I want to marry my Justine Aragona TBI Survivor like me www.wrxtbi.com from 2004 when I hope to buy a house with my as many as 5000 Bitcoins that their peak worth per Bitcoin was $65,652.92 I told Daniel M. Besse of CT my stockbroker older relative when I invested millions of dollars into Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, etc. etc. like a hot stock that Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban were big on, but I have a million dollars or a lot more in my TD Banks in all of New England and New York and Florida with $10,000 in each state, not planning on leaving “Averte” any time soon, and I also have money in Bermuda and The Bahamas, etc. etc. when I was so wise to invest in so many Stocks and “Crypto-Currencies” that have all gone way up in price USD in my TD Bank that has a million dollars or more in BUT MY PARENTS KEEP IT A BIG SECRET!

By studying the prices of Stocks since 2005 and reading about “Advanced Cryptography” a book I rented when I was at my smartest in 2001/2002 conquering Social Anxiety with Therapies and Klonopin that I was on 4x a day 1mg Klonopin (Clonazepam) coming home to my parents in Charlton, MA and studying Computer Science at QCC receiving an Associate’s Degree in 2003, years before my www.wrxtbi.com events and therefore interest in random.org and random images online WHILE GREATLY IMPROVING MY WRITING !!!! A- Poetry II I dislike reading very much, aside from my Bitcoin Magazine I subscribe to, but the staff here hasn’t given me the past 1 or 2 issues of the Bitcoin Magazine, I have as many as 5000 Bitcoins or a larger amount of Bitcoins I hopefully still have PRAYING DAN BESSE MY STOCKBROKER FAMILY ON MY MOM’S SIDE OF THE FAMILY, Dan lied to me when he said they all “Tanked” and I knew he was lying possibly making him try to fight me for only giving him 0.3% or 3% because Bitcoin and Tesla and Amazon were MY IDEAS, like so many “crypto-currencies” I owned coindesk.com for a night, not planning on including that on my Resume, but I have a Public Ledger and a Private Ledger through Daniel Besse in CT I haven’t talked to him in years, sleeping over his house, staying up all night long on brand new laptops and the Police looking out for us, but a car hit a telephone pole I had Dan drive by to verify it, but I’m not sure if he was telling the truth when he said a car really took out the power, I think it was someone watching us invest over a million dollars that would have gone much bigger in dollar amounts and my $120 or $140 in cash that I say I’m not sure how much cash it was between those 2 amounts because he said, “I’ll use my own money to keep up your up to 100 or 200 Investments in Tesla, Bitcoins, Amazon, John Deere and us begging for Dairy Queen ownership with Shares that the Stock is worth about $500,000 and I hope to sell my Stocks that I knew would rise in 2020 and 2021 because that’s a good age the transition to being able to drink alcohol I’M SOBER 2016 with only 3 drinks in the past 3 years!

I’ve been on Facebook since 2006 sending them money and buying $10 of “Facebook Gifts” I sent to Facebook “Developers” in CA I bought $10 of gift icons 3 TIMES so I had 30 icons I would use them on “Manny” Then Mannie Rotella and many others like my Dad’s employees like Gail Caika who was my boss when I worked in the “ECM Plastics, Inc. ‘Presidents’ Office my Dad” Great-Wayne I have nicknamed years ago when I lived at home in Charlton, MA and went to The Charlton Federated Church that I’m willing to donate a lot of money to my Church in Charlton, MA when I’ve gone to a Christmas Eve “Mass” when we all prayed to God and I didn’t pray for Jesus Christ who I VOLUNTARILY SUFFERED IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WHO WAS ONE OF MANY “VIRGIN BIRTHS” known as “Parthenogenesis” when many women have given birth to babies with no sperm, but I’m glad my Dad inseminated my Mom and I was their First Born Son with 1 Brother Justin — My Dad who is getting 49% of my Bitcoin profits but not any of my “Tokens” like in TUBBIES because Tiph liked Teletubbies’ “Po” who was the smallest and I was in love with Tiph Desrosiers who commented on this photo of her having been with her on the day of my WRX Traumatic Brain Injury when she lied to a cop while I was in the bathroom with her, she answered the door when my car was parked in front and she said that she was “the only person there!”

I don’t want to be with Tiph anymore she deleted her “Tiphdizzle” on Twitter and she was anorexic, Justine Rivera her best friend who told me, “Tiph is on droogz” and even though she’s posing with a man in her new profile photo — in the comments on this photo of Justine Aragona and I — I liked her so much I called Justine Aragona “Tiph” the nickname of this Tiffany Desrosiers in the comments, my WSU friend in the Student Lounge for about 45 minutes, that was nice of us to chat, when I said, “You’re borderline anorexic and please don’t use MY STOLEN SPERM to have a baby with, that in my hundreds of Facebook Photos, I have a photo of her pregnant a year or two after we stopped talking, that before then I was with Justine Aragona in bed a couple times calling her “Tiph” and even once in front of Justine’s Mom!

She said the only way you can prove you love Justine Aragona is by MARRYING JUSTINE my daughter when you two are much older, I hope to be with Justine Aragona and buy twin mansions near my parents to live near Dan Besse, although I said I’d use my previous to investing, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, to buy a house near Dan my “Cuz” but I think I want to stay here at “Averte” and not sell my Stocks/Bitcoin(s)/”Tokens” and so many “coins” in crypto-currencies until 2023 like is in my Public Ledger I believe at Merrill and/or Pacilio Wealth Management in CT — I predicted CoVid-19 and Bitcoin becoming so incredibly valuable, plus Tesla, John Deere, GameStop, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. etc. like Marshalls and Facebook and Disney becoming profitable most in 2021 — wait until 21 years old to drink alcohol, please, my Mom’s family is somewhat “Alcoholics” from their father’s losing his wife after he got out of the Army and he was into Seagram’s V.O. like I’ve been SOBER 2016 and not drinking during the first several years of my TBI “Recovery”

And my donating to a Musk (thanks Elon) Suicide Prevention Fund I want this long video to play at my funeral on a big screen with “Deftones- Xerces” making everyone cry when they’re sad about MY DEATH IN HOPEFULLY FOUR DECADES TO COME, after I reach 80 years old I hope to live until 80 unless there’s a huge war with Russia or North Korea because I ran XC at Saint John’s High School my Freshman year with David Renaud his Dad Gary, driving us to Shrewsbury, MA each morning and after our Sport was done with, I’m joking I wrote “I ran” that I ran XC at SJ in 1996 like my Dad bought a new 1996 Ford Explorer that was nice, but the shirts and pants at Eddie Bauer (a special edition of the Explorer) in the Mall near me, they weren’t allowed for Dress Clothes at my Private High School, that I once told the SJ teacher who forcefully inserted his member into me when I was snorting the drug he got for my friend A.K. mostly and I did some too, that my gay homosexual druggie teacher knew it would make us horny, and he had no protection, that CREEP who also did things with Jimmy Cassidy who was into selling drugs I HAVE NEVER SOLD DRUGS! like A.K. was into mostly doing drugs but selling a small amount of them with the mail that he had his own P.O. Box when he was 18 years old, calling himself “Dieseltwin” on anabolicminds dot-com I haven’t talked to him in years, he was addicted and had to go to a mental hospital for a while and I hate him for agreeing to gay sex and signing papers for Mr. John Deedy the gay English and Theater teacher who was living in Boston, MA where he would keep his S&M Fetish a big secret, not into cutting but wearing cock rings to school and pierced nipples and ears, Mrs. Bouvier didn’t like him and I wondered why until I knew he was into drugs — I couldn’t believe that he was gay until I asked him after school in my Senior Year of 2000, a few years after he showed me his cock ring after school when I said “I want to see if it’s at least medium size and it was!”

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