although she was poor — and not at all a “Gold Digger” — she was never into oral-sex or using her hands and she hated my sperm, thinking I was gross and she would always give me attitude unless I let her stay on top of me for a very long time and she drove a very junkie car, not safe in the winter and hoping the car wouldn’t break down, her blue coupe Chevrolet Cavalier, I maybe put money into Chevy to buy her an EV I suggested to Dan that her Mom was adopted by Allyson’s Nana in Florida I was with plane tickets for Allyson and I to vacation in Florida but I couldn’t stop drinking thanks to the Alcoholism and other flaws from George Gleick my deceased Grandfather who was a heavy drinker/smoker his whole life because his wife died when my Mom was a young girl!

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