BREAKING: Nuclear threat: Russia announces exercises with Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles

When I got here to “Averte” in Vermont, like New Hampshire is nextdoor and I talked to Bruce Fenton in 2005 and 2006 onward for a while, but he had a lot going on with $5,000,000 of his Bitcoin profits that I also invested in with my “Cuz” in CT when I slept over his house in 2013 or 2014 and invested millions in Tesla, “Crypto-Currencies” I predicted the near-high’s of Bitcoin Cash I thought the individual crypto-currency would reach $596 like my cellphone it reached $597, and Cardano that reached $2.13 like Dan’s area code “203” I have so many Stocks I assume my Dad and Dan control, so. these Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. “Crypto-Currencies” we had many of or still have, to this very day because I’m waiting for them to go higher or he sold them when I told him to sell at either his itching to wait for my 40th birthday that I turned 40 on March 20th, my parents and brother Justin came to see me and we ate good food, my parents are allowing me to stay here, but I want to leave in 2023 when I chose that because Dan Besse also invested in a Stock that Michael Jordan “23” on the Bulls, I’m hoping for Bull market soon with my many Stocks like in Tesla, John Deere, Amazon, and so many other stocks, after I invested in Match dot-com and GameStop in 2005 and 2006 my Dad wouldn’t hold onto them and I have a Ledger through my Dad’s company, I picked many Stocks that I knew would be their highest in 2021 because I believe in 21+ ME SOBER AS OF 2016 with A.A. TWICE, and only TWICE, I chose to rely on myself my own will — I wrote a Will in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse with my millions of dollars — Dan knows I’m waiting for what I call ww3 with Russia or Ukraine — that I had Dan buy a copy of an Atlas that I wanted him to buy the map in the book and a map of the world, that I left the Solar System with Allah taking me in a perfectly straight line I pointed to the edge of space with my Disabled and Handicapped left arm that I knew was in-tune with God Himself The Father of His universe that Allah took me to God at the edge of space, I’m big on God’s universe, I flew in a method of riding Allah on his back like Allah was “Supreme Velocity” faster than the speed of light what I call “A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” I prayed to Allah with Justine my girlfriend of 2009-2013 who had a TBI like I have had a better recovery with mine, I thank IGF-1 LR3 with an Insulin needle in my neck and glutes to give me more new brain cells with the chemical’s “Hyperplasia” that’s when a cell splits in 2 and this Insulin-like Growth Factor 1000mcg I ordered the pure stuff before it was widely available online with an inferior product potency, almost worthless and providing me with no improvement after that large vial of that also causes “Hypertrophy” with muscle and brain cells growing in side, I had abs and everyone said to me in my Recovery from TBI that “We don’t know how you’re doing so much better but hopefully it’s not bad for you, in 2005/2006 when I wasn’t drinking any alcohol for about 5 years post-ICU for a month at UMass ICU I was rushed to after the police used the Jaws of Life to scoop me out of my car and get me on a stretcher to an Ambulance when I said, “Drive as fast as you can so we crash on the way to the Hospital!” and the Ambulance ride everyone at the police station was waiting for me to get pulled over, that people broke my Abstinence of alcohol for 2.5 months when I tried my hardest not to drink — but I had to Withdraw from Calculus I at WSC now WSU upgraded to a “University” during the time it took me to recover enough to take Health I that I have aced so many quizzes on and purposely getting a 0% on the MID-term because I wanted a FULL RECOVERY AND NOT “MID”way, IGF-1 was described in the textbook I knew the whole thing of but I focused on the brain and the body instead of Hcl medicines I didn’t care about medicines because I’m not trying to be a Doctor, that I have so many Doctors

And I got an A on the Final Exam for my first class back after my Traumatic Brain Injury that my brain and body was functioning without 11/15th’s of my brain on the Glasgow Coma Scale, needing a drilled in stomach-tube maybe on life support, I had a tube in my gut, in my male unit, and in my anus to allow me to be well nourished and that went on in the ICU for a whole month of recovering when I couldn’t get out of the bed and I was given Estrogen because people were mad at me for driving the speed limit until I pulled over and tried to use my cellphone but it was cancelled in that timeframe not to make any calls, and a cop pulled up next to me when I was outside of his cop car and I threw myself on his hood, begging him to call a tow-truck, SCREAMING, “HELP!” and he said get out of the way of my cop car and get back into your vehicle- part of a “Plan” to break my Sobriety I wasn’t always adhering to, when sneaking in an occasional “nip” bottle in my pocket at my house with my Mom and Dad, who knew about THE SET-UP when people broke my Abstinence of 2.5 months, mostly, my girlfriend Allyson Drucker Hodgkins said she’d break up with me if I went to A.A. because she’d just turned 21 and being excited about drinking with me, and she refused to give me oral-sex except for a short time when we would be in her dorm or my house and she never let me ejaculate even with my hand or her hand, she jerked me off ONCE, then saying to me, “THAT WAS GROSS AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!”

She was a Child of Divorce with Daddy issues that were very apparent in the one time on NYE when we were with her real Dad for a couple hours, sort of far away from Wilmington where I would drive my Turbo WRX an hour away from my home, also going to her FSC dorm after my GNC Asst. Manager job for years when I didn’t perform my best, occasionally using marijuana on the down-low, but Allyson wouldn’t do marijuana and she acted so disgusted with me when I would smoke marijuana before my WRX CRASH you can read about how everyone in the room once the police officer left the room to let my friends, family, co-workers, and my enemies to “finish me off” hoping I’d crash my WRX Turbo that they screamed “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!” and I was listening to a song with “Heaven known” repeated by a techno artist I made YouTube change the name of the title to put into in all capitals because I was “INTO” my Recovery and going to the gym walking on treadmills for 60-90 minutes a night, once doing 2h 40m at 3.0 mph at two gyms that day when I was bored in a Cape Cod hotel in 2006 or 2007 and I did 1h 40m, after I walked for an hour at Gold’s gym across the street from my rich Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. that he sold to A. Schulman I did data-entry there after they let my Dad go from their International business with operations in Europe, A. Schulman, yeah I missed my Dad being 25% owner and “President” of the plastics/polymers — I invested a lot of money into Polygon-cryptocurrency and Aragon because I want to marry Justine Aragona of 2009-2013 but her parents separated which I maybe had them stressed out after I drank 11 light beers at her house one night when I was over my TBI “Recovery” in 2013 and they got a Divorce, so I plan on donating some of my Stock money earned by me and Dan Besse my “Cuz” I attended his University graduation with his major of “Economics” we invested in the “cryptocurrency” “Elonomics” in 2013 or 2014 that I am not sure what it’s worth now but I hope my knowing personally on the phone and online with email and text messages from my phone in 2005 and 2006, lucky to have seen his name on and wanting to ELON-gate my legs and arms with legal protein-peptides before that whole Sylvester Stallone debacle happened in Australia, and I haven’t used any steroids, ever, but I put an oil to spread muscle fibers good for inflating my calves but not making them any stronger, my calf muscles are huge and my thighs are tiny because I didn’t put any of the “Synthol oil” also called “Pump and Pose” it didn’t hurt me and some students at WSU said to me, “Your calves are huge!” and I told them about Performance Enhancing drugs that the WSU Coach found out about and he said, “Only use the treadmill and elliptical when you’re hear and don’t talk to any of my players about how you Recovered without steroids, but your calves need to shrink, that because it’s an oil and not a steroid they won’t shrink and I have tiny thighs and a normal glutes in my rear, so I’ve never “Squatted” on the Smith machine, his football players would yell so loudly with the OOMPH they put into their sports, I would walk on the outdoor track for hours when I lived at “Chandler Gardens” near the track and gym when I hadn’t recovered enough from my TBI to drive yet, and eventually I started driving SOBER FOR YEARS BEFORE AND AFTER, but it was all part of a “SET-UP” like my WRX crash was honestly an accident I hoped to die because I couldn’t keep listening to my parents, family, relatives, coworkers, bosses, and the jerk who made me turn off my phone listening to a Paul Oakenfold remix of a song that had “HEAVEN KNOWN!” repeated and I have “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my complicated page long “Bitchain” that’s a password and Dan stopped short of taking my blood sample that night because we had laptops, receipts, letters, emails, my 3 dot-com’s and writing that I’ve kept going since using that I was angry in my “Recovery” but staying fully Sober until a couple years later, so please disregard the posts on that blog you can click the links to my 2 BlogSpot accounts and my sperm was stolen and a mean jerk who would torment me in the ICU once forcing me to pull out my drilled-in “Feeding Tube” and I could have died from the blood in my stomach when a family relative got in my face when he tormented me, telling me to pull the stomach-tube away from me if I wanted ICU but I am a TBI Brain Injury Survivor like my Justine Aragona from 2009-2013 and I miss her so much, but her parents split up when I had a bad attitude to her Step-Dad who was high sometimes but not drinking too much, like I would have 1 beer or 2 beers at UNO’s near Southbrige with Justine nearby I’d pick her up and Steve at UNO’s would give me 2 beers and I would always walk across the huge parking lot and shop at Wal-Mart for about half an hour buying Justine sweets — BUT NOT SWISHER SWEETS! I would occasionally get those medium sized cigars to smoke outside when I lived at home with my Mom and Dad, GREAT-WAYNE the $$,$$$,$$$ who worked really hard and loved my Mom Deborah Marquis who I hope she can read the link and let me know if I should take it down because I HAVEN’T OWNED for years, now running my longterm dot-com in 2007 that my brother Justin designed the template up top with a Copyright at the bottom, someone took off it says 2016, and I invite you all to read my 4 great “A grade” Soliloquies and my best short story “Elegance” at that I researched “Female beauty, makeup, clothing, shower products, the 8 steps of a girl putting on makeup in the morning before working at a beauty store, her name “Lexus” I have I want an AWD electronic Lexus if I can’t have a new Subaru Outback XT “limited” or “onyx” edition when I eventually return to Charlton, MA near my Aunt Donna Donohue (RIP Mickey Donohue her deceased husband in Heaven now) but I don’t really believe in Heaven alone because in my favorite movie Vanilla Sky with a car crash and a made-up company named “Life Extension” that I would collect the magazine “Life Extension” that was in existence, also, and I told Elon Musk to watch “Vanilla Sky” with Tom Cruise who becomes so injured and his friend in the movie says, “Life ain’t so sweet without the bitter!”

I invested in Bitcoin because my Dog Ripley never bit me!

Then I found out about my best friend “Elon Musk” with his Dogecoin that was in my Bitcoin Magazine I have 2 or 3 issues of and they won’t give me ones that came in the mail here at “Averte” where they get into my apartment all the time through the upstairs door to the porch I keep locked at all times, that earlier today when I was getting my many medicine prescriptions WITH NO PAINKILLERS! I take 3 times a day, and because I had a bed-sore from my many, many hours of sleeping here at “Averte” without a car, probably a good thing because I get so bored here when I’m not writing Prose I aced at WSU when the class was another “SET-UP” I wasn’t allowed to raise my hand or read my fine essays until I got upset in class and she was obviously under a lot of pressure from people who are mad at me for NOT DYING! in 2004 when they “SET-UP” things at the bar I went to and cancelling my Debit Card, the bartender who over served me by a lot and told me to leave my wallet on the bar when I went to the bathroom to urinate and he took out all of the cash in my wallet and I tried for an hour to get someone like my Mom to get me a cab because I was planning on taking a cab home with $30 or $40 (!!!) but the bartender who was paid to overserve me took money from my wallet and I pleaded with my Mom and Dad telling them “I’ve had too much to drink and I fell down, because I drank after 2.5 months of Sobriety with a tiny amount of alcohol to calm down my alcoholism now SOBER 2016 and not needing A.A. I would never ask the employees here to buy me beer, now that they’ve given me a few nips 3 years ago when my Mom said it was alright because “you don’t seem like yourself lately” and I told her I wanted 1 beer that was given to me and I got 4 nips of vodka 3 years ago, but I no longer have an active MMJ card or give a tiny bit of “CARE” about “BAD DRINKING!” me not having a sip in 2+ years when I feel so great with my YouTube and XM radio with my TV only on Fox News and CNN on since the Pandemic began, I ordered a pack of Tonic Water from Polar when I knew it was used to combat Malaria and it had a similar name to Hydroxychloroquine I always used masks for Coronavirus that’s another thing I emailed China about with the suggestion for 19 that’s 18 ` ` ` naming it a beer I didn’t drink Corona because it came in glass bottles that break when you drop them, so I said name it after that beer I don’t like the taste of, not drinking any except maybe 1 on Cinco De Mayo years ago when I would drink 1 or 2 drinks and Sober up while shopping or sitting in my Subaru Legacy with my Justine girlfriend who was too young to drink I was with her when I was 30 and we both had TBI’s that were NOT OUR FAULT! and I tried to get a cop to help me when I’d voted in Leicester, MA when I liked Kerry a lot for USA President in 2004, and the cop there saw me fall down drunk in the mud unable to stand up and I kept yelling “HELP ME! HELP ME! HELP ME! PLEASE CALL A CAB FOR ME AND MY PARENTS ARE MILLIONAIRES!!!!” but the cops wanted me to get pulled over so I’d lose my great job as Assistant Manager at GNC in RK Plaza and lose my great but sorta lame girlfriend who was a “Child of Divorce” scarred and into being smacked in the face on her mouth and cheeks on her head, and I know my Sperm was stolen from me in the ICU and I think she got 9 months pregnant and had a late-term Abortion, I sort of knew about, and as proof I had a picture of her on my computer with her crying and obviously so sad and exhausted and CRYING with her face so incredibly puffy she was obviously in the O.R. and she drank while pregnant with what I truly believe but Dan Besse my Stockbroker “Cuz” my older Cousin who I hope has curbed his drinking now that he’s a Dad who’s made me so many millions of dollars I hope he didn’t sell my as many as 5000 Bitcoins from candle-stick ownership for hours and getting him into and precious metals I told him not to invest in Palladium because we drank in high school, Saint John’s Catholic private school for $5,000 a year plus dress clothes, paying money for textbooks, wearing uniforms for Phys. Ed. that we had to drive about 40 minutes on I-290 when I maybe or maybe not got a light speeding ticket in the morning driving to Saint John’s when most of my Class of 2000 married former classmates I’m not friends with a single person from my Class of 2000 because I signed papers when I was in a TBI “Disabled”-state forced to sign papers with Apple, Dell, Google, Facebook, and things for court that I don’t have a criminal record, I feel like people like my Uncle who caused my crash when he grabbed the phone at the Leicester police station and said, “I’M GONNA HAVE YOU RAPED IN THE ASS IF YOU DON’T KILL YOURSELF RIGHT NOW!” while I’ve already been raped all over my naked body in 2001/2002 one night when I know it was near New Years and it was cold outside, I was drugged with methamphetamine crystals and I know he made A.K. sign papers before he made him into a homosexual for months of drugging and gay sex, A.K. got piercings all over his body and a huge tattoo on his steroid-arm he had a P.O. Box calling himself “Diesltwin” on and on AIM, I had Jeffrey Marquis on AIM and I belonged to many Internet forums for my car and downloading so many BitTorrents I have some of their “crypto-currency” and I downloaded a lot of adult films from a “SET-UP” website empornium dot com that was a “SET-UP” I saved so many straight sex videos and putting them on blank DVD discs, I tried to turn them in about 1 year after BitTorrent was outlawed and I gave the small stack of DVD’s telling the State Cop that I had a lot of videos all 18+ I downloaded from the ultra fast WSU internet connection on my laptops when I had a WiFi range extender that I got high bandwidth from in my Apartment nextdoor to the school, I’d be Sober in my Apartment with no drugs and eventually a 1996 Ford Explorer in 2005 and 2006 when the Apartment Manager “Debbie” accidentally said “Your Uncle Andy!” when I asked about my apartment not being safe but I trust my Parents with the AIM name “Marquis Parents” that I registered “JMarquis710” on AIM and my brother Justin had the AIM name “Marquis is King” but I haven’t talked to him since my 40th birthday in March so he’s getting a good amount of my $,$$$,$$$ or $$,$$$,$$$ if I’m lucky and Daniel Michael Besse of CT still has my Stocks I paid for and we got me 5000 Bitcoins when I told him about “Advanced Cryptography” I rented and the potential of Bitcoin that I urge you to Google “Bruce Fenton for Senator of NH” and see how he’s using $5,000,000 of his Bitcoins to be elected after me talking to him night after night in 2005 and 2006 when I saw a Bitcoin ornament on his shelves he arranged a video chat and he wanted me to talk faster but my speech is slowed from my badly injured Brain from 2004 and I would like to talk to him and Elon Musk who I found out about early because I got this Facebook account in 2006 when I lived at Geneva St. with my Saint John’s Class of 2000 friends Derek Langlois and Brian McNeil who we’re on my side and said, “Allyson got your sperm and so did your uncle, so they’re against you!” that they said they’d be there for me if I needed them, like my Aunt Donna Donohue reads what I write deep-down knowing I’m a great individual Nephew of her’s my Dad’s sister who’s a millionaire now and I know so many millionaires but I have a Disability and Handicap from 2004 with my 3 dot-com’s including an my interpretation or what happened to me when everyone yelled and screamed at me when the cop stepped out of the room because he had a conscience and he knew why was being done to me was wrong and bad and horrible and terrible yelling “(don’t) ******KILL YOURSELF****** RIGHT NOW WITH US ON THE PHONE IF YOU HATE US FOR DOING THESE AWFUL THINGS TO YOU!” after I’d pulled over and jumped in front of a cop going super slow by my car pulled over and my cellphone was disabled by my Mom’s friend at now AT&T and I hope I’m not a Father because I haven’t paid a single penny in Child Support to the 2 new Moms who threatened to do me wrong!

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