They steal from me in my “Averte” Apartment because of my enemies who are responsible for my many injuries in 2004 to my brain and left hip shattered into 7 pieces, so I’m Disabled the only money I get is from Disability and I have “a million dollars in TD Bank” I know as my Aunt Donna Donahue tells me the truth and she knows I’m scared here, thinking they’re going to ransack my apartment, they steal from me and I have no vitamins or CBD pills that I haven’t gotten my order of simple CBD from I have an expired MMJ and CBD card approved by a Specialist and 2 of my regular TBI doctors, THAT I HAVEN’T BEEN HIGH IN ABOUT 1 YEAR!

I want to be happy with my watching CNN and Fox News to result in something big happening in the world — MY BEST FRIEND ELON MUSK,

We talked for 40+ minutes on the phone to me when I was honored to talk to a billionaire who liked Space and had a company SpaceX that I wrote on his wall, what’s your phone number I want to talk to you about space ` ` ` and I was the first person ever to do that when he was new to Facebook in 2006, so that or he had his phone number in his profile, he had only his tightest circle of people in his life, that he wanted to know about what was possibly a driver dying he thought I was the Passenger and I survived TBI Brain Injury Survivor I told him about my going to Astro Camp when I was a boy and my Mom and Dad are my “Health Proxy”

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