I have no access to I believe to be mine, of my mind to invest so mucho delivery of groceries to me with my Fridge, with beautiful Quesadilla

…from the Kitchen in the cafeteria here that my Dad took a great pic of him with a bass he’s a big Bassfisherman on Baker Pond I listen to Sirius and I don’t believe I’m candid enough to exasperate when I talk of a mate, Ariel, my GNC Boss’es phone number dunno but haven’t talked to her since my TBI “Recovery” and freckles are kinda gross but only most of the time I prefer a face free of freckles, I’m not big on, like “Advanced”-chillen dot com I won ownership of my next candidate to date the backseat backyard s-word I’m thinking Israel will be a safe place to be, feeling tense of the news of a hyper-sonic missile that’s extra “Advanced” hopefully not flying over skies when Kim heard Biden and he’s still doing his thing and the news never reports of North Korea now I read it on Google News where I haven’t typed anything into my hopefully I own http://www.jeffm.com I forgot about since 2013 or 2014 that people want me to LEAD as at Saint John’s High School I had “Algebra”, holding my whole right name in jeapordy over “Jeffry” that “Marquis, Jeffry” is on my hip x-ray from the I.C.U. that I have a huge scar like Justine had her whole leg carved up and not her fault, there was a drunk driver when JUSTINE WAS SOBER AS AN ALCOHOL-VIRGIN, being not Active Chillen Dot Com, Dan and Bruce Fenton please make me more millions of dollars — I know I have a great amount of Bitcoin Cash in my TD Bank that I told you first to sell it at $508.xx but it rose to one dollar’s difference with Bitcoin Cash… And I got the peak of Cardano to the dime because of my cellphone and Dan’s area code one special night of saying my prayers to God and Dad and Dan to tan with Melanotan II I used in 2006 and 2007 to make my skin special in an unseen shade of tan, all over, seeing stars, I saw stars in front of God and not Jesus Christ, predicting things like CoVid-19 I emailed China to name a virus with Co for “company” and Vid for “videos free online”… which this, the free videos I was speaking to a State Cop about the DVD’s of a BitTorrent website that I called the cops on, told the cop, I wanted to pay the government for downloading so much VidX and Xvid movies bout but of course craving the plate of also eating ice cream and coffee with water, wearing Bass fishermen “Waders” when fishing in a bog, that reminds me of Wade Boggs who played MLB that BLM was around months ago that there are a lot of criminals here and in the city of Bean-Town’s “Wade Boggs” who was big and strong ALL NATTY eating a breast of chicken to do it and I don’t know year yet, I hope to SURVIVE woof woof with a speaking doggie

I don’t know what’s going to happen with Ripley and her Milk-Bones

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I am a millionaire and I want you all to visit my website http://www.wrxtbi.com and http://www.jeffreymarquis.com — that I might also have given control to Dan B. my “Cuz” who I post good things upon your screen with emails to be seen that — the only place I order from online is Amazon.com (I invested money in 2013 or 2014…) I have Stock of or Stocks on with Merril but not to sit near “Lynch” who chewed tobacco at Saint John’s that I’m not friends with Dana Gardner my best friend or my “Cuz” who I don’t have his phone number but I have “a million dollars in my TD Bank” and that’s the last I heard… but I don’t remember living in Charlton much- to where I want to drive a Tesla with my own house on the same street as my Mom and Dad, MARRYING Justine if she’s not gained weight or has a second TBI and she was my last girlfriend. I drank too much at her house and fell down, but Justine was big bosomed of blowing blossoming roses to implore the Staff here at “Averte” and going to the Store down the street, without my Subaru — I haven’t driven a car in about 2 years or so — without any trips to the Psych Ward now that I get a shot in my buttocks every 3 weeks — that “2” and “3” I got in super early when after I REACHED BEYOND GOD AND WISHED THAT I COULD MAKE ELON MUSK AND MY DAD AND ME SUPER RICH!

Dan said he wouldn’t do it for less than 3% but then we did all of this with my own knowledge of “crypto-currencies” currently but also “at moment” watching “Step Mom” a feature of Step-Mom September with my not watching anything “Teen” to be seen but not by me! Loving the lotion of a loco-motion (to the Judge Justice with Justin my brother in the city is acting on his own, his Cambridge Cab-Fair I stare, dancing in space, Elon my friend, hoping and resulting in Insulin-Like Growth Factor Long R 3, and to see what happens on Hip-Hop Nation Sirius SM smaller, Dan make the amount I invested with you BUT DON’T SELL MY 5000 — if I have them still, I hope I do — Bitcoins because I want to see how low they go, as I knew Elon Musk in 2005 and 2006, when, he contacted me in a rush hoping I’d see a great TBI Recovery, when, he didn’t know what a “TBI” was and my own severe Injuries in 2004 have resulted in a radical sight of double double vision vision, when I want to get a third surgery because MY DOUBLE VISION REALLY MAKES THINGS HARD TO FOCUS ON, confused, ex-con with a NON-ARREST, I’ve never been arrested, to be tested of THC, now not me, as I only order plain CBD from http://www.bostonhempire.com or just “Boston Hemp” now — I ONLY ORDER CBD, BUT MY DOUBLE VISION IS SEVERE like my TBI from my http://www.wrxtbi.com and people are messing with my best dot-com that I Keep Torrent files I threw them away… this after leaving a stack on a State Cop’s doorstep of empornium.us in 2006 and the cop said it was fine but Jeffrey’s Judges viewing transcripts of phone-calls with “Elon Musk” and “Bruce F. Fenton”? Did I get the middle name wrong? Anyways he’s running for U.S. State of New Hampshire Senate, in a next-door state when I’ve been living at “Averte” in Bradford, VT for about 3 years now and not driving a car as MY DOUBLE VISION IS SEVERE, and like that “I LEAVE YOU but in only through thoughts of Mother Dove and Mother Hen, with a cooked Rooster, with the COVID-19 I named “Vaccine Booster” and using Dove soap on the skin in the shower I took last night, at the hour… of when I forget when but I’m clean and I shouldn’t have said “Butt” when talking about a Therapist here who I have only seen her once or twice but I guess she isn’t approved by my parents who pay a lot to keep me here, and we’re all millionaires, my Stocks in Tesla, John Deere, Facebook, and 7 more I wanted ten Stocks Dad and Dan said, “That should be enough with your so many Bitcoins, and Etherium, being that I’m special and I predicted the high rise in worth of worth in the world of girls who LADIES, STAY AWAY FROM WALL STREET VIDEOS WITH DEMI MOORE, an image from Dana who gave me about a dozen pictures, but no magazine because of my parents who would have been disappointed in anything but Playboy and Spice, in the nicer days of last decade TWO DECADES NOW, I haven’t been here for longer than 3 years of BEING WITHOUT A CAR!

Bruce, what’s your middle name, contact me so when you get in your car and drive me to The Cola-Tina in town, Bradford one state over, and I like a lot how you keep your wife or girlfriend the lucky lady to be with the man I let you in on in 2005 and/or 2006, don’t drink more than you have to because I’m a Recovered “alcoholic” with A.A. at the Charlton Federated Church I smiled and greeted the Minister gladly that I know you see me, all of the people I have known, currently, but not saying goodbye as North Korea has developed a Super-Advance Hyper-sonic the hedge hog, like Jenner Stagg — I made so many predictions of the peaks of Bitcoin Cash to the dollar and change with only a dime being the difference with Cardano, that’s carDAN-oh the moaning I did dripping urine when you locked me out of the bathroom, so I consider that to be you owe me for getting you involved in “Crypto” that I’m a millionaire!

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