Check my Public Record and Public Ledger, Dan and I arranged the Aliases: Jeffry, and Jeff M., and Jeff M that I don’t ever post dots because Dots were just sugar to be born of a woman named Ally, waiting to see what Israel having to say NoKo tested a really very “Advanced” hyper-sonic who I wrote about that on here on my “” but my I’m not supposed to know about and I haven’t logged in

He drives too fast when he drives is car

But it has air-bags, and all-wheel drive (AWD) and the award to the King’s Table with a sharp sword, and a bad-sore on his back from layin’  around while never, ever getting much exercise when he climbs up and down the stairs

Going slowly, and then, also, then and then – but when ??? –  going to work at “The Cork” being a mostly sober bartender and Been him collecting the register’s property for the time being, and the time is now without making a “Cow”  out of it… out of The Textual “Matrix” where they created a classic years ago, and he’s  Abe Lincolns to the counter that the spilt milk IT SPLIT !!!

Hawk a Loogie in the spit-cup when you have a nasty cold, and for cool Christmas “coal” sipping at the lactating nipples of Jack Frost, with a bowl of Frosted Flakes AND BREAST MILK to the lingo of Carries’ “Weebles Wobbly”

Stuttering standing while only ambling to the ample assignments in an “Artisan” kinda school

And a cow’s “Cud” with MMJ “Butter” with Bud Bundy doing a silly dance with his GLITTER GREEN SO BRIGHT, ALMOST OBSCENE, with Batman’s “Cod” piece at the beachwide seaside to take a trinket and come quick! For the “ship” will sink, so. That would wear Mink!

Sitting in the Drivers seat and but not eating pastrami at Jasmine’s for those who visit the tranquil vacation land of Japan, and the Arab deserts and but not shipping the Oil that thankfully I will soon own a electronic vehicle from Tesla!


I talked to Elon Musk and he called me after I called him, believing he was going to be amazing—as I saw his article on about visiting the inner edge of space, where at the OUTER EDGE I FOUND HOURS OF BEING GOD’S BRAIN, flossing my teeth that when I breathe—IT’S NOT “MMJ”—my card is no longer active—and staying active as the Activ women’s soy protein drink, soy=pink, Pink I love you to the girls who get comfy in cashmere pajamas that I want to buy pajama pants with a backside big pocket—for my wallet—I knew Elon would be so big in 2005/2006, that after I posted so many messages on his profile, he called me concerned I crashed my car in 2004

And I kept leaving my phone number on his profile, so he called me after seeing the photo of my car

I believe I read his name on and typed it in on Facebook, that this you must understand, it was in 2005 and 2006, reading about he wanted to go to Space, and he had a few mentions on he told me, but I didn’t search Twitter, that my old friend — FAMOUS ALSO, BITCOIN MILLIONARE, LIKE I HAVE SO MANY BITCOINS!

I haven’t driven a car in a couple years

I don’t drive fast as I’m hoping to buy a Tesla because Elon Musk, I’d post a new post on his Facebook “Wall” and I was so insistent he call be because I had a Traumatic Brain Injury I WAS RECOVERING STILL…

I haven’t driven for 2 years

I want to buy a Tesla Roadster that I told my Stockbroker Cousin Daniel Michel Besse my “CUZ” to put down a $50,000 Reservation on a Tesla Roadster, 0–100 in 3 seconds!

I don’t rely on gasoline and I care absolutely nothing about Oil because my nice parents are great and “good enough out of their love for ME” plus, They, my Mom and Dad I made the SN “Marquis Parents” years ago and none of us, my Brother Justin and Aunt Donna Donohue, we never got CoVid-19 that my Dr. Dominic Candido, Ph.D. had it so I didn’t see him last week, today, to him I spoke, choosing not to “Poke” and new online friends, on Facebook being joined in 2006 at WSU nextdoor apartment and easy to use their Track to work on my “Spastic Gait” from my TBI in 2004, a couple years of recovery under my belt, I went down a belt-size last month from LOW-CARB, low sugar, little pasta which shrinks my waist, and once again, I went down a belt-size last month, it’s not even tight! LOW-CARB

Like I once took off 25-30 lbs. with minimal exercise and later a supplement sold in stores, and NOT A PROHORMONE called “GH2” that really worked, spending $300-$400 in total, over a number of months, sold in stores and online

205 lbs. so muscular and thin, that my thighs are really small with basically no “quads” or “QUADRICEPS” I got a B+ in Health I with Mrs. Waskevich who thought it was so great I got 100 on all the weekly class tests, PURPOSELY, AND ONCE AGAIN, PURPOSELY SCORED A 0% ON THE MID-TERM!


I said I want a 0% on my final grade BUT I WANT YOU TO FIND ME A JOB WRITING ABOUT HEALTH AND FITNESS, after I wrote about sample workouts and no magazines like Fitness Magazine because they PAID their writers

Fitness Josie Maran.jpg

Simply a simple for PRETTY!  Never Have a Bad Hair (or Skin Day or Night with a mighty fright to learn of Clenbuterol, never taken as I believe it on was not really “Clen” the Hollywood Diet Drug that was all the rage, but without the out-of-Shape, like the magazine pictures that it’s very SPECIAL to me, as I was entranced with LIVESTRONG healthy Oprah living with a big What for W. magazine but without Charlie Sheen, the coat on a head of hair, that all of the onlookers, on the Runway of course, for the most of the Host, Ryan Seacrest and only the best like Kimmy Kardashian that I stayed at “Eden Roc” in Florida where it was on The Kardashians, that’s what’s happening, now good in the Bronx Hood of onlookers taking a second pause from the books, that are 20 pages long like an old friend didn’t want to take my phonecall, a classy babe, with glasses, shining in the wind of a wind-up clock—after 23 days and nights with her, enchanted by words, nothing obscurely absurd, of assuring her over 23 days together… feeling sweet, sweet Splendor, as The End Or. not not now when I already mentioned the cow, and its cud, nipples being hung, attached to an attack (from Mars) eating “Marquis Candy Bars” being SOBER SINCE 2016, now running rich with a million in my TD Bank, Dan and my Dad, and *I* with my buttery taste of Josie Maran’s “Midnight in my Oasis”

image circa 2006

Saved from 2006 on a Random Image Generator that gifts from God like resulted with bright cheerios and cheers—no beers!—back on that no-drinking habit, but with coffee that gets my brain going, for a showing of my Scars, to Jessica T. who didn’t want to chat, and that I have a Walter White brim hat, in black… stiff to the touch, CBD my crutch, at lunchtime-  they, the girls, they- those 2 cute girls with straight hair, not curls, I had Alx Neas To hug her tight, every single night, before bed—that, years later, I was allowed to sleep in the same bed- sex instead of cuddling—because the Staff was cool with it—on B.C. but with MAGNUM condoms, on… for very long like HOURS murky water in Charlton at Charle’s house with a keyboard mouse, scrapping the Service to Brazzers… that a Jehovah’s Witness I know signed up for a filthy website, with money from his Jehovah’s Witness Masses, I’ve attended loyally to Peter, his Preacher, I’d like to meet him or her — along the very touchy drunkard, trying to make it home to bed with Dawn dishes in the sink, to drain the pipes of a rickety ladder, get at’ter but only after, making money at the work-job during the bust day, I say… when whether the girl named “Heather” her bosoms offering her alchie-haul-icks, drunkard hicks, at the bar I once lived across the street from, not staying at home, like I wish to bee bumbling over stupid sentences, and bereft of anxiety, as per the 2 Xanax per day, when I say, I’m glad to be off Klonopin I had for years, and even though you’re not supposed to drink and take Klonopin, I had 2 beers at restaurants-  their bars with Pub 99 being my central-location but only before my WRX car crash, resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury, while I’m not insane, being kinda plane, flying high in the sky, Elon Musk in 2005 and 2006, I knew he would be famous in his quest for space, my place upon the edge, Jenner did Hedge, the funds—of fun—with Dan Besse, my Stockbroker… but my parents control my million or millions of USDollars in my TD Bank, it’s a mystery, to me—who’s the only one left in our country of America, where I wear 2 LIVESTRONG BRACELETS!  But abiding by the rules and laws of plastics/polymers ECM Plastics, Inc. owned by my Dad who got the Marquis-Family dog, Ripley:

C’mere good girl dog- Taken for Walks, to have told Justine’s Mom the only girl I would possibly dump her for was Mannie (First “Manny” in 2006 and 2007) that I included her older sister Danita, Dan didn’t see the influence of his MANNIE ROTELLA COACH AT UT with maybe Nick, as the ticks (on Rip) and talks with tock the clock of the close to Tini Ara and no longer following Mannie but I talked to her older sister and saw a photo of their family, all 3 wearing “I’m Mom’s Favorite.” t-shirts from the mall, sit rip, that was her on the kitchen floor of the island of Dr. Moreau in theaters with no go-go girls but only Val Kilmer and a fat old guy, and I have a Tarzan 1940’s comic book in a sleeve, that Ripley would bit our sleeves when she was active and good for walks on the street but not in a Development of I subscribed to “Muscular Development” when I worked at GNC in 2004 and was into Creatine and Whey Protein, lots of whey protein from the supermarket down the street they pick me up diet soda and chocolate milk, that I am working on a meal from earlier, but I grabbed Bethany’s butt in 2005 when she had a boyfriend I never met, I was greeted by the greatest and greenness of the Sally Fields with green grass in the farm-land on the moon, I know you’re planning on visiting Mars, after we talked in 2005 and 2006 for 40+ minutes on the phone, that he then contacted me later, I liked his Sobriety as I didn’t drink for several years until 2009, later quitting in 2016 with my Subaru Legacy having had the habit of ordering waters, sometimes Sparling Spiraling Sideways by the way of Southside loving the lawn, feeling one’s loins with a mention of…

I’m lying to myself thinking I’ll ever have more millions of dollars as Dad made me cancel my Bank of France, or just a “Bank” in France, that I looked at a map I had Dan’s assistant buy a map to look at and Time Magazine, new laptops, intl calling cards, I predicted Tesla would become so world-famous when I Googled: “Elongate Space” to value my time in the free world where I suppose Peter was allowed to spend money on Brazzer’s online xxx kisses from the Moon to blend caffeinated coffee into my cup and mix it with tap water, in this farmland and there are so many flavors offered by “Averte” I enjoy Irene here the chef who I feel 0 attraction to her to kiss, but the previous chef once pushed me down when I said the word “poor” because he had a brand new truck he afforded with a little difficulty, maybe, so saying sorry to him. He was nice to me for a while but then he drank and I admonished his great name, Ernie, like Q-Bert and a DJ with Dazzy Dassling from the, not Loconto of her 6th grade Rockies “Starter” Jacket on the buss, not D but Langlois… Tiffany Langlois my friend I took her home from a party in a backyard with a tent and we all had me to drive past midnight, I might desire Tiph but she is a mom now and I don’t want to raise any children, so if she wants me to rekindle the fm radio station fervor from the video or much needed soon, souping the scoops of balsamic from the kitchen… I once took off 25-30 minutes of time in a quick workout I’d do twice a day, until I was powerful enough to do 2h 40m of treadmill time at a hotel and had a story about not my graduating with an Associate’s Degree from QCC but “Parthenogenesis” where virgins occassionally have the giving of birth in the Middle-East usually, that now in scientific HD screens of medical anatomy that I saw a story on about a new “virgin birth” in 2004 when I refused to ever pray unto Jesus Christ until the end of the world, my Death with Jesus having suffered and I’m free of that, not wanting to experience pain, but not in my refrain from alcohol but not paying for porno like most people don’t play with Toys and the girls who all do it with vibrators I hope you enjoy yourselves, when I enjoy my playing on PornHum most of the time, left unit- until the nighty Misstress with what was with Jessica T. she didn’t call me back but she felt happy in her voice to me, when I remember for 23 days and nights she would sing soft songs, softcore, a little touching with garments listed, when I unveil my I hope I own it and Dan and MY DAD control this JEFFM that I think I let Dan hold it because I paid him $120 or $140 in 20’s that I also wrote him of not an email, but an Official Document with laptops set in safe’s that TD Bank is a mystery.

Brian McNeil said the government was already working on plans for hypersonic in 2005 and he was in the Army, that he promised me, “America has it covered.”


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