I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005/2006 on a long phonecall, and maybe some other times, I wrote on his Facebook wall when he had about 500 friends, not knowing he had thousands of followers on Twitter I don’t use much with my JeffreyMarquis1 and marquis_jeffrey accounts on Twitter!

Elon Mustard. Elon Muskrat. I have great thoughts from my TBI and the conversation with Elon I wrote about how I believe in God and my TBI Recovery from when ELON 

MUSK saw this photo I wrote how I needed him to call me and it was urgent because I wanted to start talking about how my Mom is so great like my Dad and she helped me with my TBI Recovery, loving how I talked to Elon, asking him if he knew a doctor who could send me protein-peptides to “ELON-gate” my legs and he said he was tall enough, like Trump grew 1″ his first year in office that I bought a copy of Microsoft Word with a 13,000+ page 38.4 megabytes that was DELETED by someone on my hacked computers, I signed papers, so it was all gone and I wrote a 13 page version and a 20 page version! I bought a copy of Microsoft Word to write it when about a month had passed from my 23 day-and-night stay at 8 East mental hospital, and maybe I have Elon to blame, him telling me he hoped I’d have fun in a mental hospital I’ve been 5 times, that my other stays were lame and I’d rather stay here at this “Averte” Rehab Home for “Special Needs” I have my own apartment here with 2 floors and I just go downstairs to get my pills, and food they cook for me, they clean for me, I like it here!

Elon was kind as I was easily the most “Special” as in bodily damage from a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2004!

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