I don’t trust my Doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 9 a.m. and I don’t want to be stuck in a hospital again, like I’ve been to mental-hospitals 5 times when my parents and relatives and friends were against me and I have ENEMIES! read my www.wrxtbi.com about my having to break my Abstinence of alcohol in 2004 after some jerk voted in my own name and identity in Charlton, MA my hometown when my Minister was balling in tears and a Charlton cop named “Derek G.” I remember him and his father from Sunday school when he thought I had a gun, my enemies told him to frisk me when I had a buzz and tried to vote in 2004 on November 2nd, when people got me to drive so fast when I’d seen 4 or more cops that day and

I’ve invested millions of dollars with Merrill, Pacilio Wealth Management, etc. and I have a Trust Fund worth millions of dollars through my parents’ money they can afford the $20k/month rent, like I once was on a road trip to CT and on the way it was when I checked, “New Heaven” CT that I think they did that on purpose with my hacked cellphone that’s corrupt, but it was taken off by me with a phonecall to Facebook, and that my Record never ever had anything “criminal” on it my Dad said he’d kick me out of the house and take me to court if I didn’t cancel my Bank of France when I invested millions of dollars into Bitcoin — as many as 5000 Bitcoins — CANCELLED BY MY DAD, that he said he’d pay me back “to the dollar amount” and I said, “Dad it does show great potential in making it to above $65k!” And I haven’t driven a car in about 2 years, then not getting a speeding ticket for many years when I lived at home and collected 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets at my Charlton Federated Church, that I gave Jim Chase 250 N95 masks when I read a short article about China developing viruses in 2005 or 2006, so I emailed the Chinese government to name it with something VID because I wanted to buy YouTube stocks and something with 18+ for a number, like my next girlfriend was 18 when we started dating! it’s 4:04 and I’ve been with two 17 year-olds who’s parents wanted their immature daughters to grow up with me being their lover while I was with them, I asked Justine to be my girlfriend two weeks after her 18th birthday her parents were feeling great about a second TBI victim who she liked me immediately, my Mom said she wouldn’t stop staring at me at the TBI Support Group in a library, like I rented “Advanced Cryptography” from The Charlton Public Library in 2002/2002 and I knew that money would become encrypted, and then I thought BitTorrent changed its name to “Bitcoin” and I learned so much about Bitcoin and Etherium and “Tokens” I invested in in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse who the papers we signed say he’s getting 0.3% (or 3%) before I give my Dad 49% of my Bitcoins that are hopefully still in France, I want to go to France and be with Mrs. Alx Neas who I was in a mental-hospital for maybe 6 months or longer like a YEAR!

We could sleep in the same bed and have great sex she was on Birth Control and I didn’t want to get her pregnant, as my Mom said she’d kick me out of the house if MY STOLEN SPERM FROM 2004 IN THE ICU was being used against me and I think great thoughts about how all that’s on the news is showing missiles and battleships, like I went to State Head Injury Program, I increased the amount of brain cells I have with Insulin needles injecting Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Long R3 into my neck because of it’s splitting cells in half to CREATE MORE BRAIN CELLS IN 2006, known as “Hyperplasia” that everyone wondered what I did to repair my brain so much!

My Mom said they were old enough to be my girlfriends as long as we didn’t have any offspring! cya!


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