AOC has blonde hair now and there are more important things at my fingertips flock of easy seagulls with gullible Carissa- she’s shade and I don’t think she’s seen my or read my read about my car crash in 2004 and I hope Elon isn’t too sad about withdrawing workers hired for jobs I have Apple stock from 2013 or 2014!

Hi to Elon Musk (2005/2006) Bruce Fenton for Senator of New Hampshire (2006+)

I added him because PhreeX on blue I have never had Ecstasy at a rave or stipens no strippers of Addicted to Face book shirt from 2007 or 2006 when I used videos from BitTorrent that I tried to give them to a Statey I lived near with what www the people I let them know that empornium dot us was corrupt I tried to give the nearest cop a stack of DVD’s with files of Teens and mostly “step mom” Oh I like Milfs but not having sex here — NEVER! — I get along with the whole staff, stay with me oggling good going in the right direction pointing to the edge of space, repeating “Justine take me to God” that we had an hour of kissing with us sitting in my room, Tini Ara, her step-dad Dan P. telling me to stop drinking all alcohol that I didn’t get to be Sober much come the Fall and I haven’t “Good luck you Charter boat, and only Charter boats as I eat a love for the details of a Script with a step-sister who are too young and I would most like to be with a woman in her 30’s

I don’t want any kids but I had Justine take a previous pill that we slept at a Hotel eating out at a really every drink I took the fact that she was a girl who was 19- and 20 years-old, and my story gets old auto about the Truth, I have a Traumatic Brain Injury being a Brain Injury Survivor having met “Her” at a TBI meeting that was open to the Public and we fell in love and I fell a couple times in their house drunk at night, that I would get so tipsy, and I talked to Dan and Dad and Danita R. who was stopped by no one and we chatted, talked to her Mom who was in the “I’m Mom’s Favorite.” glad to talk to me! I adored Manny on FB (I have stock in I invested in Meta and other companies that Metaverse was popular and they but didn’t rise until weeks after I purchased as many as 5000 Bitcoin’s with older Cousin Dan who had Monty and we invested in a Tesla stock that went down today, as Elon Musk my friend of 2005 to early 2006, scraping the inner-edge of God’s universe my word to him I work for the scrapping of words with my last line of communication to the Community of Jesus Christ not how but Who? who at Facebook — THAT I INVESTED IN CIRCA 2013 OR 2014 — has my having a Public Ledger and a Private Ledger, in a Safe that I hope Dan hasn’t faked any faxes of me — we found listed companies on a hiring website and got in contact with the ones that had Fax Machines

We paid a lot of money to invest in Tesla, Facebook, and John Deere, Apple Inc. — I picked ones that would rise in 2021 the most, when I told Dan that Facebook on the Nasdaq: “FB” of having known through a connection, and maybe I met her, Acut a CUT, I don’t have any drugs here but I’m awakened with the longterm CBD use for Seizures… ICU

I was in the I to the C to the you show yourself you red leather belt wearing with my Bitcoin Polo that I ordered special, being that I ALSO I SUBSCRIBE TO BITCOIN MAGAZINE

I have the Apartment here at “Averte” who give me my many Doctors appointments when I talked about good things with my Ph.D. Therapist Dr. Dominic — Alx was a D in my bed for about a month, a little over a month with the daily single address I’d I have never experienced a girl so small, Justine was THICK but not exercising at all, her Mom didn’t take her to a gym, was as she shaved her legs in the shower I took with her, who had a husband and I’m hanging out in my apartment, in-depth sadness with a bereft if I know what that means, it would be a day of driving a Tesla Roadster I told Dan to put down a $50,000 Reservation, that got on with My Mix from random YouTube songs I was able to reach Rev. Jim Chase and I told him a signature to sign on my Public Ledger, mentioning not her but Him feeling a vim of viva rant while eating vanilla cake and “Caveman Games” for Nintendo was amazing, like Mega Man and The Legend” being Zelda of course with a LINK FROM ZELDA WHO HAD A SWORD AND NEVER SWORE because my recently Deceased Minister Rev. Jim Chase in his final resting place, hopefully in Heaven that he swore he’d go to Hell for me, that I’m Islamic and DEFINITELY AN AMERICAN CITIZEN ALL MY LIFELONG DREAM OF A UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA CHEERLEADING COACH WHO HAS AND HAS PREVIOUSLY BEEN IMPRESSED BY MY PRESENCE, when I was TaLLer… my shrunken legs that thankfully there was a 30-count pill bottle that sold for as high as $135.00

I never got into Prohormones or worse for the road-heads of not doing that a road would be the road, the place where I would find but not exploring God’s universe, that I assure you the mystery of space while praying for Peace in the world, and look at this that I wrote for Poetry II with Dr. Gibbs, telling him, other people are buying more money in Euro’s that I want more What but a girl with a Disability and Handicapped like me want to see you. The one with access to my keyboard, “Brotha Nate what has become of my own Brother Justin who hasn’t taken my habit of purchasing much in the Official Currency of Italy I invested in the Euro because DAN SAID IF HE WANTED TO INVEST IN ANYTHING IN 2013 OR 2014, so oh really says “Justin” not to be confused with “Justine” who I haven’t seen in many years, as my Recovery has been so much, and For the naysayer or Nancy Justin’ character in his drawings maybe he’s painted her- me lucky to have 2 drawings and my self-portrait

I mooched off my parents a bit in my Bitcoin purchase of pursuing a dream of living nextdoor to Bruce Fenton my friend of 2007+ running for Senator in a neighboring state when maybe he could keep liking my Twitter posts, so howdy-hey the friend of 2007+ on Facebook, yeah I believe THE TRUTH IS THAT YEARS BEFORE FENTANYL FOR A BLUELIGHT.NU HEROIN USER POSTING, he would fall asleep and he overdose I tried to get Dave help he needed with a DUI and living at home — I called the police after he drank 4 beers in a restaurant — I told a waitress serving him beers 3 of them, I told him to only have 1 or 2 beers —

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